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[Dark Blue Kiss] Episode 7

Hello wonderful readers! Before we start, I just want to give myself a pat on the back at how consistent I have been lately with my posts. I hope that doesn’t sound vain but a goal of mine was and is to be consistent with this blog. I am proud that I am actually doing it and I hope I can remain consistent. Life hasn’t been hectic lately and I’m taking full advantage of that fact.

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So anyway, on to episode 7!

Episode 7 is actually really cute! Non is there and is still working my nerves. But something that stood out for me in this episode is that Kao finally told non that he is not interested in him.

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Ugh, yall know by now that I was getting increasingly irritated that Kao has been staying quiet whenever Non crosses the line. But Kao finally told him.

Now whether or not Non took it seriously (spoiler alert: he didn’t), that’s a different story. At least now Kao can say that he did tell him that he does not want him. Because without shutting down Non’s advances, it really looks like Kao is giving him hope when there is no hope to give. Next, I want Kao to come clean to Pete about the whole tutoring thing, but you know…we gotta take baby steps when it comes to these dramas.

Pete & Kao

In this episode, Pete still battles his jealousy amongst other personal things. Long story short, Non gets under his skin. It’s so easy for us as viewers to say “Stop letting this kid bother you! Be secure in your relationship!” But I touched on why this is so hard in my last review. Since Pete has to hide his relationship with Kao due to Kao not being ready to come out, Pete can’t tell anyone that he and Kao are dating. Otherwise he would have already and Non would be a non-factor.

(see what I did there? Lol)

In this episode we also get to see a little more of Pete’s relationship with his father and it is honestly one of the most wholesome things ever. Pete’s dad found out about his relationship with Kao back in Kiss Me Again. He was shocked about it but accepting nonetheless. Pete’s dad has been completely supportive of him and only wants his happiness. He even goes as far as giving Pete condoms to stay safe lolllll.

Pete’s dad asks Pete how things are going with Kao and truly wants to know more about his son and understand him. I freakin love this because usually in dramas, it is the father that is completely unaccepting of gay relationships. Dark Blue Kiss has broken this stereotype for our main couple and I am living for it!

Other than that, we finally get some romantic fluffiness from Kao and Pete. It is there three year anniversary and Kao does the most sweetest thing ever. He sends Pete a message (we don’t know what it says) and Pete rushes off to find Kao in what looks to be a locker room. He is clearly worried. But when he arrives at the room, he opens the doors to find the entire room decorated in fairy lights and tons of pictures of him and Kao together.

There are sweet notes left all over the lockers and arrows pointing to the final gift. On the gift, Kao has left a heartfelt note telling Pete how much he loves him even though he doesn’t really show it all the time and even though he is not ready to come out to his mother and their friends (his friends already know but he thinks it’s still a secret lol).

Then Kao comes out from hiding and wraps his arms around him and they share a sweet moment together.

I am happy for this. I really am. Because Kao really doesn’t show any affection towards Pete even when they are alone. He’s pretty much like how Arthtit was with Kongpob only Kao isn’t a tsundere. He just doesn’t show his love through physical affection while Pete does.

So, Pete is clearly touched by this and loving it all. And there is no way he’s gonna let this moment pass by without giving his baby a kiss.

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The kiss scene is really sweet. I am glad the writers and director didn’t make all sexy because a sweet and slow kiss really fit the romantic atmosphere. Also, a slow and sweet kiss serves Newwie better because his kissing skills lack. So yay for such a sweet scene between these two! I’m hoping this romantic gesture will make Pete feel a little more secure and not be so jealous over Non.

Mork & Sun

Things between Mork and Sun are still a bit awkward. They have already kissed and in this episode Mork is feeling conflicted. He likes Sun but he also knows that he used to hate him and Sun used to hate him as well. So why now? Why have their feelings changed towards each other? Because of these thoughts, he doesn’t want to believe that Sun actually likes him.

When things get too awkward and Mork doesn’t really want to be around him, Sun locks him in his room and gets completely honest with him. He knows that he makes Mork uncomfortable but he really does like Mork and he cares about him a lot. Mork basically blows up at him and asks him how. Sun used to hate him so how can he like him now? They talk it out a little but Mork is still unsure

Later on, a girl shows up at the cafe and we find out that she is Sun’s ex-girlfriend. She is back to try and help Sun get his coffee recipes together for the barista competiton he is going to enter.

Now we see how Mork truly feels about Sun because he gets jealous and sad and starts to keep his distance from Sun. This of course confuses Sun but he doesn’t press the issue. Especially not in front of his ex (not that she matters).

We don’t get much from them after this so I am curious to see what happens next with them. I am hoping that Mork just tells Sun that he likes him lol. We all know he does, sooo.

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