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[Love By Chance] Episode 5 Recap

Gosh, I have to start getting better at writing up these recaps. The fact of the matter is that even though they are fun, writing them takes so freakin long! But anyway, on to the recap!

So, episode 4 ended with the beautiful first kiss between Ae and Pete, and Pete clutching his chest asking the heavens what the heck is this he is feeling. The fangirl inside me was left wanted to skip down the block, throwing flower petals and skittles and rainbows, screaming “LOVE EXISTS!” But I remained a normal human and just squealed in my room.

Anyway! Episode 5 opens up with Pete exiting the shower. As he goes to take a seat to relax, it is clear that he is thinking about Ae because he quickly starts smiling to himself. He has a couple flashbacks of their kiss in the car and he then says aloud that he likes Ae too and that no matter what he ends up being to Ae, he has already liked him before any of this even happened.

*sigh* Me too, Pete. Me too…

Then he receives a text message that we can only assume is from Ae because it makes him smile and he then goes into another dialogue about how Ae is mean to give him hope like this. Will Ae be one of “those” characters where he denies his feelings just because the love is man to man? Doubt it. But let’s continue.

Cut to Annoying Roommate and Ping. I guess I should stop calling him Annoying Roommate and start calling him by his name which is Pond, but he annoys me so much that Annoying Roommate just rolls right off the tongue…er..fingertips.

So anyway, they are walking to Pond’s room which he shares with Ae and talking about Ae and Pete’s blossoming puppy love that they witnessed at the movie theater. Pond, as nosy as ever, is super interested in what they have going on. He knows that Ae and Pete like each other but Pete is too shy to do anything about it and Ae is confused and feeling lost about these new feelings although he is not denying them. Pond even threatens to lock them in a room together after drugging them in hopes that something will pop off between the two of them. But Ping shuts that idea down and says that it’s too extreme. Thank you, Ping, for once again being the reasonable friend. +2

Pond proceeds to open the door, only to see Ae sitting on the bed waiting for him to enter. Fear strikes again and Ping jets outta there before Pond can even stop him. Pond tries to make a run for it but Ae calls him back. Fortunately for Pond, all Ae wants to do is talk. So they have a little heart to heart with Ae asking if it’s possible for him to actually like someone. But Pond is confused as why that’s even a question. “If you like someone, just go for it.” He tells him. Props to Annoying Roommate for giving the green light even though he knows Ae is not so secretly talking about Pete. +10

But then, once again, he ruins the moment by digging too deep and getting all giggly, asking if Pete confessed which is why Ae is asking all these questions.

Ae kicks him off the bed and pretty much tells him to shut up. He heard what he said in the hallway and despite wanting to talk, he’s not happy about what Pond said. But Pond rejoices about Ae not beating him up and goes to call Ping to let him know he’s still alive. Ae is once again left pondering his feelings for Pete.

Cut to the next scene that only last for about 3 seconds and we meet the random high school girl from before. We find out her name is Chompoo (lol). She is sitting there daydreaming so hard she does not notice her friend Ley (who is Can’s sister) walk up and call her name. When Ley finally has her attention, Chompoo admits to “finally finding the man of her dreams”. Ley is confused and creeped out with how lovey dovey she is being but Chompoo is certain that she has found the guy of her dreams.

So after that, homegirl has found her way to the campus again. Cut to the next scene and Ae is walking with Pond while talking to Pete on the phone. Ae is reassuring Pete that “it’s okay” and that he promised to come pick him up so they can go to breakfast together. After hanging up, Pond jokes about how Ae’s loving smile is hurting his eyes and starts to tease him. Ae gets annoyed and basically throws his whole bike at him lollll. +10

Ae is about to walk away to go find Pete when, *cue Chompoo*. She runs up to stop Ae, talking about “I’ve finally found you” and even calls Ae her hero. Ae is baffled and confused and thinks Pond has something to do with this. So he looks to Pond but Pond is just as confused as the rest of us. Who is this girl and what does she want?

Now Ae has to deal this girl who is basically just a fan because he helped her get her bag. So instead of going to pick up Pete himself, he sends Pond to do it and Pond brings Pete to the canteen where Ae is waiting with his new fan Chompoo. Pond starts teasing all of them about how they can possibly think Ae is a hero and homegirl gets all clingy talking about how Ae really is a hero and she really likes him.

Like, girl. You don’t even know him. He grabbed your bag, told you to be careful, and walked away. And now you’re in love??? -5.

So of course Pete is witnessing all this because he is sitting right there at the table and we can see that he is starting to feel sad and thinking about some things. Chompoo rattles on about how she has been looking for Ae for an entire week checking all parts of the campus including going back to the place she first saw him. She truly wants to thank him for saving her for whatever reason. Then she blatantly asks him to be her boyfriend.

Like….???? GIRL!

Of course Pond finds this hilarious and starts laughing and gets back to his teasing, but now is not the time. Pete is sad and Ae now thinks that Pond put this girl up to this for jokes and laughs.

my poor squishy bean 🙁
*glares at Pond*

So homechick finally leaves after her friend calls her on the phone but before leaving, she assures Ae that she will come back for his answer. She cheerily says goodbye to everyone (not noticing how awkward things have become) and skips off. Ae wastes no time lighting into Pond about what has just happened.

But Pond is just as confused as them and tries to assure him that he had nothing to do with it this time around. Pete, not wanting to show that he is feeling sad, decides to ask why Ae doesn’t believe that the girl really likes him since she seems genuine.

Ae is taken aback by this question. I would be too honestly. You mean to tell me, I just made out with you in your car and you have the nerve to ask me about this girl?? Come on Pete. But we know he is just trying to cover up his own feelings since he is still shy about being openly gay. Pond senses the awkwardness and instead of being nosy this time, he chooses to skedaddle.

Now it’s just Ae and Pete and the tension is high. Ae is not happy in the least that Pete had the nerve to ask that question.

Pete tries to be all nice and say the girl has a good reason to like Ae and that Ae has so much potential. It’s easy for people to like him. For that reason, he can’t blame the girl for liking him. But Ae wants to know what he is thinking but Pete plays dumb and says “I think she really likes you.” Ae presses on and says “What about you?” But once again, Pete plays dumb and says “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” which was definitely the wrong thing to say. Even I felt a little hurt that he is now insinuating that their kiss meant nothing and that he does not feel any romantic feelings for Ae. -10

Ae hits the table with his fists and comes close to losing his temper. He storms off to go get their food but not before letting Pete know that he knows what he’s doing and he doesn’t like being pushed away.

Cue the sad music and the almost tears.

Cut to Pond who is still on Ae’s bike. As he is riding, who does he see? None other than Barista Girl! I guess I should start calling her by her name too which is ChaiAim. So he’s calling out to her as he is riding and not paying attention and ends up crashing himself into a tree. Although she is annoyed she goes over to see if he is okay and helps clean up his wound.

Pond is still as mouthy as ever but cupid has struck and he is looking at ChaiAim like this.

Annoying Roommate is falling in loooovvveeee!! +20

But Barista Girl starts feeling all strange with the staring and presses hard on his wound and gets up. He goes right back to teasing her and she goes right back to being annoyed. After sharing a few more teases, she ends up leaving but not before Pond drops a hint that he is actually interested in her. We can see that she is shocked but walks away anyway. Pond is left standing, staring after her basking in his developing feelings for her.

Honestly, even though Pond is super annoying, what they have going on is actually really cute. I don’t like you, Pond, but I’m rooting for your romance! +10 again.

So Pond rushes back to the dorm after his class to gush to Ae about his encounter with ChaiAim. He’s pouring out all his feelings and swooning over her but Ae is too occupied checking his phone. Pond gets annoyed that Ae is not as enthusiastic as he is over his little encounter and asks him if he’s mad at Pete.

Apparently time has passed since their encounter with the high school girl and Pete has been skipping breakfast with him for a few days. Ae is clearly pissed about it but keeps saying he’s not. Pond tries to cheer him up but does a poor job and Ae ends up leaving to go for a walk to be alone. He checks his phone again and starts yelling at the screen that he’s not mad at Pete. He just doesn’t like being pushed away to be someone else’s boyfriend.

Which…is understandable. It’s one thing to just say “hey, I don’t really like you in that way.” but to insinuate that you don’t when you do and then try to set him up with someone else is pretty hurtful.

The next scene, Pete is with Tin working on some homework or something but nothing important was really said so…off to the next scene!

We meet Ae on the soccer fields setting up for practice or a game, I’m not really sure. And Can, the annoying whiner that helped save Pete, is helping him set up some cones. He notices that Ae is not really in a good mood and asks if he’s okay. But Ae doesn’t really get to answer because Can doesn’t stop talking long enough to get one.

Two of the soccer captains, No and Type come over to tell them to go buy some water for the team but of course Can wants to whine about this too. Eventually, he and Ae go off to buy some water. After buying water, they are heading back to the fields when Ae remembers something about Pete. He drops the water and runs off to Pete’s building, leaving Can alone with four huge gallons of water that he can’t carry by himself.

Ae meets Pete at his car just as he is about to get in it with Tin, his angry friend. Ae asks to talk to Pete but instead of giving them some privacy, Tin just plops himself against the car to wait…with an attitude. Ae proceeds to ask Pete why he is mad at him and skipping breakfast with him. Pete tries to lie and say no reason but Ae calls him out and says “your face says otherwise.”

At this, Tin is all ears and continues to watch and listen. Pete tries to assure Ae that he is not mad and wonders of he has been having breakfast with Chompoo instead. Wrong thing to say, Pete, smh. So of course this makes Ae upset and he blatantly states that he is not Chompoo’s boyfriend and he has nothing to do with her. He wants to have breakfast with Pete and that’s it.

Honestly, I just love Ae’s blunt nature. He doesn’t care who is around; he’s going to say what he has to say and do what he has to do. +10

But freakin Tin inserts himself into the conversation by telling Pete not to trust him and that Ae is fake and lying to him because Pete is rich and Ae is “poor” and he only wants to take advantage of him. But Pete gets upset at this and actually fires back that Ae is not like that at all and that Tin needs to watch his mouth. Tin says some other disrespectful ish and right now I’m just ready for him to get a grip on his life and go away. Ae has had enough and now they’re having a staring contest of who can glare the hardest.

Now, cue fast talking Can, who has carried the four gallons of water all the way to them. He drops them and is mad that Ae left him alone. But now isn’t the time for his whining and complaining since he showed up while tensions are high. Can ends up asking Pete for a ride back to the fields so he won’t have to carry the heavy water so far and Pete agrees.

But of course this sets off Tin again and he starts mouthing off again, saying really disrespectful ish like calling them poor and dirty. Like, seriously, good byyyyyeee Tin. -5

Can gets all pissed off and is completely ready to start swinging on him but Ae holds him back and tells him to be easy, he’s not worth it. Pete still agrees to take them back to the fields and apologizes for Tin’s behavior and the things he said.

We follow Tin for a change as he gets home to his mansion. He takes out a large envelope and pulls out some documents and pictures. We see that it’s pictures of Crazy Villain and lots of papers with information on them. Tin wonders aloud how Pete can wind up knowing such a person. And now I’m curious too. How is Tin even able to get this information on Crazy Villain? Is Villain going to make another appearance on the show? I sure hope not because he was freakin crazy.

In the next scene we finally get some time with some different characters. It’s night time and Type (the soccer captain) is sitting outside the music building waiting. As he waits, he is on the phone with his boyfriend Tharn. Not too long after he hangs up the phone, Tum exits the music building, and here we are, back with the love rectangle.

Tum sees Type but tries to walk on without speaking but Type calls him back. Type tells him that he received an email from Tharn’s brother, Tar (his stepbrother). Tum doesn’t want to admit it but he is curious as to what the email said. Since Tar is currently studying abroad, they don’t get to talk that often.

Type tells him that it seems that Tar still has feelings for his boyfriend and Type is NOT having it. He straight up tells him that he told Tar to essentially back off and to not do anything that he will regret. It is very obviously a threat. And I mean, can you really blame him? He was definitely dragged into this love rectangle unknowingly and unwillingly. Props to him for sticking up for his relationship instead of just letting things happen. +5

For those that need a reminder (because it’s freakin complicated) this love rectangle consists of Tharn, Type, Tum and Tar. The four T’s.

Tum and Tar are stepbrothers, brought together through the marriage of their parents. There is no blood relation.

Tum is secretly in love with Tar only it’s not much of a secret because Type knows about it.

Tharn and Type are currently boyfriends.

Tharn used to date Tar but they broke up.

Tar still has feelings for Tharn and has still been contacting him. Type does not like this for obvious reasons.

Type now dislikes Tum because of his association with Tar. Now that he knows that Tum actually likes Tar and is doing nothing about it, he likes to hold that over his head. Especially since he is allowing Tar to continue to contact Tharn.

That’s all we know for now.

Anyway. Type says what he has to say and leaves Tum standing like this. And now we’re off to the next scene.

The next scene opens up with Pete on the phone with Pond and we see that Pete has his web browser open looking at soccer cleats. He had asked Pond earlier was there anything that Ae had been wanting lately because he wants to get him a thank you gift for all the help he has been giving and plus just being an all around good friend. I kind of like that Pond is an accomplice in this secret Ae gift thing. +2

So pond agrees to check Ae’s shoe size when he’s not around and they get off the phone. Then Pete’s mom comes in his room and they discuss the possibility of Pete getting his own apartment since he is an adult now. She is worried about him having to drive back home late at night and also thinks that he might want to do things that he doesn’t want his mother to know about. Especially with Ae. Yo, shout out to mom for knowing when to give space and not being all overly protective and unreasonable. +20

Now we’re back to Kengkla and Nic. They haven’t made an appearance for a while so as a reminder, Nic is No’s (the soccer captain) younger brother. Kengkla is his friend who is obsessed with No for some reason.

Nic is out on the balcony on video chat with Keng. He is filming a car because Keng wants to know who is inside of it. Someone has given No a ride home and Keng gets all jealous and nosy and pays Nic to film for him. But neither of them can see and the whole thing is a waste. Nic gets caught by his brother but No is so dimwitted he believes Nic’s lies and goes in the house. Once again, Keng vows to make No his wife and Nic is annoyed and hangs up the phone.

This is Nic. Kengkla is on the phone.

Next, we are back with Can and the third football captain, Champ. They are walking to go get food while talking about how Can got kicked out of cheering practice and assigned to another activity because he wouldn’t stop singing the incorrect words to their faculty song. Honestly, Champ is a cutie that absolutely never stops smiling and the whole time Can was complaining, I was staring at Champ. So here is some Captain Champ appreciation. +20

While walking and talking, Can spots Tin waiting to get on an elevator. Can decides to go over and finish what Tin started by confronting him. They have words but Tin gets the last say before getting on the elevator and leaving Can piss fire mad.

But leave it to Can to wait until the elevator doors close to truly start mouthing off with threats and name calling and whatever else comes out his mouth. He’s going off and even though Champ agrees that Tin is a big fat a-hole, HE DOESN’T STOP SMILING lol.

I’m convinced he just doesn’t know how to lol. But I’m not complaining because look at how perfect his teeth are. Look how pretty that smile is! +10

Anyway. Now we are back to Pete in his room at night. He has finally recieved his order for the new soccer cleats that he bough for Ae. He is excited yet nervous and wonders if Ae will like the new playing shoes. While I do think it’s nice that he wanted to surprise Ae with the shoes, I have a bad feeling about it. Just based off of Ae’s personality, he doesn’t seem like the kind of person to accept gifts from people. But I guess we’ll see.

And that’s it for this recap! I definitely didn’t award many points for this episode because most of it just seemed like filler. It wasn’t bad and I wasn’t bored or anything, but this was definitely a bridging episode so that more of the story can develop later on. Lets take a look at the random points counter.

Random Points Counter:

  • Ping being the reasonable friend +2
  • Pond telling Ae to just “go for it” if he likes someone +10
  • Ae throwing his bike at Pond for being annoying +10
  • Annoying Chompoo being in love with Ae -5
  • Pete lying about his feelings for Ae for the sake of Chompoo -10
  • Annoying Roommate being bitten by the love bug +20
  • Supporting Pond being bitten by the love bug +10
  • Ae being blunt and telling Pete he wants to have breakfast with him, not Chompoo +10
  • Tin being angry and disrespectful to Ae -5
  • Type protecting his relationship with his bf +5
  • Pond being an accomplice in the secret gift buying +2
  • Pete’s mom giving him his space and just being an awesome mom +20
  • Champ being freakin cute +20
  • Champ’s pretty smile +10

Total: 99

Wow. Didn’t even break 100 points. Anyways. I’ll try not to wait so long to finish my recaps. But in the meantime, if you are new here, start from the beginning!

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