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[Sotus S] Episode 8

Hello allllll! Back again with my Sotus S episode reviews. I know it’s been a long time.

Episode 7 ended with Kongpob telling Arthit that he basically has no idea how to act with him since Arthit’s attitude and reactions are so unpredictable. We really didn’t get much after that. They just kind of stood silently staring at each other. Then Arthit moved closer to him to let him know that it’s okay if they stand close.

So fast forward to the next day and the boys are at work. P’Earth asks Kongpob to deliver something to the head of the accounting department. Her name is Paga and she is known to be very mean and vicious. Even to people who are brand new to the company. Arthit is worried about Kongpob because he already had a terrible run-in with her. Only to find out that she was super sweet to Kongpob and even gave him snacks!

So now Arthit is sitting there staring at Kongpob and pouting while Kongpob eats his snacks Lol. He’s jealous that Kongpob had such a great interaction with her.

“Want some snacks?”
“No, I don’t want your damn snacks, but give it to me anyway.”

Meanwhile, freakin P’John is manipulating his way into forming a team for the company contest. He is over talking to Tod (the new guy after Arthit). Basically he makes him believe that John will be an asset to him for the contest. And lo and behold, it works. Tod asks John if they want to form a team together and the evil smile that John wears on his face after that makes my blood boil. Ugh, I hope everyone sees him for who he truly is. A lazy liar and a scammer!

Nai and P’Yong also got more screen time together. Their interaction was basically filler but it was cute enough. Nai is a cutie and I like that his character is pretty much innocent. He’s just a curious kid that likes to know how things work. He explains all this to P’Yong during a dinner outing they had together, when P’Yong asked him why he wants to be an engineer.

In this episode, we get to meet Khao Fang again, the girl that confessed to Kongpob. Arthit met up with Kong at the university then went off to get something to eat. While waiting for his order he overhears some girls talking about Khao Fang and how she confessed to Kongpob. Arthit obviously doesn’t like this but instead of getting mad, he goes back to Kongpob and starts to pamper him. He’s being extra nice which is the most hilarious and awkward thing ever because Arthit is never nice! Lol. Kong is super confused at the change in personality and is looking at him like this:

I’m dying lolllllll

Then he straight up tells him, “It’s strange that you are pampering me today”. Arthit then realizes that he is laying it on pretty thick and then tries to turn mean again. But this just confuses Kong even more. Not to mention that Arthit’s voice gets all high while lying to cover up his sudden strange behavior. The whole time, I’m just cracking up laughing because it’s hilarious and finally Arhtit is showing some worry in possibly losing Kongpob to someone else. Kongpob is super sweet and likable and Arthit knows that. Anyone would want to date Kongpob, including me.

Things were pretty much going well for them from this point on. After this little interaction, Arthit went back to being regular ol’ Arthit and they would joke and Kong would flirt. Then, at work, they are discussing their ideas for the contest with P’Earth (I guess Kongpob is a part of their team now). But P’Earth really likes the idea and calls Arthit by his nickname: I-Oon (pronounced: eye-oon). This is the nickname from season 1 that Kongpob found out about and Arthtit did not allow him to call him that. Even now, he does not allow Kong (HIS BOYFRIEND!) to call him by that nickname. So now Kong is feeling some type of way and Arthit knows it.

So while Arthit and Earth are talking and working together, Kong is at his computer looking at them like this:

And Tod, who still has the hots for Earth, is at his computer, also looking at them like this:

Sad Tod…again.

After this, we get a brief scene between the old hazers, the current hazers, and the new upcoming hazers. They pretty much share their thoughts on the SOTUS system and the old and current hazers pass down some wisdom to the new guys. It’s a sweet moment and it’s nice to see some of the old cast again.

So now back to Ocean Electric. All the teams are presenting their ideas and the results get released immediately. Surprise, surprise, the winner was P’John’s team. It’s annoying because he basically had Tod do all the work. But, whatever, I guess. Tod didn’t say anything about it so I guess he doesn’t care? Idk.

But anyway, later on, Tod finally gets a chance to talk to P’Earth. He calls her out to the roof or wherever it was and he tries to ask her out to dinner. He tries to make it all romantic by writing it out on paper and flipping the pages. But it’s the clumsiest most awkward thing ever because he ends up switching the papers so that they are out of order. Then they all get blown away by the wind. **sigh**

Nice try Tod. But Earth ends up saying yes anyway and now Sad Tod is Happy Tod.

Happy Tod.

In this episode, Nai and P’Yong are hanging out a lot more outside of work and really getting to know each other. It’s clear that a friendship is blossoming with the potential of it turning into more. Honestly, they are really cute and I want more from their story line. But things kind of shift between them towards the end of this episode because P’Yong had to go back on a promise that he made with Nai.

Originally they were going to watch a big soccer game together. They were both betting on opposing teams. Whoever lost the bet would treat the other to dinner (or something like that). Like, it’s obvious that they like each other but it’s still those tentative, innocent type of feelings. You can tell that Nai feels like he is truly gaining a friend, and P’Yong is definitely developing affection for Nai. But when P’Yong goes back on his promise, Nai is hurt. He still tries to be nice to him after the fact but you can tell that his little feelings are hurt. 

I was actually kind of shocked at P’Yong because he came off like he didn’t really care that he was breaking his promise. So I’m sitting here like “okay…what happened. Why is he like this?” only to find out through a flashback that Nai will have to change departments very soon. The manager from the previous department he was working in wants him back in the department. The manager gave P’Yong a choice whether or not he wants to send him back, but we as the viewer could see that it wasn’t much of a choice. P’Yong had to say yes or else he would look pretty bad. I’m thinking that manager held more power than P’Yong or something.

So P’Yong was visibly sad about this because he was truly starting to like Nai. So instead of just telling him the truth about Nai having to switch departments again, he pulls himself away to protect his feelings, which….ugh, I hate thiisssss! I want them to be cute together! Just because he’s in a different department, doesn’t mean yall can’t be friends! It’s still the same company and departments meet up to go out to eat together and stuff, and yall been hanging outside of work anyway!


So now this is where we’re at with them.

But back to Kong and Arthit. They are on good terms again and they are out on a rooftop talking and being all boyfriendly and whatnot and whoooaaa, guess who drops the L-word???

Kongpob! After asking if he is allowed to call him I-Oon now, Arthit says yes and Kong ends this cute little exchange with finally telling Arthit that he loves him. But leave it to Arthit to be his complete tsunder self and he responds with “Yuck.” Liiikkeee don’t make me slap you, boy!

Kong: “You move the mountains for me” Arthit: “And your point is…?”

But anyway, that’s where episode 8 ends and I actually really liked it. I forgot to mention that we get a very brief interaction with Tew and Angry Dae. They almost seemed like friends in this episode with Angry Dae even smiling (which is shocking in itself).

I liked this episode and I’m ready for the next one. Surprisingly, I want more Yong-Nai story line. Let’s see where this goes 🙂

If you’re new here, start from the beginning!

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  • KJ

    I wish they gave the fight from the previous episode ending more closure 🙁 It left me hanging. The second season seems to do this a lot… Not a lot of closure for some of the fights.

    I just started watching SOTUS. I feel happy I stumbled on this series. It’s amazing ^_^

    This blog is amazing too. Feels nice to read someone’s insights as well. This is actually my first thai series. Usually I just watch movies.

    • Anais Naiim

      Yea, I will admit I personally think Season 1 was better, but I still enjoyed it. SOTUS was the first BL series that I ever watched and fell in love with, and it’s what catapulted me into the world of BL.

      And thank you! I’m glad you like my blog 🙂 I’m definitely a series lover as opposed to movies so, I hope this blog can help you find many more series to watch!

  • Vince

    I really like the way you composed your thoughts.

    SOTUS is one of my favorite series. I initially didn’t like Singto as Kongpob but somehow he grows on me.

    Arthit though is super likeable because his character arc is so good. The way he developed himself throughout the series will make you fall in love with him.

    I just wish GMM will have a series for KristSingto. I don’t care if it’s SOTUS A B C up to Z, I’ll still watch it.

    I believe they’re the OG BL couple that paved the way for 2gether the series to gain the fame it has now.

    • Anais Naiim

      I agree. I think Kongpob and Arthit are definitely the OG BL couple that paved the way for college BL. And I’m like you, SOTUS the series had to grow on me as a whole. Season 1 was a slow start for me but once I was in, I was allllll in! Lol. I love Kongpob and Arthit and SOTUS will always be one of my favorite series. Even though Arthit can be pretty mean, I think he has fantastic growth across both seasons and the Our Skyy episode. Love them! <3
      I still have yet to watch 2gether the series but it's definitely on my list of shows to get to very soon

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