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[TharnType] Episode 5

Okay, so we are finally back to watching TharnType and while some annoyance still lingers for me, I’m glad this episode opens up with some fluffiness. Tharn is a bit overboard with his cutesiness but I’m happy for the break in sexual tension.

Starting out the boys are out buying new bedsheets for Type since they ruined his from having so much sex the previous nights. I’m not sure why a simple wash and dry in a washing machine isn’t an option but whatever. We need a storyline, I guess.

From there, the boys are spending time together and getting to know each other more. Really, it’s Type getting to know more about Tharn which is a nice change in pace because Type knows next to nothing about Tharn except that he’s gay and wants to be with him. So seeing them talk to each other was nice, even though Type is still just one big ol’ cranky human. He’s literally a magnified version of Arthit from SOTUS only he hurts people’s feelings more. Type is also not a likable person. Arthit is.

One thing I have to say is that, I know Tharn really likes Type, but I wish he would pull back a little. He comes on so strong and I find myself wishing that he would give Type some time to actually miss him. Show some affection and then pull back and allow Type to want him in return. But he gets so excited with expressing himself that he latches on hardcore to any type of friendliness and affection that Type shows him. To keep it short, he’s clingy lol.

Anyways! While Tharn and Type are out together, Type runs into Champ on his way to the bathroom. Champ is with some female friends and one of them instantly gets the hots for Type straight away. Champ tells her that he will ask Type if he has a girlfriend since she tells him that she’s interested and already I know this is about to be a problem. Ugh.

Madam Thirsty

So anyway, Tharn and Type are hanging out and even go to breakfast together the next morning. Type shocks us all when he asks Tharn to join him and of course Tharn gets super excited. Tharn’s reason was “well, you said it yourself. We are sex friends. But if we take out the sex, we are still friends”. And honestly….I just cringed. I hate this whole “sex friends” thing.

The next evening, Tharn takes Type to the bar that he plays at on occasion and he introduces Type to the bar owner. Her name is P’Jeed and she is super friendly and I like her. Tharn leaves them to talk to each other while he goes to say hi to some other friends that are there. While away, she gossips a little about Tharn and tells Type that he is the first person that Tharn has brought to the bar in about a year. She also doesn’t fail to mention that when Tharn plays the drums, girls practically throw themselves at him, buying him drinks and stuff.

This if course makes Type jealous but he tries to hide it (barely) when Tharn gets back to the table. Tharn tells Type that P’Jeed asked him if he really views Type as only just a friend. Type is curious what his answer was and in response, Tharn kisses him. Right there. In the bar.

Tharn pulls away and tells Type that he is the friend that he wants to do this with and goes to kiss him again when Type pushes him away. Tharn is confused as to why and Type accuses him of being drunk. Tharn tries to reassure him that he’s not but Type is all flustered and leaves, saying that he wants to go home. Tharn is visibly upset about this and hurt that once again, Type has rejected him.

As the viewer, we can kind of see that Type was enjoying the kiss (because he kissed Tharn back and didn’t even try to stop him) but he is still fearful of his feelings. Not to mention, they were in a public place and Type was probably feeling uncomfortable.

I wish we could know more of what is going on in Type’s head so we can get a better understanding of his emotions and how he is choosing to express them.

Back at the room, Tharn is lying in bed. Type comes out the shower and sits on Tharn’s bed trying to get his attention. Tharn is ignoring him and Type knows he is. Finally he answers him and Type tells him to sleep in the bed with him. And now I’m sitting here like this,

Image result for mmhmm gif

He stays pushing Tharn away but then all of a sudden he wants to be near him and sleep in the bed together. No sex.

So Tharn tells him to “come here” and Type is all too happy to climb in bed and is looking at him like this,

Lolll and seriously, it’s cute and all but…gahh…I wish Type was friendlier and more honest about what’s going on in his head. Like, just tell the truth. “Yea, I like you. But I’m not comfortable being in a legit relationship with you”. What’s wrong with that?? What’s wrong with honesty, people??

Theeennnnn Tharn ruins it by being too clingy lmaoooo and Type hops out the bed with a quickness and gets back in his own bed. *sigh*

The next day Tharn is sulking and Type is actually concerned about it. So this is quite the change up! Type actually cares that Tharn is upset. But we find out that Tharn went home that day and instead of telling him face to face, he left a short note on the dresser between their beds.

At home, we meet Tharn’s older brother and younger sister. They are a musical family and play the piano and stuff. His brother knows that something is bothering Tharn which is why he came home and he has a good feeling that Tharn is having “love issues” again. Spot on, big brother.

The next night, Tharn goes back to the dorm but only to drop off his stuff and then go stay with a friend. Type tries to offer him a Sprite as a secret way of making up but Tharn is indifferent to it and says he’s not thirsty.

I’m not going to lie. I’m liking this sulky and distant Tharn because he was far too eager and clingy before. With this, at least we are seeing that Type actually somewhat cares about Tharn and making him happy.

The next morning, we see Type walking back to the room with an entire bag of Sprites and I am dying laughing! He’s talking about how he’s going to force Tharn to drink the Sprites and that he hopes he dies from diabetes. Like, dang. It’s a bit much don’t ya think, Type? But he pauses right outside his dorm door to ask himself what the heck is he even doing then tries to force himself to believe that he’s by no means trying to make up with Tharn. But we all know he is lol.

So he scatters the Sprites all over Tharn’s bed so when he walks in he sees them. But again he is indifferent to them and tells Type that he doesn’t have to do what he’s doing. Type tells him the same thing and that if he has a problem then he needs to just say it.

Tharn tells him that he should be happy that he’s even acting like this and I mean…he has a point. All Type does is refuse him and after finding out he was gay, he didn’t want to share the same room with him anyway. So Tharn tells him that he’s sleeping over at a friend’s place again and Type stops him by blocking his path.

And can we just pause for a second? Can freakin Type chill out with his height?? Liiikkee why did I never notice that he was taller than Tharn? And now my brain is flying back to the very first episode when Tharn kissed Type in his drunken stupor and his big hands completely swallowed Type’s hands and I just-

Because of that, I had always assumed that Type was smaller but now this scene here and I-

My feelings are conflicted lol.

Angry Tharn.

Tharn keeps trying to get around Type but Type isn’t letting him pass when finally Type shocks the world and kisses Tharn first.

Surprised Tharn

Then Type tries to walk away like nothing happened. But no ho hooooo, Tharn wasn’t letting that happen lol. He pulls him back like “bring me back your face, boy” and now they’re staring at each other like this,

And, well…

TharnType kiss


But then what happens? Type starts enjoying the kiss too much and scares himself so he pushes Tharn away again and goes back to being a big ol’ cranky and basically tells him, “There, you got your kiss. But don’t think I’m making up with you. And don’t be smiling at me.”

Real live reaction of my face when Type said this.

Oh Type…smh.

But our Tharn is used to this particular type of behavior so he smiles and wraps his arms around his waist and is all lovey dovey with Type. Then he goes from 50 to 1000 and tells Type that he can’t live without him and can we just PUMP. THE. BREAKS.

Can’t live without you?? How did we get here? Isn’t this too much? This is too soon, right? Or maybe it’s just me?

Idk. I just know that those are strong words. Very strong words. And I wouldn’t say them to someone unless I had already been dating them for a few years.

Anyway, this makes Type feel all giddy inside so he’s all smiling while Tharn is hugging him from behind.

Then cue the next scene and Tharn has gone right back to overly clingy Tharn and is absolutely alllll over Type. He’s literally a kid in a candy store.

So annoying lmaoooooo

So now Type feels like he was tricked and is darn near cursing Tharn out and kicks him off his bed. But Tharn tells the truth. He was truly hurt that night and really does think of Type as more than just a friend.

And I just – ahhhhh! – I feel for Tharn, I really do. But why oh why does he have to have such strong feelings for Type? Just like Techno said, he feels sorry for Tharn for liking Type and so do I.

After this, Tharn is all happy and asks Type what he is to him. Of course he wants Type to say that he is his boyfriend but instead he says “casual lover”. And instead of knowing his worth and knowing that he is worth more than that, Tharn accepts it and says “that’s better than nothing”. And I swear my eyeroll was so strong I almost got a headache.

Tharn! You are worth more than just being someone’s “casual lover”. Traumatized past or not, no one’s feeling should be toyed with like that. We all know that Type has many internal things to work out and I wish that is something we could see in this series. Such as him going to see a psychologist or a counselor. But I don’t even know if mental health doctors are a thing in Thailand. It could very much be stigmatized. But I wouldn’t know as I am not Thai nor do I live in Thailand. But this casual lovers thing is not okay with me. No.

And Tharn says “well at least this casual lover is yours” and then Type gets all giddy inside and starts smiling. And Tharn is still all happy and starts smiling back. And I’m sitting here like this,

Related image

Annnnd then it all goes downhill from there. Short version:

Tharn, Type, and Techno are having lunch together. Tharn and Type seem to be a happy couple and Techno is curious about it but Tharn and Type dodge the questions. Then Tharn leaves for class and Champ shows up. He invites Type and Techno out for dinner that night but it’s all a set up so that he can introduce Type to his friend, the one that is interested in him. They all go to dinner and Type and the girl end up exchanging Line IDs. That night they flirt a whole bunch, with Type even sending her the kissy faces. He thinks about Tharn for only a split second then anything he feels for him vanishes, he shrugs, and he focuses on flirting with the girl. End of episode.


Episode 6 already looks like it’s going to be dramatic because once again Tharn’s feelings are going to be hurt, and just like before, I am back to feeling over it. This whole back and forth between them is one big roller coaster that I am not really enjoying. I don’t like people like Type. And I just know that if by the end of this series, if Type is not the one doing the chasing, I’m going to freakin scream and this entire series is getting rated a big fat ZERO.

I guess we will just have to see where the next episode takes us.

**EDIT** As of Nov. 11, 2019, I have watched episode 6 and I will no longer be continuing the series or writing reviews for this show. I’m over it.

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    • Anais Naiim

      True. They are all young. I was just annoyed enough to not want to finish. Type bothers me because not only does he say such rude and hurtful things, he also gets ridiculously angry and petty when he gets jealous and just completely goes over the top. I found myself being annoyed with the series more than I was enjoying it so I just decided to move on :/

  • ADI

    Ohhh I didn’t know you had discontinued reviewing the series, I really wanted to read more of your analysis!!!

    Well, I have some views on why Tharn and Type are the way they are. I am a CSA survivor like them and I have pretty much behaved in a similar way as them in my youth (before I got therapy!) so I could not stop watching the train wreck the earlier episodes of ttts were, even though in several places I felt the same frustration of how toxic they both were to each other.

    But then, that’s the harsh reality for a lot of abuse survivors (i speak from experience of course), since we usually enter adult r’ships from harmful lessons learned from our traumatic past. I was glad that at least a minority like me got that kind of representation, instead of being given either a totally tragic end or a too sanguine one…

    If you are ever interested, please check out my charactar analysis threads on the bird app 🙂

    How can Tharn, an out gay, fall in love with a homophobic like Type?

    Type is not the only abuse survivor in TTTS. Tharn had it equally worse, if you think about it.

    An intro into each LGBTQ charactar of TharnType

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