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[Why R U] Episode 11 Recap

Okay, so I have been putting off watching this episode for too long. But it’s because I know that things are about to get messy between Tutor and Fighter and I’m just not ready for that lol. Like, I literally had butterflies before watching each part of the episode. We just got done having a wonderful time down at the beach. And just like Fighter, I’m not ready to go back to reality just yet! I want to linger in the afterglow of everything they experienced together. Alas, we cannot and it doesn’t take long for ish to hit the fan once they get back home either.

So they arrive back to Bangkok and Fighter is dropping Tutor off at home. They are both taking a long time because neither of them want to leave the other. Only, Fighter is being more obvious about it. Now that Fighter has told Tutor the truth about his feelings for him, he has been suuuuppeeerrr clingy and cringey lollll.

Look at his face! Over here begging for another kiss

But I am all about Fighter begging for kisses, so +50.

In the next scene, I think a couple more days have passed because Tutor is back to tutoring Fighter in English. But once again, Fighter is being really clingy and cute and cringey lol. He won’t stop cuddling and kissing Tutor and won’t pay attention to any of the work they are doing lol +5.

Then he tries to get all sexy with Tutor and Tutor tries to stop him (very weakly because he wants some sexy time too). But guess who walks in???

Papa Fighter. And he is shocked, confused, pissed off, and overall just doesn’t know what to do.

But instead of barging in to put a stop to it like I thought he was going to do, he actually knocks on the door and gives them time to appropriately present themselves. Liiiikkeee, who is this guy? I thought he was a rude manipulator, but this was at least a nice gesture. He could of just embarrassed them both but he didn’t. +2

Papa Fighter plays it off like he heard some noises and wanted to see what was going on then he leaves. But he’s obviously feeling some type of way about seeing his son all over another man.

Later that night, Tutor is spending the night and walks into the kitchen to find something to drink. Papa Fighter hears him in the kitchen and approaches him. He basically sorta kinda threatens him in a passive aggressive manner by telling Tutor that his son has changed and he wants him back to the way he was.

I’m not down with the passive aggressive threats. -15

Tutor tried to downplay it by saying that he was just Fighter’s English tutor and that Fighter seems much happier now but Papa Fighter wasn’t having that. Especially when he saw the necklace around Tutor’s neck with Fighter’s name on it.

After this little exchange, Tutor goes back to the room feeling sad. He talks his worries over with Fighter and Fighter tries to reassure him that things will be okay and he will do anything for them to be together. After everything they have already gone through, he’s not willing to give up so easily.

And I say, THAT’S RIGHT! Fight for your man! Lolllll +5

Back in the kitchen, Papa Fighter is still standing there all worried and confused and whatnot when he gets a text message. It’s from a lady that I can only assume is Hwa’s mother, the woman he is supposed to be dating right now. She sends him a picture of Tutor and Fighter from when they were on their weekend beach trip and asks him why his son is getting intimate with her child’s friend. Of course this horrifies Papa Fighter!

But let’s pause. How on earth did she get this photo??? It was one of the photos that Fighter took on his phone when they were on the boat together. So unless Fighter sent the photos himself or posted them somewhere, how the heck did she get them? HOW? I smell a stalker and I don’t like it. -50

So flash forward to the next day, Tutor is back at his apartment relaxing when he gets a text from Hwa. Just like her mama, she knows about him and Fighter being together.

And now I’m freakin out because, seriously, how did they get this picture??

After texting Hwa and telling her that he was going to tell her and he wants to speak to her face to face, he then calls Fighter because he is freaking out too and needs some support. Fighter hurries over like the good boyfriend that he is and Tutor tells him what’s wrong; that Hwa already knows about them.

Fighter tells him that he never sent the picture to anyone and Tutor believes him. He just wants Fighter to accompany him when he goes to see Hwa. Fighter is unsure at first but Tutor really wants him there. Then we get a flashback.

Turns out, the person who leaked the photo was a jealous high schooler that Tutor teaches on occasion. He has the hots for Tutor and noticed that Tutor was preoccupied during one of their tutoring sessions. When Tutor got up to use the bathroom, the boy went through his phone and saw the photo. He got jealous and well…you can guess what happens after that.

I really hate that that’s the reason the photo got out. I think that was a lazy way to write drama into the series. Especially since the boy is a character that we as the viewer have never seen or met in any of the previous episodes. It was a petty way to add drama. -10

So, that night, Tutor and Fighter meet Hwa and she is upset for obvious reasons. She asks Tutor when was he going to tell her and if he ever was going to at all. He tells her that he was going to let her know after they came back from the beach. Then Fighter jumps in the convo to try and back him up but Hwa shuts him down with a quickness. She tells homie to shut up! Lolllll and that she was not talking to him. In other words, have several seats, Fighter. This is between her and her best friend. +50

But Hwaaaa, bless her soul, she is too good for this world. She believes Tutor when he tells her that he was going to tell her and that this was not some conniving scheme behind her back, and the sweet child forgives him. She tells him that she respects his decision and she’s honestly not even really mad anymore.

And why isn’t she mad, you ask? Because she’s got a man now that actually loves her, cares about her, and gives her all the attention her little heart desires.

And also because she thinks Tutor and Fighter are cute together and she’s happy to see them happy lmaoo. Hooray for non-bitter exes/ best friends! +100


So after she forgives Tutor, she asks if they can go to dinner, just the two of them to catch up. She purposely excludes Fighter and it’s hilarious honestly. He deserves a little meanness because he did play with her feelings for way too long. So she boots him out and Tutor and Hwa go out to eat together and they are back to being best friends.

The next day, Tutor is at work. It’s a slow day and he’s content with busying himself cleaning the store windows when guess who shows up? Papa Fighter. How he knows where Tutor works, I will never know. Minus 5 for being a creepy stalker.

I think you all know what he showed up for. He tells Tutor to stay away from Fighter. He and his family want and expect Fighter to marry a woman and have a “normal” family, and he tells Tutor that if he truly loved Fighter then he would do it (which honestly makes no sense). Then even goes as far as offering to pay Tutor to stay away from him and that he could name whatever price he wants. I found this so insulting and instantly didn’t even want to look at this man’s face anymore. -50

Tutor refuses (+50) but then agrees that he will try and break up with Fighter (-20). We know that he doesn’t want to be the reason that Fighter is under personal stress at home so he agrees, and now I’m sad smh.

After leaving Papa Fighter, Tutor goes around to the back of the cafe and cries his little eyes out.

Then my favorite side character returns! P’Kae sits down to talk with Papa Fighter and is very gentle and patient. He lets Fighter’s dad know that he is also a part of the LGBTQ community and that he thinks he should rethink his decision about Fighter and Tutor. If he wants to see his son happy, then he should talk to him and ask him what makes him happy, not impose demands on him or go behind his back and break up his relationship. Papa Fighter knows P’Kae is right but he doesn’t want to hear it so he gets up and leaves.

P’Kae is sad because he did his best in trying to help Tutor.

And can I just say how much I love P’Kae? He is seriously one of the best side characters. Funny, caring, ambitious, supportive, nonjudgmental. Everyone needs a friend like P’Kae in their life +200

After Fighter’s dad leaves, P’Kae goes to find Tutor and offers him some encouragement. He truly wishes the best for Tutor. But it’s looking like Tutor is too hurt and sad to really listen so things are about to get angsty.

That night, Tutor decides to chill at his apartment and hang out with Zon. It’s been a while since we’ve seen these two together so it was nice to see Zon again. I’m interested in Tutor and Fighter, but man am I deprived for Saifah and Zon! Bring my babies back! I need to know what’s going on with them 🙁

But anyway, Tutor tells Zon that he and Fighter already had sex and the look of horror and confusion that crosses Zon’s face is so priceless, I burst out laughing in my room lollll. Like, he literally could not fathom sex between two men.

After Tutor told him, Zon goes back to thinking that they are both in a boys love novel and surprise, surprise, Tutor actually agrees. But neither of them are upset or fearful about it. They kind of just state it like a fact. Both are feeling confused about what’s really going on right now and are conflicted about their feelings.

Zon is conflicted because he’s never liked a man before and of all people to catch feelings for, he caught feelings for Saifah, the guy he used to hate for stealing his no-good former girlfriend. Tutor is conflicted because he has fallen in love with a guy he used to hate as well but it’s more complicated because now Fighter’s dad is involved. It’s such a big mess.

But it’s super sweet to see them talking with each other and letting out their feelings. That’s what friends are for. And talking things out with friends can really ease a burden. Even though it was short, I liked this scene a lot. +20

For the next scene they FINALLY give us some Saifah and Zon for us parched and deprived fangirls out there. They literally only give them a few minutes but I swear it’s the cutest scene eveerrr!

Zon has returned to Saifah’s house because Saifah is sick and Zon just wants to check on him. Sai is running a fever so Zon gets some cool water and a towel to help wipe him down and cool his skin off. When he tells Sai that he is going to go home now, Sai asks him to stay. Zon looks very questioning at first as if he is wondering many things about Saifah. But he ends up saying yes but only as long as Sai doesn’t give him what’s made him so sick.

Later that evening, Zon tries to get Saifah to eat so that he can get some nourishment and so that he can take his medicine to get better. But Saifah is being a pouty little brat because he’s not hungry and he doesn’t want to take his medicine.

lol omg <3

So Zon force feeds him for a few bites, makes him take his medicine, then puts him to bed again. The next morning, Sai is not feeling any better and he is still running a fever. Zon cuddles with him and offers him some encouragement so that he will feel a little better. This is all we get of them for this episode but omg why are Sai and Zon so stinking cute?? There entire scene was just what I needed to satiate my want of more scenes for them lol. +1000

And now.

Nooooooooowwwww all the stuff that I did not want to happen, happens!

Fighter is at the university late at night waiting for Tutor because he hasn’t talked to Tutor in a while. Tutor is being very stand offish because of the conversation he had with Fight’s dad, but Fighter doesn’t know this. To him, Tutor is just being extremely confusing.

So Tutor sees him waiting for him and y’all! He walks right past him! -50

Then he tries to down play it by saying that he’s working a lot and it’s making him stressed. Fighter tries to tell him that he’s working too much and if working is making him act like this then he wants him to quit. He tries to hug Tutor and hold his hand but Tutor keeps pushing him away. And after beating around the bush for a while and making Fighter frustrated, Tutor finally breaks up with him.

Fighter is super confused because he has no idea what has made Tutor act like this. He has no idea what has made him cry, why he feels no one understands him, and why he’s asking Fighter to let go of his hand. He won’t even admit to Fighter that he really does love him and that he doesn’t regret their time together. Instead he lets Fighter think that he does. Smh.

This really hurts Fighter but instead of getting angry, he puts on a smile and tells Tutor that he is sorry that he made him feel so uncomfortable. Then he walks away. Tutor is already crying his eyes out but I never thought I would see Fighter cry. And it was….actually….kind of heartbreaking to see? Like, it caught me off guard that I was feeling sad too, seeing Fighter cry.

I hate this! -100

And this is where the episode ends. The next episode looks like there is going to be even more drama. I have to prepare myself because from the previews, Fighter confronts his dad and I hope he lets him have it!

Let’s tally up the points for this episode

Random Points Counter:

  • Fighter begging Tutor for kisses +50
  • Cuddly Fighter +5
  • Papa Fighter not embarrassing Little Fighter +2
  • Papa Fighter’s passive aggressive threats -15
  • Fighter willing to fight for his relationship wit Tutor +5
  • Hwa’s mom being a possible stalker -50
  • Jealous high schooler exposing TuFight -10
  • Hwa telling Fighter to shut up +50
  • Non-bitter ex and supportive best friend +100
  • Fighter’s dad showing up at Tutor’s job -5
  • Fighter’s dad offering Tutor monetary compensation to stay away from Fighter -50
  • Tutor refusing Fighter’s dad’s money +50
  • Tutor agreeing to break things off with Fighter -20
  • P’Kae being an awesome supporter and friend +200
  • Tutor and Zon just being friends +20
  • Saifah and Zon being the sweetest angels on the planet +1000
  • Tutor walking past Fighter like he doesn’t exist -50
  • Tutor Fighter break up -100

Total: 1,182

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