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[Love By Chance] Episode 3 Recap

Hey guys! I hope you’re ready for episode 3’s recap because it’s a bit of a long one. There will also be lots of pictures in this post. Grab a snack, grab a drink, and let’s get started 🙂

Episode 3 opens up with Can (the fast talker from ep. 1) and his friend Good walking from cheering rehearsal, and Can is complaining about how he wants to skip practice tomorrow. Two of the football captains, No and Type, are chilling on a bench together when Can and Good spot them and choose to ambush them and beg them to buy them something to eat since they are soooo hungry after coming from such a rigorous cheer practice.


Can is whining and talking nonstop and honestly it’s really annoying. Can is a pretty immature character and so far I’m not here for all his whining and pouting like a child. You’re in college, Can. Grow up. -2

But anyway, he ends up begging so much that No finally agrees to buy him some dinner. While talking, Tin (the rich boy whose got issues) is walking by and Can spots him. They don’t know each other (yet) but Can wonders aloud why he always looks so angry. The convo pretty much ends there, and all four guys get up and head out for dinner.

So we jump to Nic (No’s little brother) and his friend Kengkla. They are at Nic’s house and Kengkla is pressuring Nic to call No because he just wants to hear his voice and find out when he’s coming home because he not-so-secretly wants to see him.


But Nic is not having it. So Kengkla reminds him that if he doesn’t call his brother for him then he won’t hand over *insert random girl’s* phone number. So Nic gives in and calls No. The whole conversation is pretty pointless but Keng is satisfied after hearing what No is up to.

At their little dinner, Type questions No on why Nic has been calling him so much lately, so we get the idea that Keng has been having Nic call a lot. It’s clear he is a bit obsessed for whatever reason. No agrees that it’s a bit strange because he’s noticing that his little brother is calling him more than his parents even do, asking about his whereabouts. Type gets suspicious and suggests that maybe Nic is giving away his information to a third party (which is not too far off from the truth).


The whole thing pretty much gets swept under the rug though and we are now off to the next scene.

We open up with Ae running across a street to see Pete. Pete is standing next to this amazingly beautiful tree waiting for him, and the whole imagery of Pete and Ae standing in front of it together is super romantic. It’s obvious the director wanted to film here on purpose. It was a good call though, so +10


Pete is looking comfortable and just the tiniest bit tacky with his uniform shirt partially untucked and Ae comments on it saying he didn’t know someone so proper could dress improperly. Pete gets all embarrassed and starts to hurry and tuck his shirt in but Ae stops him, tells him to relax, and that he looks good in anything regardless. Then he tells him that they should hurry because his friends are waiting for them (at whatever place they are going to eat dinner). Well Pete starts blushing at Ae’s little compliment and compliments him back using some Thai phrasing that’s extra polite. It has Ae freezing in his tracks and turning back around to face him like this.


We know Ae is feeling some things inside but he plays it off and cracks a joke about Pete’s compliment. Then directly after, he starts scolding him about the place he chose to meet him at. Ae is familiar with Pete’s enemy, Crazy Villain, so he tells him that next time he needs to wait for him to find a brighter spot so that no one can attack him. His protective instinct is still in full effect after witnessing Crazy Villain going ballistic in the last episode. Pete agrees and they head off to dinner together.


Seriously, this scenery is EVERYTHING. +20 for Thailand being so daggon beautiful.

So they go meet up with Ae’s friends (Annoying Roommate, Bow, and Ping) who are waiting for them. Immediately Ae’s friends are fascinated by how handsome Pete is. Once Pete and Ae sit down, Bow goes to town, flirting with absolutely no shame. She is hoping to snatch him up before any other girl does but little does she know that homie is gay. So it’s a fail from the start. Anyway, they proceed to order dinner and Ae orders for Pete. Then right away Annoying Roomate starts in about how Ae is acting like Pete’s boyfriend by ordering for him and being all cute and romantic and stuff. Of course Ae denies it.

Then some floosie that is working at the food stall sees Pete and wants his attention so she “accidentally” bumps him while delivering food to someone else. Ae turns back on his protection mode and pulls Pete closer to him telling him to move over to him and stay away from the floosie. Well…those are my words, but you get the point. I’m digging protective Ae. It’s fully obvious that he is starting to LIKE HIM like him and I’m happy lol +10


So they get their dinner and they start eating. But Ae only prepares the eating utensils for himself and Pete and Annoying Roommate has an issue with that too. He calls him out about being overprotective of Pete and taking care of him so much. After Ae starts wiping Pete’s sweat for him with his bare hands, Bow and Ping start on him too. But Ae denies it all and they all joke around and finish their dinner.


After dinner, Ae walks Pete to his car. Pete thanks him and tells him he’s gonna go home now (Pete lives off campus, at home with his mother). It’s pretty obvious that Ae has something on his mind. Right before Pete gets in the car, Ae stops him.


Apparently he took all his friends’ jokes to heart and was wondering if he really is invading Pete’s privacy so he blatantly asks him whether or not he is annoying Pete. After all, he was the one that kind of just inserted himself into Pete’s life after they crash met 2 episodes ago. Ae admits that it was never a true mutual agreement that they be friends. He just pretty much forced his friendship on Pete and Pete being all passive just accepted it. But Pete assures him that he is not annoyed and actually felt like he was the one being annoying since he is the one that always needs some type of saving.

So now both boys are smiling and making the googly eyes at each other because they both had the same secret worries all this time. *insert precious moment here*


They both are happy that that they are not annoying each other and Pete finally goes home. And here is Ae left in the parking lot watching the back of Pete’s car, still thinking about him and smiling to himself. We can’t see but I’m sure there are heart eyes there. +10


Then we see Pete in his car driving home and he has the heart eyes too. He even stops his car in the middle of the road to ask himself whether or not it’s possible to die of happiness because someone has made them feel so good inside, and now my heart is exploding! +100


Cut back to Ae walking home alone still thinking about Pete and I just AHHSDJFMAOIEGSDBLSVAK!! +1000


And cut back to Pete omg… +500


I’m obviously falling for their blossoming feelings just as much as they are.

So now it’s the next day and we open up to Ae going for a morning run and Lord Jesus help us all the boy can’t run. He looks so awkward and uncoordinated that, as a former track runner, it is painful for me to watch lol. His running form is complete trash and since he’s supposed to be so darn athletic it’s, once again, a big let down.
Toddler body. Terrible running form. -5


And how do you go for a whole morning run, IN THAILAND, and come back home without a single drop of sweat on you?? Not believable. -10

But anyway. We now meet Ae’s family as they give breakfast to the Monks. We meet Ae’s mom, his older sister, her husband, and their young daughter Yim who absolutely loves her uncle Ae (it might actually be the other way around with it being his brother and sister in law but we’re just gonna keep it the way I have it for now).


But Yim is mad at him because he got home late the night before and she ended up falling asleep since she is only like, 6, and her little body can’t stay up that late. Since she won’t give him a kiss, Ae jokes around and lets it slip that if she won’t let him give her a kiss, then he will give someone else a kiss. And now his sister and brother in law are all suspicious about who he has found already when school has only been in session for a few months.

So after giving food to the passing Monk, Ae’s family leaves him to watch his niece while they go prepare food for the day (his family owns a small restaurant). And as soon as they leave he asks his niece if she thinks it’s weird of he kisses a guy on the cheek. She says “of course!” but mostly only because she doesn’t want him kissing anybody but her because she misses him so much when he goes away to school. So they are sitting outside and Ae basically spills his guts to his 6 year old niece about how much he’s attracted to Pete and how much he misses him.


So instead of sitting there dwelling on how much he misses Pete, he pulls out his phone and calls him (waking him from his beauty sleep), and disguises it as him wanting to show off his niece to Pete. So little Yim takes the phone and introduces herself and blurts it out that Ae misses Pete “so much”. Ae tries to deny it and asks, “when did I ever say that?” and Yim calls him out and says “right before we called him, uncle Ae.” So Ae gets all squirmish and suddenly hangs up the phone lol.


God bless this precious child. +10

After the sudden hang up, Pete just realizes what the beautiful child just said and gets all giggly and happy. Pretty much sharing my sentiments about the whole thing so +5


Ae isn’t mad but he tickles and teases his niece for running her mouth. Children never know how to keep secrets. I’ve also learned that the hard way.

So now it’s later in the morning and Ae and Pete are supposed to be meeting up for breakfast. As Pete gets out the car, he’s met by some flamboyant guy (who considers himself a girl) that goes by the name of P’Money (lol). She is fawning all over Pete and just being extra, trying to be coy and touch him and stuff just to butter him up for whatever question she is about to ask. Ae sees them from afar but all he sees is Pete’s shocked expression and P’Money’s hand very high on his shoulder so he comes charging over and shoves Money out the way. Of course she gets mad and darn near cusses him out for “putting his hands on a lady”, and Ae admits that he only did it because he thought she was trying to bully Pete. P’Money isn’t that forgiving but she lets it go. She ends up asking Pete if he would like to join their cheering practices on Thursdays and Pete agrees because he had been wanting to join anyway. That’s the end of P’Money for now.

Pan to the right, though, and now we see Crazy Villian watching and listening to the entire encounter. Zoom in, and now he’s literally salivating as he conjures up his evil plan to take over the world attack Pete Thursday night after cheering practice. -5


We end up following Pete to class where we meet Tin for the second time. He’s still mad at the world and is wondering why Pete chooses to hang out with Ae and his “poor” friends. His reasoning is that rich people and poor people should stay separate because all poor people want is rich people’s money.


CLEARLY homie has some unresolved issues in his life and I’m sure we will find out what it is later on in the series. Pete pretty much just tells him that one day he will meet someone that will change his mind on how he views people of a lower financial class than him. Tin vows it will never happen but we all know it will.

Then their English speaking professor walks through the door and immediately starts spouting off random things in English and saying “Okay??” after every single statement and it’s really annoying so -1.

So now we are meeting another character that we met very briefly in episode 1. Meet Tum. Tum is sad.


He is the one that had some issues with Type (one of the football captains) during the first episode. It was a little confusing at first but I’ve finally figured it out. We pretty much have a love rectangle going on. Tum has a stepbrother named Tar who is currently studying abroad. Tum secretly has feelings for Tar but can’t say anything about it since they are considered family now even though they are not blood related.

Tar used to date some guy whose name I don’t know but they broke up. Now this guy is currently dating Type. Hopefully all that makes sense so far because this is where is gets confusing. Apparently Tar has still been texting this ex who is now dating Type and Type doesn’t like it. He assumes that Tar still has feelings for his boyfriend and he’s not having it. Type also knows that Tum secretly has feelings for Tar and has no problem throwing that in his face any time he feels that Tar is over stepping his boundaries with his boyfriend. In a way, he’s threatening to spill the beans on Tum if Tum doesn’t tell Tar to back off.

So Tum has his little monologue about how he’s so sad that he can’t tell Tar how he feels and then we cut to another scene.

Say hello to P’Money again lol. Once again, she is chasing down Pete. She basically just wants to flirt and then when she sees her friends about to pass by, she ups the anty and is practically throwing herself at him. Her friends get all jealous and hop in and try to snatch him up for themselves, talking about him like he’s not even there. Pete gets weirded out (like the rest of us are) and politely slips away.

Annnnndddd *cue Crazy Villain*. Villain approaches Pete from behind and hauls off and punches him in the gut. Pete falls to the ground all dramatic like and Villain just glares at him from above…in broad daylight again…where there are plenty of students walking around…and yet no one sees this? -10



So now all of a sudden it’s night time. How it was just lunch time and now it’s late at night and thunder storming, I have no idea. I’m guessing Crazy Villain knocked him out and held him hostage? I’m so confused.

But anyway, Crazy Villain is throwing Pete around like a rag doll, screaming at the top of his lungs about this money that he still hasn’t gotten from Pete yet. And once again Pete is doing absolutely NOTHING to try and defend himself.


He allows Villain to toss him around and punch him and kick him and it’s literally driving me insane. So now Pete is on the ground and Villain is practically beating the living daylights out him. At least that’s what they want us to believe but we can clearly see Villain kicking the ground and not Pete lol. When I say Villain is going ballistic, he has truly lost his mind. Every ounce of sense he ever had is completely gone. He is screaming so loud his voice is hoarse about Pete forking over a couple thousand dollars.

After leaving Pete for dead (not really, but basically), he robs him and miraculously, Pete had the exact amount of money Villain was begging for. Whyyyyy he was walking around with a couple thousand dollars in his wallet, I will never understand. Rich or not, that was stupidity at it’s finest. -20

So Villain takes the money and a few other things including Pete’s expensive watch, spits on him, and leaves him on the side of the road like this.


Ugh it bothers me so much how weak Pete is. Like, how are you basically 6 feet tall and can’t even bring your arms up to block your face??? -10

Cut to Ae and his friends leaving the cheering practice (which Pete was supposed to be attending) and Ae is wondering where Pete is and why he’s not answering his phone (Villain stole it). He tries calling a couple times but stops after he gets no answer. Then Can calls him and tells him that he is standing next to someone on the side of the road near the international college (Pete’s faculty) who is beaten up and is weakly calling for Ae. I don’t know about you guys but if I see someone lying on the side of the road bruised and battered, I’m calling the freaking police, not my friend. -5

Ae knows that it’s Pete almost immediately and takes off running to him like the superhero that he is. But that terrible running form is still getting under my skin. -2


And cue the slow, dramatic piano in the background.

Ae is trying to sit Pete upright and is asking him over and over again if he’s alright and why he didn’t call him when he knew he was in trouble. Oh Ae. I know you mean well but when you’re literally getting stomped on, how on earth do you expect anyone to pick up the phone and call you??


And right in the middle of all the melodrama, we cut to Tum who is video chatting with his stepbrother Tar who is he is also secretly in love with. Remember the love rectangle from earlier? Yea, them. They literally video chat for 2 minutes then hang up. Pointless. -1

Cut back to Ae and bruised up Pete. Ae doesn’t call the police either. Nor does he take him to the campus hospital. What does he do instead? Takes him to a hotel to stay for the night. Like, what on earth??? You can take him to the campus hospital for a scratched up elbow but not when he’s left on the side of the road for dead?? I’m so confused at this.

So Pete is awake and crying his eyes out at this wild turn of events and Ae is completely pissed off that this happened and he wasn’t there to protect him. But when he finds out that Pete was robbed too, he gets angry and finally tells Pete that he should report this to the police.


But of course, Pete won’t do it. He’s rich and his family name is very well known. Any type of information like this can look really bad on his family and could also damage the image of his mother whom he loves very much. He also doesn’t want her to worry about him so he chooses to keep quiet and begs Ae not to call the police. We are left with Ae finally agreeing that he won’t report it. He hands over his phone and tells Pete to call his mom and tell her where he’s sleeping for the night so she won’t worry. Pete is super appreciative and that’s the end of the episode.

Whew, that was a lot. This episode was a complete roller coaster and I’m hoping that something bad happens to Crazy Villain. Will he get caught and go to jail? Who knows. But until next time, let’s tally up the random points counter.

Random Points Counter

  • Can being annoying and whining about everything. -2
  • The beautiful scenery when Ae and Pete met up for dinner. +10
  • Beautiful scenery again. +20
  • Ae protecting Pete from the floosie. +10
  • Ae standing in the parking lot staring after Pete. +10
  • “Can we die from feeling so good inside?” +100
  • Ae walking home knowing he’s in love. +1000
  • Pete Being in love in the middle of the road +500
  • Ae’s terrible running form. -5
  • Not sweating after running when it’s 1000 degrees outside. -10
  • Yim telling Pete that Ae misses him. +10
  • Pete getting all giddy about it. +5
  • Villain being a creepy, salivating stalker. -5
  • Annoying English professor. -1
  • Villain attacking Pete in broad daylight again – 10
  • Pete carrying around thousands of dollars in his wallet like an idiot. -20
  • Pete still not defending himself. -10
  • Can calling Ae instead of the police -5
  • Tar and Tum’s pointless video chat. -1

Total points: 1596

So many points for this episode! But honestly that’s because this was the episode that really sold me on Pete and Ae’s feelings for each other. It’s so cute and exactly how blossoming feelings should be.

Episode 4 coming soon.

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