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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 15]

Day 15 prompt: Favorite BL drama trope.

HATE TO LOVE! I don’t even know why but I liiiivvveeee for this trope. Especially when it’s done right. And for the record, no, TharnType did not do this trope justice and I don’t care if you disagree lol. It’s my personal opinion.

Dramas that actually did a good job with this trope:

SOTUS The Series

Kongpob & Arthit

Why R U The Series

Saifah & Zon
Tutor & Fighter

Dark Blue Kiss

Mork & Sun

Make Our Days Count

Xiang Hao Ting & Yu Xi Gu

My Bromance (the movie)

Gulf & Bank

These are actually some of my favorite couples and you can read my post on all my faves here. As more and more films and series come out, I’m sure I will have more favorites as time goes on. But these are just a few.

Hate to Love can be such a beautiful trope when done properly and all characters are given the chance to grow and understand each other.

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