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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 14]

Day 14 prompt: Least favorite BL drama trope.

Without a doubt, my least favorite trope has to be rape and cheating. I have no idea why so many BL dramas choose to take this route and create a “romance” from it but it’s really not my thing. I hate it so much.

There are many dramas where a guy will already have a girlfriend but then discover that he likes guys. So he cheats on his girlfriend with said guy and we’re supposed to feel all warm in fuzzy inside because it’s BL…


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Cheating is wrong no matter who is doing it. Unless you are in an agreed upon open or polyamorous relationship, then it is cheating.

And the rape trope! Ooooohhhmmyyyygoooodddd

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I absolutely just CAN NOT with this trope.

There is nothing on God’s green earth that will ever make rape romantic. And anyone that falls in love with their abuser has a form Stockholm syndrome which is a serious psychological issue. And for all the series where two characters will have sex one night while one of them is drunk out of their minds and can’t actually consent is a big NO NO as well. Drunk consent is not consent. That’s a form of date rape.

And for these two tropes, yes, I’m looking at you Addicted. Yes, I’m looking at you Make It Right. And so many more too, ugh! But it would take way too much time for me to actually list them all here.

Anyways. I hate these tropes.

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