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[Paint With Love] Episode 2

This show really knows how to get the ball rolling. It has wasted no time in getting our story going. So, episode 2 picks up exactly where episode 1 left off, at the wedding. The bride, of course, is fuming mad that her wedding was ruined and demanded that Maze and his crew pay up for all the damages. And I mean, I can agree with her. I would be charging money too if my wedding was ruined in the way hers was.

But Maze, ever the money hungry, greedy jerk that he is starts talking about how she still needs him and his company to fulfill their original agreement. I think it was for maternity pictures? I wasn’t too clear for that part, but their original agreement and payment plan was a two part deal: Wedding then maternity. This does not sit well with the bride (and for good reason) and she storms out.

After the huge blow up, everybody starts looking around, and who can’t they find? Phab. He’s too busy off somewhere still trying to save the bug lol.

After this, Maze is completely LIVID and storms over to Phab’s house the next day demanding his deposit back, but Phab has already spent it by paying all his many bills and past due balances. I don’t like Maze, as I’ve said in my last episode review, but I can understand why he’s so mad. Phab really did ruin the wedding and all the heat is falling down on him since he is the face of the company and the one the bride was mostly in communication with. The least Phab could have done was apologize. But then again, he didn’t want to paint for the wedding anyway, so he probably doesn’t even feel bad. At least, that’s how he is being portrayed at the moment.

Anyway, Maze says if Phab can’t pay him back the money then he’s going to sell his art and furniture off and completely goes on a wild rampage snatching Phab’s art and things and threatening to destroy it. The scene was absolutely ridiculous lol, and while I feel for Maze in this scenario, he was doing too much. All he had to do was go back to whatever contract he and Phab signed and get a lawyer if he really wanted his money back. But if he did that, then we’d have no series! So they scrap it out instead lol.

But then some old man that was at the wedding walks in and sees them all over the ground which makes them stop fighting. It turns out he is an art collector and has some heavy, HEAVY pockets. The man is rich. But can we just pause for a second? How on earth did this man know where Phab lives?? Did I miss something? Or maybe I forgot a scene or something? How does he just show up to a stranger’s house to inquire about art?

Anyway, he’s an art collector and wants Phab to paint him something and is offering 1 million baht. Then Greedy ol’ Maze jumps in claiming that he is now Phab’s manager and he does all the bargaining for the situation. After all of this, to keep a long story short, Maze forces Phab to work for him at his company and even starts garnishing his paychecks so that Phab can pay off his debt to him, and after he paints the picture and the man pays him, Maze will be getting a cut of that too. He even makes Phab sign a contract about it.

1 million baht
“Sign here or else!”

This is where I think Maze is going too far. I can understand Phab paying back the deposit that was given to him for the painting gig, or even simply paying for the damaged wedding dress (because let’s be honest, the rest of the wedding damages came from the guests running around like wild animals because they were scared of that crazy bug. Phab is not responsible for that). But Maze is making Phab pay back the deposit AND for all the damages at the wedding which is ridiculous, in my opinion. And he knows he can’t pay him. So he starts acting like some crazy loan shark and strong arms Phab into signing the contract, telling him that he has no choice.

I felt myself getting a little mad at this part because Phab does have a choice. And if he didn’t act so simple all the time and actually thought about what Maze was doing verses what actually took place, he’d realize that he does indeed have a choice and that’s to stand up for himself. Maze is NOT his manager and will NOT be getting a cut of the pay for the painting the man inquired about. Why? Because the painting for this man has absolutely nothing to do with Maze or that wedding. The man is a client for Phab and Phab only, and Maze has no right to insert himself in Phab’s personal affairs for a potential job.

Maze wouldn’t have even known anything about it if he hadn’t stormed over to Phab’s house in the first place. Also, the original demand was for Phab to pay back the deposit Maze gave him. Fine. That’s all he owes then. Maze is now simply taking advantage of someone who is not good with money and doesn’t know their rights. I hate this so much. I hate people like Maze and it really makes me not want Phab to fall for him. But we all know that’s going to happen or else we won’t get a series.

Anyway. Once Phab starts working for Maze, he actually does a good job and even gets him a new client. But do you think Maze is grateful for it? Of course not. Because he’s a greedy jerk that only cares about money and even charges the lady triple what it should even cost to do the event smh. But Phab is trying his best to stay true to himself and even even have some fun while he’s at it.

Yes. Yes he did rock a neon green suit lol

Let’s move on to our soon to be side couple! Neung and Tharn have gotten the lead roles for a new BL series and Tharn is super nervous about it while at their rehearsal. It turns out that Neung really is Maze’s ex, so it makes things a little awkward for Tharn. Maze says he’s not bothered by them acting as a couple since it’s simply acting, but it is obvious that he really is bothered. We still don’t know anything about Maze and Neung’s history together, but I’m sure that will be revealed later on. I will admit that I don’t really care though lol. I just want to see how on earth Phab and Maze are going to start liking each other after this tumultuous start to their relationship.

In the meantime, Neung is very friendly with Tharn and seems to already have some kind of interest in him. Tharn seems to just view him as a co-worker only, and is really nervous about staring in a BL with him since he knows Neung’s and Maze’s history. Although this can be awkward, I like their dynamic so far. Neung seems mostly confident in himself while Tharn has more evident insecurities. However, after only two episodes, we still don’t know much about them and I am excited to see how their relationship develops in future episodes.

I am also really looking forward to getting to know more of the side characters such as Tharn’s manager. She cares a lot for Tharn and is not afraid to be catty against her rival, Neung’s manager. She is hilarious and my favorite scene was when she was trying to calm Tharn’s nerves before his first rehearsal for the BL series. I swear I rewound that part and replayed it, like, five times lol ?

Anyways, I liked this episode enough, and am ready to see where episode three takes us!

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