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[Theory of Love] Episode 2

Okay so right off the bat, I just have to say, Khai is freakin stupid lolllll. I was much more interested in this episode than I was in the first one. In the first episode, Khai was just acting like a horrible person all around. He was a terrible boyfriend and he was a terrible friend. But in this episode, Khai seems to have a change of heart in how he has been behaving and is more interested in slowing down and no longer bouncing around from girl to girl. He says he is tired of being with girls that don’t really love him. 

Which…this is great and all. But I would have much rather he reflect upon himself and his own actions. He didn’t love those girls either and constantly cheated on the girls he was with. He toyed with their emotions (the ones that were actually into him) and led them on, yet he never even acknowledged this. Instead he put the blame on them which I did not like.  

Anyway. It has come to light that Third has feelings for Khai. Two, another guy in Khai and Third’s friend group, is super gung-ho about helping Third confess to Khai and it is honestly the most hilarious thing ever. Two is trying soooo hard to create situations where Third can confess his feelings but the situations turn out to either be stupid and far from discreet or too romantic and Third chickens out. 

And I mean, can we really blame Third?? He’s been friends with the guy for three years. Of course it will be weird! Imagine your close friend of three years suddenly admitting that they love you and has loved you since forever, when you have never thought about them in a romantic way before. It’s weird! And the relationship will probably be awkward now. So, I feel for Third, I really do. 

Two tries to point any conversation about relationships towards Third but Khai never gets the hint. Third has even romantically confessed to Khai in the cutest way possible and stupid Khai thought Third was trying to give him ideas about how to get back with his ex-girlfriend. Like, what the frik, Khai… 

No, stupid. He’s not…

So, then they resort to just being completely shameless and having Third lie about not being able to afford his rent so that he can live with Khai. Two thinks that if Third and Khai spend even more time together and get really close, Khai will magically realize his feelings for Third and they can live happily ever after. And well…it took a while, but it worked lol. Third now lives with Khai. At first Bone offered his place for Third. But since his apartment was absolutely disgusting, Khai offered his place. His place is extremely big anyway so it’s apparent that Khai has moneeyyyyy. Homie ain’t starving, that’s for sure. 

I have a feeling their other friend, Bone, has an idea of what is going on. Third has been doing a great job of keeping his feelings a secret from everyone. But Two makes it all so darn obvious that I think Bone is starting to catch on. He seems mostly confused but still suspicious lol. 

Like I mentioned before, Khai seems to have had a change of heart in how he behaves and the relationships he’s been having. He can still be a jerk of a friend, but he’s notably a much nicer jerk? If that makes any sense lol. For instance, he did not offer his place for Third to stay whatsoever when Third first announced that he had no money and was getting kicked out. That’s a jerk move in my opinion. 

Idk about you guys, but if I saw my close friend of three years crying in my face with no where to go and I had a huge apartment with extra rooms, I would offer my place for them to stay. Being that they are my best friend of three years, that means I trust them, right? And Khai knows that Third is clean because he has slept over at his place before and he also knows that Third is responsible. So, yea, I would offer my place but Khai didn’t! He just watched Third cry then didn’t offer his place until they all saw the disgusting pigsty that Bone was living in. 

Roaches, yall. ROACHES!

But overall, Khai is much nicer in this episode and seems…softer? I’m not sure how to describe it. He’s no longer coming off as a hard playboy. He’s becoming a better friend more than anything else and really seems to be slowing down. But this is only the second episode, so I know I still have a lonnnggg journey ahead of me lol. 

There are quite a few moments where it seems like Khai likes third back. He’ll look at him lovingly or he will say something that will make me think maybe he does think of third in a romantic manner sometimes. But then the moment is lost either due to Khai feeling awkward and changing the subject, or him being stupid and just not realizing what he is saying or what that moment could mean to someone who likes him.

I am thankful for the comedy that the writers and directors are including in this series. It’s a relief from all the internal pain that Third is going through. At least for me it is. Because I can relate to having a one-sided love that lasted for a couple years. It’s painful, it’s stressful, and at times it makes you feel like you’re going completely insane. And yes, you will cry.  A LOT! 

I remember when I was finally over this person and my mom told me one day, “you seem happier now”. She didn’t know the extent of my feelings for this person and I didn’t tell her my newfound contentment was because I had finally moved on with my life and was no longer crying over someone that didn’t love me back and never would. One-sided love is so hard and there is no guarantee that they will return your feelings even if you do confess. So, yea…I relate to Third. 

At the end of this episode, we get a short interaction with Bone and a woman that walks in his coffee shop right before closing time. She is an older woman, but he is 100% infatuated with her and I have a feeling that they will have a side story in the series. She is very mature and seems like a likable person so hopefully her personality will make Bone want to grow up and take relationships seriously. Bone is someone that would rather have flings and hookups than a serious relationship. 

So, I guess we will just have to see where this goes. Right off the bat though, as soon as she walked in the shop, I felt she was too good for Bone. That probably sounds really mean but boys like Khai, Bone, and Two are very immature and mostly only want one thing. Bone is young and just wants to play around and have a good time, whatever that means. This woman was exactly that: a woman. She has a steady job and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I hate seeing girls (or boys) with genuine feelings fall into the trap of guys like Bone, Two, and Khai, although Two seems to be the better of the three. With that being said, I am ready to see their personal and emotional growth in this series. 

On to the next one! 

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