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[Our Skyy] Episode 1 – Pick & Rome

Yay! So I finally got to see the very first episode of Our Skyy. The first couple was Pick and Rome, originally from Secret Love Puppy Honey seasons 1 and 2. The episode was 45 minutes long so it was kind of like a mini movie and it did not disappoint. I can’t say I had super high expectations or anything, I just thought it would be something brief and cute to let fans see this couple once again.

The story line was completely unoriginal with the plot of the episode surrounding Pick and Rome swapping bodies after an argument one night. It was pretty much just Freaky Friday, only instead of mother and daughter, it’s a gay couple. The unoriginality didn’t bother me though.

I liked this first episode because it was super lighthearted and fun and gave me some laughs while watching. It was so funny seeing Off (Pick) play a softer character because if he’s not playing a grouchy cranky person, he’s playing a goofy and mildly annoying one. He captured the role so perfectly and actually did a really good job! His little soft facial expressions were a mix of hilarious and really cute lol.

And seeing Gun (Rome) play a grouchy, hard character was also really interesting but Gun is a really good actor and he did a good job as well. Like, I actually believed that it was Pick inside Rome’s body lol. And everyone that is a fan of them always comments on their height difference and I loved how their difference in height was tied into the script. It was also really hilarious seeing Gun play this big bad boyfriend when he is literally so tiny, and Off being all timid and shy when he’s quite tall and we’re so used to him being the cranky one.

It was a happy ending, although mildly predictable. I say ‘mildly’ because we all knew that they would be able to switch back to their rightful bodies. But there was a catch in doing so. And that catch was….you’ll have to watch to find out lol. Being predictable and unoriginal didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it all. That could just very well be because I wasn’t expecting much to begin with anyway lol. I felt it was just the right amount of fluff and cuteness that I absolutely adore in dramas. Not to mention we actually finally got a kiss that wasn’t awkward or had Pick running away like the scaredy cat he is when it comes to showing physical affection with Rome.

Overall, episode 1 was really fun to watch and I am excited for the next one to air…even though I have to wait for the English subtitles *cries*.


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