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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 18]

Day 18 prompt: BL drama that was a major let down. This was easy for me because the very first thing that came to mind was all the En of Love episodes. Idk what I was expecting with this drama but what we got was just….not it.

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I feel like all three storylines were badly written and badly acted. In my opinion, only one of the three even had a plot that could be developed into an actual full-blown storyline and that was Love Mechanics. The other two could have easily been completed in a single 20-30 minute episode.

In the forums that I am a part of, En of Love had a lot of pre-release hype. But I do not feel like it lived up to the hype and I’m not alone in those thoughts either. The overall consensus in the forums were that all three were generally a disappointment and I agree with that.

If you’re interested in reading my reviews for each mini series, click below.

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Another series that was a MAJOR letdown for me was TharnType. If you’re not new to my blog then you already know what my feelings are towards this show. I hated it and never watched farther than episode 7. But I think it sucked more for me because this was a show that I had been anticipating for a little over a year and it just turned out to be something that I wasn’t expecting and did not like, at all.

I first found out that Tharn and Type were getting their own series back when Love By Chance had just completed or was close to finishing. I was super interested in hearing the story of Tharn and Type and was hoping that Earth (the actor that played Type in the first LBC season) would play him again.

Well, he didn’t. And then I ended up not liking the series as a whole anyway sooooo…yea. Major letdown.

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