[Our Skyy] Episode 5 – Kongpob & Arthit

I’ve finally watched the last episode of Our Skyy. It’s the finale of the Our Skyy episodes as well as the offical end of SOTUS. This was by far the perfect ending to the SOTUS universe for me. I wasn’t sure if this episode was going to be corny like the others or not. It turns out, this episode touched on something that is actually quite serious in relationships and one that I can personally relate to.

In this episode, it is year 4 of their relationship and Kongpob has graduated from university. He has also applied for a scholarship to study abroad in China (for graduate school, I believe). If he gets the scholarship, he will be going abroad for 2 years. Arthit is super supportive of this and even helps him study and prepare for the application process.

I absolutely loved seeing this supportive side of Arthit. It seems that after his coming out in SOTUS S, he is much more comfortable with showing Kongpob affection. Before, even when they were alone, he would barely allow Kongpob to touch him. It’s so much easier to love someone when you can be yourself.

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After getting accepted for the scholarship, Arthit even throws Kongpob a surprise congratulatory party and invites all their friends to attend. But things turn serious when Arthit starts fearing that 2 years is too long and life can take them anywhere…including away from each other.

Arthit tries to ask around and search online forums about long-distance relationships, but all he is finding is negative outcomes. Ultimately, people choose to break up before one leaves or they end up breaking up over time due to the distance and time differences. Arthit wants to remain supportive but he just can’t shake the feeling that staying together while Kong is abroad will be too hard for them.

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So while Kongpob is finalizing documents for the scholarship, Arthit is still being supportive while hiding his true feelings. There were quite a few times where the thought of not being with Kongpob reduced him to lonely crying sessions. Again, it was so interesting to see this side of Arthit because these are emotions that he has never shown in the SOTUS series. In this episode, I could truly feel that Arthit was in love with Kongpob.

Kongpob can tell that things are bothering Arthit but Arthit doesn’t want to dampen the mood of receiving the scholarship. Instead, he keeps quiet about his sadness. In the meantime, Kong is trying to cherish every moment he has left with Arthit as his departure date is much sooner than anyone ever expected.

But poor Arthit just can’t keep it together. When I tell you that this boy spends A LOT of time crying in this episode, it’s seriously like…half the episode.

So, the night before Kongpob leaves for the airport, he wants to meet with Arthit one last time. Arthit is apprehensive about going but feels he needs to see him face to face so they can end their relationship before he leaves.

When they meet, Kong tries to give Arthit a kiss but Arthit stops him and bursts into tears. He finally tells Kongpob that he thinks they should end their relationship. When Kong asks why, Arthit completely loses himself and pours his heart out.

He tells Kong that he knows because of the distance, they will talk less, they might argue more, and that their love for each other might start to fade away. He doesn’t want to argue with Kongpob and it pains him to think that their love will ever fade away. They have good memories together and he wants to keep those good memories forever. It also hurts him that if Kong were to ever get hurt or fall sick, he won’t be able to be there to take care of him. So he asks him, doesn’t he think they should break up before it ever gets to that point so they can only remember the good things about each other?

While I can understand these feelings, I do not agree with them.

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Kongpob is staring at him in disbelief. But what he says next just highlights why I ever fell in love with him starting from season 1 of SOTUS.

“If I knew that one day we would break up, I would cherish all the time that we had left. I would cook for you until the very last day. I would do everything. Everything that would make you realize how much I loved you, so that I wouldn’t regret anything when that last day came. And if that day ever came…I would look at you and smile…and I would leave. No matter what, I will always love you.”

And yall, I almost burst into tears myself. That was the most beautiful thing anyone could have said in that moment. He didn’t get angry at Arthit for trying to break up with him, he didn’t baby him while he cried, and he didn’t sugarcoat anything.

Arthit is the only one in his heart. Point blank, period.

After this, he tells Arthit what time he has to enter the gate in the morning and that he will wait for him as long as he can. And with that, he walks away, leaving Arthit standing there crying.

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While I did want them to hug or something, I do believe what Kongpob said was important for Arthit to hear. Because once again, Arthit was letting fear rule his emotions and actions. Fear was the big element that gave them so many problems in the previous years of their relationship. I just want to take his face in my hands and tell him, “Sweet child, stop letting fear dominate you and just let love happen. You have an amazing boyfriend. Please just be happy“.

Kongpob stayed strong in front of Arthit so he can say what needed to be said. But when he walks away, that’s when he also breaks down. And once again, my poor heearrttt. I can’t stand seeing them cry. The emotions were high in this one, yall.

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At the airport, it’s looking like Arhtit isn’t going to show up. Kongpob has waited as long as he can and it’s time for him to walk to his gate. As he finally turns to leave, Arthit walks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. Of course Kong is shocked to see him. He held out hope until the very last minute and Arthit finally showed up to see him off.

Arthit apologizes for being late and also for not having confidence in their relationship. But he really took in what Kongpob had said to him and from now on he will cherish every moment of their relationship by making every day count.

Anyway! Kongpob gives him a big bear hug and like always, Arthit gets all squirmish about public displays of affection lol. But Kongpob then presents him with a gift. He pulls out the gift of all gifts: a promise ring!


And lo and behold, Kongpob has a matching one.

In other words, you are mine and I am yours.

Literally all I can do is sigh in happiness for them.

So because Arthit is so moved by Kongpob’s gift and his confidence in their relationship, he sucks up all his courage and kisses his boyfriend right there in the middle of the airport! I swoon!

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And look how cute that smile is afterward!

But guess who surprises Kongpob with a gift in return? Arthit pulls out his passport and a ticket and tells him that he’s going with him! lol. I was 100% not expecting this part. I thought Arthit was gonna go back home and each were going to leave happily. But nope! Arthit pulled out all the stops.

It’s unclear how long he stayed in China with him, but the next time they meet up, 2 years has passed and Arthit is happily waiting for him at the airport to take him home.

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Do you guys know what this means?? This mean that Arhtit and Kongpob have made it to SIX YEARS OF BEING TOGETHER. Omg I love them so much.

I’m sorry for being that person but I need somebody to create a new series, or at least a special episode like this one, where Kong and Arthit get married. Kongpob and Arthit are by far my most favorite couple and I absolutely want them to spend eternity together.

Welp, that’s all for the Our Skyy episodes. Kongpob & Arthit and Pick & Rome were my favorites out of the whole series. But I guess it’s finally time for me to move on. And by “move on” I mean go scour the web for Arthit and Kongpob fanfictions because I love them so much support them in their other acting projects 🙂

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  • Janas006

    I just finished this after watching all of Sotus over the last two weeks. This is my first Thai BL and I am not ok! When they were there at the bridge and almost break up, my heart was breaking for them too. I’ve been long distance and lost relationships because of it before, so I could relate so much to what they were both thinking.

    Really amazing story and characters, brought to life by really talented actors. In my head the absolutely live happily ever after because if you can make it through distance, you can make it through anything.

    • Anais Naiim

      YES! I agree. Long distance is a true test of love. I’m so glad you liked SOTUS! 🙂 It’s absolutely one of my favorites, and Kongpob and Arthit are one of my ultimate favorite on-screen couples.

  • wazup123


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