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[The Stranded] Episode 1

The Stranded is a new Netflix series from Thailand that aired last month. I’m usually not one to take an interest in shows or movies with kids trapped on an island. I was traumatized from watching Lord of The Flies back in high school so I swore off of such films, series, and books.

But I wanted to give this show a try because the filming budget looked like a huge upgrade from the Thai dramas I have been watching. Also, a few actors and actresses that I recognized are in this show and I wanted to see them. Perth, Mark, Jan, and Beam. At only 7 episodes in total, I figured what can I lose? So I gave it shot.

And wow! Episode 1 is more intense that I thought it would be! It’s the end of the semester and the students are all leaving for vacation. The school has announced that students need to be off the island by 6pm. This school is a private academy housed on a secluded island. But instead of leaving like they should, the students decide to stay and party it up on the island instead before trying to head home. And to their dismay, a tsunami hits that night, destroying everything and trapping them on the island.

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Episode 1 shows the students trying to get by 25 days after the tsunami has hit. There is still no power, no adults, no signs of reciving help, and the food and medical supplies is running low. In this first episode alone, someone has already died. We also get to see the relationships between the students, or the lack thereof, while they try to navigate this tragedy. There are students that remain optimistic while others have no hope. Some students try to take the leadership role, while others remain rebellious.

This series has suspense and mystery and I enjoyed watching it more than I thought. The island contains mysterious forces and I am curious to find out what exactly is really going on.

Beam, who plays Kraam, seems to have a connection to the island although he is not aware of it yet. He lost his adoptive father in the tsunami right before he was going to reveal to Kraam who is birth father was and where he actually comes from. He gifted him a special knife right before the tsunami took his life.

So far the script writing and the plot are great. They have me intrigued and wanting to continue the series. The characters all play a role in the survival of everyone and I think the acting is also very good. I am excited to continue the series but I don’t do that well with thrillers so we’ll see how well I get through it all lol.

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