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[Dark Blue Kiss] Episode 9

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This is the gif that perfectly explains Dark Blue Kiss episode 9. Literally everything is falling to shit between our couples and I feel so many things right now. I made the mistake of watching this episode before going to sleep last night so everything has stewed inside me and I feel fired up. So let’s get into my thoughts, shall we?

Mork & Sun

Mork is now in the hospital from getting jumped by Lord only knows how many people. He’s bruised and battered and it’s not specified how long he needs to stay in the hospital. Sun finds out what happened after he comes back from the barista competition and he’s absolutely LIVID.

He’s pissed because he feels that Mork lied to him and didn’t keep his promise about not fighting anymore. But what he doesn’t know is that the fight happened because a guy purposely picked a fight with Mork then came back with an entire gang of people and jumped him. The whole time, Rain couldn’t even help because he was being held down by some other dudes in the gang.

So Sun comes into the hospital screaming and ranting that Mork broke his promise and why can’t he understand that his fights bring damage to more than just him; that it affects others around him too. But this whole time he is not letting Mork explain what happened nor did he ever mention his trashed cafe, which confused me.

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Eventually, Mork tells Sun to leave. And it turns out, Sun went to the hospital first and never even saw his cafe. So he is in the utmost shock when he sees that his cafe is completely vandalized. I don’t know if he has an idea of what happened now that he sees his shop or if he is even more pissed now that his cafe is totally damaged.

If it were me, I would still be pissed at Mork because that cafe is Sun’s entire livelihood. It’s his income, as well as his home! He lives in the cafe on the upper level and so does Rain. So any danger that comes to his cafe, comes to his home as well. Not to mention that Sun was already struggling to keep his cafe up and running. So this huge fight due to Mork’s history is a major hit for Sun.

I personally would not have gone to the hospital ranting and yelling like Sun did. I would let Mork explain. But I would also start to keep some distance from Mork because obviously, trouble follows him even when he’s trying to be good. And when it comes to my business and my home, those are things that I would absolutely have to protect, even if that means cutting Mork out of my life for a while.


Non! That trifling little brat Non just makes me want to FRE4AKIN SMASH HIS HEAD IN!!!

I don’t think I have ever hated a character so much in my entire life! Pete and Kao’s relationship already had issues from the start. But Non has been the ax that severed what was left and it makes me hate him so much. I don’t care about his daddy issues. Non is a jerk and his personal issues do not give him the right to hurt other people like he is doing.

I am convinced that Non does not even really like Kao. Because if he did, he wouldn’t want to do what he is doing because those things effect Kao too. Constantly flirting with Kao and making him uncomfortable. Embarressing him in front of Pete and all their friends. I would never do that to someone that I liked! No matter how badly I wanted to “get back at” Pete.

I hate Non so much. His smile, that stupid smug look on his face when he thinks he has “won”. I hate his entire face. Every single time he’s on screen, I roll my eyes and hope the scene ends quickly. Even his voice is annoying and I just…omg I HATE HIM.

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Pete & Kao

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Dear Lord help us all, Pete and Kao are going to be my mental downfall smh.

So everything has all come to light between them because of he-who-shall-not-be-named. After Pete won the About A-Boyz competiton, he-who-shall-not-be-named got mad and decided to post a whole bunch of pictures of his and Kao’s tutoring sessions together. And this is why I am convinced that he does not even really like Kao. Because he knows that Kao was keeping their tutoring sessions a secret. He also for sure knows that Pete and Kao have more than a just friends relationship after Kao left his cup one day after tutoring.

This cup has Pete’s and Kao’s names on it and it is obvious that they are a couple. So he-who-shall-not-be-named would do this to break them up, knowing that it would hurt Kao too?? He’s a coniving little wench and it makes me soooooo angry that nobody except Pete can see right through him!

Liiikkkeee, Kao! You have told this little brat that yall have to keep your tutoring sessions a secret. You have also told him that you are not interested in him and he needs to back off. Yet, he doesn’t and you’re still nice to him??? He has passively outed you to your mother but we are just going to forget that aren’t we? And he has embarressed you infront of your boyfriend and your friends. And you’re still nice to him??? I’m sooo confuusseedddd, Kao.

So Pete sees these photos and of course he completely blows up, and rightfully so! Kao made a promise to Pete and also told him that he would never lie to him. So Pete’s reaction to all of this is much more than simply not liking he-who-shall-not-be-named. This is about honesty and trust. If you don’t have either of those in your relationship, then you have no relationship.

So Pete completely goes off and finally his friends ask them straight up what are they to each other and just like alwaayysss, Kao stays silent.

Kao gets on my nerves. He allows so much to happen to him and around him and he just stays silent. That aggravates me soooo much because so much of the drama between him and Pete could have been prevented if he would just open up his mouth and be honest. Pete has been completely honest and even showed his vulnerability by telling and showing Kao what it is he wants and needs from their relationship and Kao has failed to give it to him time and time again.

So when June asks them what they are to each other, for a second I thought Pete was going to publicly out Kao. But although he is hotheaded, Pete is not vicious. Instead, he throws down the cup and says they are friends and walks away. And to me, this hurt so much worse than a public outing.

It wouldn’t have even been much of an outing anyway because June, Thada, and Sandee already know about them. They even tell Kao this! And Kao…still…does….nothing. Instead, he places all the blame on Pete about how things have ended up and I am now officially losing my mind. The only one that seems to understand why Pete is reacting the way he is is Thada, and even he doesn’t say much about it which I find annoying.

Then it becomes sooooo freakin obvious that the writers of this show are trying to place all the fault on Pete and it’s literally driving me up the wall! Absolutely everyone blames Pete, including Kao. They tell him constantly that he’s gone too far, that he’s acting like a child, and that he’s being unreasonable when absolutely none of them have even tried to understand why he is lashing out. Even Pete’s father, who has been an amazing character so far, didn’t try to ask why Pete was upset. He just went into a wise old lecture about not going to bed angry.


Why does Pete hate The Brat? Because The Brat is a conniving and malicious little jerk. But he tricks people into thinking that he’s an angel so that when he privately shows his true colors to Pete and Pete lashes out, everyone thinks Pete is mean and crazy.

Why is Pete insecure? Because he has been in a relationship with his boyfriend for THREE YEARS and for it’s entirety, the relationship has had to be kept a secret, which makes the whole relationship feel like one big lie.

What else makes Pete feel insecure?? The fact that Kao barely even hugs him even when they are alone together. The fact that Kao sucks at even using his mouth to say “I love you” or other reaffirming things about how he feels towards Pete, his boyfriend of THREE. EFFING. YEARS.

Why is Pete angry now? Because his trust in the one person that he loves has been completely violated. All Pete wants is the truth. God help him, all the boy wants is some transparency and honesty. And these are two things that he has never gotten throughout the entirety of this series so far.

Now take all of what I just said. All of it. And pair all of that with people telling you that you are overreacting. That you are doing too much and going too far. People telling you that you are the one that’s acting like a child and you have no reason to feel the way you are feeling.

That is enough to make anyone feel like they are losing their mind! Pete has every reason and every right to be reacting the way he currently is. Hell, I would be reacting in the exact same way!

But nooooo, the writers want us to believe that it’s all Pete’s fault. So now people are constantly lecturing him and nagging him that he shouldn’t stay mad before he makes things worse. And Sandee gets on my nerves just as much as Kao does. She nags sooo freakin much! And even goes as far as saying that Pete is only acting this way to “punish Kao”.

What. The actual. Fu**.


I feel for Pete. I really do. Because no one understands him and it’s sooooo obvious that the writers of this show want to make him look like the bad guy. The ones who are wrong are That Stupid Little Brat and Kao!

And what makes me even more upset are all the comments I see under the GMMTV videos agreeing with the way the show is trying to make Pete look like the bad guy. The writers are not allowing Pete to feel what he is feeling when he has every right to feel the way he is. They force him to believe that he should be the one that goes after Kao. But Kao should be the one chasing after Pete since he was the one that lied and allowed someone to come between them when Pete has voiced his concerns about this multiple times!

People are actually saying that Pete is at fault because he is not being understanding that Kao is not ready to come out yet. Again, EFF THAT! Just because you are not ready to come out, does not give you the right to consistently hurt your partner. Especially when they have been vocal with you about the things they are not liking and what they are needing in the relationship to feel secure. Kao has completely disregarded it all! Just because he’s too scared to come out. How is that fair to Pete??

The writers force Pete to believe that he is the one that’s wrong and overreacting and it makes me soooooo mad. Like, words cannot even describe how irritated I am at this episode and at the way things are transpiring.

None of this is fair to Pete at all and a part of me actually doesn’t even want him and Kao to last. In this moment, I firmly believe that Pete deserves better than Kao. Kao is a coward. Even now that his friends have admitted that they already know about them being together, he doesn’t do enough to try and win Pete back or validate his feelings. Pete deserves better.

And things started looking like they might start getting better at the end of the episode. Pete is outside Kao’s house and is going to go talk to him. But who walks out of Kao’s house at that very moment? The devil himself. That little brat.

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That right there would have been the last straw for me. I would have called Kao on the phone, standing right outside his house, and ended things right then and there. Pete deserves better and no one can convince me otherwise.

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  • Ian

    I’ve just caught up with Dark Blue Kiss, though I haven’t seen the final three episodes.
    I agree with much of what you say regarding the Pete-Kao relationship but Pete has brought some of his woes upon himself by his inability to trust Kao. You’d think after three years, he would be able to do so and have the maturity to overcome his initial jealousy of Non’s attentions and really talk to Kao about how upset he is. Why is he so threatened by this brat? Hasn’t Kao been faithful for three years?

    But Pete is a bully and always has been. When Kao tells him he has to tutor to support his mother and sister, Pete says he doesn’t care about that. He constantly demands Kao’s attention – ‘if you can’t get here in ten minutes, don’t bother coming.’ And he offers to financially support Kao if he gives up tutoring – What? Kao is supposed to become his toy boy, his kept boy to do Pete’s bidding? What Pete wants, Pete gets.

    Kao is wrong to lie about the brat, there’s no doubt about that, but he gives in to Pete’s bullying and demands he put Pete first because he is a weak willed character. This is probably the main reason Pete wants a relationship with Kao. Because he will never say no. This soothes Pete’s fragile ego and his need to dominate. Can you imagine Mork putting up with his bullshit? Or Sun for that matter? Only Kao who wont fight back.

    I don’t know the circumstances of how Pete and Kao got together but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, in the beginning, Pete was relentlessly stalking him. It’s a standard trope in these BL dramas. The strong one and the submissive BF. The stalker and bully. You says Pete should have ended it after the brat walked out of Kao’s house. But I think Pete knows, deep inside, no one else would have him.

    • Anais Naiim

      Wow, we definitely see it differently then. I don’t agree with everything Pete has done; he definitely has his issues. But I think Kao takes things way too far in this series and it shows by how trashy the entire situation gets. It gets BAD! So, I definitely stand by everything I said in this post.
      As for your last statement, “Pete knows, deep inside, no one else would have him”, I think that’s a bit harsh. And I can’t say I agree with that at all. I can see why so many people don’t like Pete’s character, but I really think the mess Kao winds up in is his own fault. Pete might not always go about things the right way, but he has always been honest, loyal, vocal about how he’s feeling, and completely transparent. Kao has been nothing but a coward and a liar, and I just have no respect for people like that.
      And as for Sun and Mork putting up with it, of course not! Sun, Mork, and Pete are all alpha males. That’s why Sun and Mork butt heads so much in this series as well. Both are trying to be in control. Sun is super pushy and Mork is super defiant. All three (Pete, Mork, Sun) are alphas in different ways, but still alphas. Mork is forever my fave tho <3 lol

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