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[The Stranded] Episode 5

Ohhhhh boy. As if things couldn’t get any more intense than they already are. Sheesh, where do I even start? It’s the same people from the last episode getting screen time in this episode. So, I guess I will just write in the same format I did for my last review.


Ice is doing so much better now after his little “exorcism” from Nahm. He is helping build the boat and sail and hasn’t gone back to drinking and smoking. Probably because he is no longer trying to drown out hidden guilt and torment. He’s smiling and interacting with the other students. I wouldn’t say he actually has any friends but there is no longer any tension or trouble when he is around.

Honestly, it’s nice to see him smiling. When I saw him smile in this episode, I realized that this is the first episode that he actually smiled. In all the other episodes, he was nothing but a horny, angry, troublemaker. Despite the situation on the island, he seems to be doing much better without Ying (even though he broke up with her in a crappy way), and his mind is freer after admitting his crime.

Kraam & May

Kraam and May really have my heart and I’m just waiting for May to offically break up with Anan. That sounds so harsh but I really do not like Anan. And I am not excusing the fact that she has cheated on him either. But I really do not like Anan and it is obvious that May is not in love with him either. She even admits to him that she hasn’t been happy with him for a long time.

After Kraam and May’s little night out at the secret beach, the next morning Kraam tells May that what happened last night is how he really feels for her. He asks her if she feels the same and she does but she can’t admit it because she knows what she has done is wrong. She reminds Kraam that she is still with Anan and that her relationship with him is more complicated than he thinks. But the caring and patient soul that Kraam is, he basically tells her that he will wait.

Later on in the episode, there is another scene of Kraam and May that just truly makes my heart ache. Kraam finds out that his name was pulled out of the draw and he gets a spot on the boat to go find help. But he wants to give his spot to May. She refuses it and tells Kraam that he would be more helpful on the boat than she ever would but Kraam argues back and tells her that he doesn’t want to sail without her.

By her face, we can see that him saying this shocked her and it shocked me too. Not because he said it but because this is something that Anan hasn’t said. He didn’t even think it. Her own boyfriend who claims to love her, smh. So May responds to that by telling to him to come back for her then and he promises that he will.

Then they share a kiss and I can’t help but feel a little sad for them. There is no guarantee that anyone that goes on the boat will even make it to the mainland for help. I’m also sad that May has to continue to hide who she really is for a crappy boyfriend like Anan.

Anan & May

We find out more about May’s pre-tsunami personal life and how Anan ties into that. We already know about Anan’s personal life and his inferiority complex. But with May’s home life, we find out that her family was having financial troubles.

May’s dad fell into a truckload of debt because of something he was doing with his business. Afterward, he left May and her mother, leaving them with his debt! May’s mother was making it work for a time but couldn’t sustain the financial strain of life bills, May’s school tuition, and her ex-husband’s debt. Eventually they had to sell their house and May received a notice from the school about her late tuiton payment.

She tells Anan what is going on and he gets mad at her dad for what he’s done. He then tells her that he will pay her tuition for her since his family has a bunch of money just sitting around not being used. She doesn’t want him to but he insists.

Nooooooow this boy is holding it over her head! He knows that May is not happy in their relationship. So, when she tried to finally break up with him, he wouldn’t let her do it. He wouldn’t let her talk. Then he starts crying and asking her does she remember everything he’s done for her. He even insinuates that she lied about being serious with him just so she can get him to pay her tuition. And it was in that moment that I truly hated him.

He is stringing her along and keeping her unhappy by holding her debt over her head. And poor May feels like she has to stay with him because of that debt as well. I think Anan is absolutely disgusting for this. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t even love you? Why wave money in their face when that money doesn’t even matter now?? The school is ruined because of the tsunami and will never be open again. You are trapped on an island with nowhere to go and with limited life supplies. And you’re worried about a tuition payment you paid for her?? Smh…


Arisa has been found! Well…sort of? There are two boys (the two boys that tried to be her friend in the earlier episodes) who go out into the woods to look for her. They pretty much have their own motives for doing so; Arisa gets a spot on the boat and they both want a spot on the boat too. But Arisa is missing. So it is agreed that if they go out in the woods to look for her and don’t find her, then Arisa forfeits her spot on the boat and someone else gets it.

So these two boys go out looking for her and find her spray painted Xs that she was putting on the trees. After they get tired, they build a tent and go to sleep for the night. But when they wake up, they are no longer where they stopped to rest. Their tent is on top of a cliff!

They are both in shock for obvious reasons, then they start to hear a voice shouting for help. They look around at the bottom of the cliff and who do they find? Arisa!

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It is at this point that I am so completely confused. Are they hallucinating? How did they get on top of the cliff? I thought Arisa was hurt so how is she walking around calling out for help? What the heck is going on?

Krit, Jack, & Jan

So just like I thought, it has come to light that Krit aided in Jack’s death and Professor Lin knew about it just like I thought too. Krit is the one that tells Jan what he did because she found the empty bottle of pills. Then she goes absolutely ballistic, screaming and crying. So much so that she doesn’t believe Krit when he tells her the truth; that Jack begged him to do it because he was suffering so much.

the stranded spoilers | Tumblr

Then for the rest of the episode she tries to propose that Krit be killed in return or at least locked up (without food or water!) until the the people who leave on the boat come back with help. I understand her anguish, I really do. But she turns sompletely evil! She has one of the other bigger guys beat Krit up and lock him in a far away room. When the other students find out what she’s doing, she threatens to slit all of their throats if they try to stop what she’s doing.

the stranded spoilers | Tumblr

And I just…I’m at a loss for words. Again with the moral grayness. Would you behave like this if your brother’s boyfriend aided in your brother’s death? Would you believe him if he told you your brother asked to die because he was in so much pain? Idk…I just don’t know. Krit didn’t do it out of cold blood. He just couldn’t bear to see Jack in pain anymore while he slowly died. He didn’t want to do it, but Jack wanted it. Ugh, it’s such a hard thing to wrap my head around.

Professor Lin

Professor Lin is a freakin creep. I don’t even care where she came from anymore or what she knows. I just want her gone. She is the one that saw Kirt throw away the pill bottle in the last episode. And in this episode, she passively threatens Krit that she will tell the authorities on him once help comes and gets them off the island.

I also firmly believe that she is the one that planted the empty pill bottle so Jan could find it because she is the one who went to retrieve it. She showed Krit that she had it but she never gave it back to him, so where else could it have come from? Theeennnn! When Krit was being beaten up and dragged away, she stood by and watched and even SMILED as if she was enjoying the scene.

She also knew that Ying and Nahm were out looking for the tape recorder that she took. So she took the tape recorder again and went into the woods – knowing Ying and Nahm were following her – and threw the recorder into the water. Nevermind the fact that the water was still bubbling and scalding hot like it was however many episodes ago that was.

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creepy professor watching them..

Lastly, she is now trying to stop the kids from leaving the island. She claims a storm is coming and tries to make Anan feel guilty by possibly having many deaths on his hands if some of the students die while they are out sailing.

I just…I don’t understand her. As a viewer, I don’t know what she knows, and with only two episodes left, I’m not sure how much closure I am going to get. I have soooo many questions.


Another deafening sound permeated from the island again in this episode which causes Kraam to have another vision. I think he is getting closer to finding out who his real parents are but every time he gets a little closer to figuring something out, we don’t touch his personal storyline again for soooo long and it’s kind of annoying.

There are still so many answers to be had and only two episodes left…

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