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[Sotus S] Episode 2

So season 2 has wasted no time jumping right into things, but at the same time, it hasn’t really caught my attention. And believe it or not, I felt this way about the first season as well. It took me around 4 episodes to really get into it and finally start enjoying myself. It’s looking like that might be the case for this season as well.

Right off the back I really don’t like the new kid, Dae. He is seriously just mean and disrespectful for no reason. We find out that he is not a freshman but a transfer student. But since he is new to the university, he is supposed to participate in the freshman activities. In this episode they are hinting at the fact that something might have happened at his old university which is why he had to transfer and also why he is so opposed to the freshman initiation activities.

Honestly, he’s just annoying and rubs me all types of wrong ways. Every time he’s on screen, I can’t help but roll my eyes and pray the scene ends quickly. It is feeling like the writers only created his character for dramatic purposes but instead of it making the show more interesting, it bores me. I also think that the relationship between Dae and Tew is supposed to be building some bromance tension but in actuality it’s all just coming off very angry. A far cry from the relationship tension that was Kong and Arthit in season one.

Speaking of Kongpob and Arthit, they don’t get to spend too much time together as Arthit has a full time job now and Kong is still a full time student with lots of student activities he has to participate in as the head hazer of engineering. But we do get to see bits and pieces of them maintaining their relationship with each other.

One thing I really don’t like is how after three years of dating, Arthit STILL pushes Kongpob away and plays hard to get! Like, what even? You guys have been together for three years and you’re still ashamed of holding hands with your boyfriend? You’re still embarrassed when Kongpob flirts with you? You STILL won’t give him a kiss when you’re alone with each other in the comfort of a dorm room? I. Don’t. Under. Stand.

still rejects him…

I was hoping to see some growth in Arthit for this season but he acts the same way he did when he was a junior. Kongpob has always been the one to show confidence and maturity. I’m hoping Arthit can do the same and do it fast.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the change of hazing style with this new group of engineering hazers. They are nicer and present the activities with much more meaning than the hazers of season one did. It actually barely comes off as hazing at all. With that being said, things are moving pretty fast. It’s only episode two and it’s already almost time for the capture the flag activity which is the final activity before the wrist tying ceremony.

So since we haven’t accomplished much in the series and the hazing activities are almost finished, I can only assume that this series will just follow Kongpob and Arthit’s relationship (I already know there will be tears because I’ve seen the previews) and the relationship between Dae and Tew. I still have no idea if they are senior-junior or if they have a BL story line. Either way, I only really care about Kong and Arhtit.

Lastly! I mentioned in my previous review that I wanted justice for Prem and Wad. Well, it’s not looking like we’re going to get any. I am almost certain that Wad was written out of the series. Some of his old friends who are the current hazers mentioned him in a conversation saying that he is taking time off of school because his father fell sick and was in the hospital. Well his father is released now, but Wad still has to take care of him until he recovers fully and does not have time for school. If anyone doesn’t know, that is how TV writers write characters off a show. So…. *sad face*

Anyway, I’ll give it a few more episodes. I hope things start picking up soon.

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