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[The Stranded] Episode 4

Soooooo…episode 4 happened and I am now an emotional wreck. I was not expecting the sudden emotional turn of this show. All I want to do right now is get under my covers, roll over, and stare at the wall. The show still has three more episodes and honestly I’m just…I’ll be okay…maybe.

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A loooottt went down in this episode and many secrets have come to light. Everything is blurring the lines between what is good and what is bad. Lines have been crossed and many characters now seem to be morally gray. Things aren’t as simple as strictly being black or white.


In the previous episode, Ice went on a high and drunken rampage and ended up getting himself beat up. I mentioned that he might possibly be a murderer but there is more to the story than him just being an evil douche.

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After recovering from his beating, Ice is on edge and apologizes to Nahm for being so mean to her when she told him she can sense his bad karma. He takes her karma sensing abilities as a sign that she can help him so he asks her if she is able to perform an exorcism on him. At first she is very put off by the idea. She is not a witch and doesn’t even know where to start if she were to perform one.

Ying saw them talking and asks her what they were chatting about. Nahm tells her everything and Ying asks her if she’s going to perform the exorcism. Once again, Nahm says no and that she doesn’t know how to. Ying tells her “but Ice doesn’t know that” and proceeds to raise her eyebrows in a challenge. Nahm smiles at the idea and they both go off to try and play this little trick on Ice.

But things stop being all fun and games once the “exorcism” starts. While Ice is lying down, “letting his chakras guide him”, he ends up admitting the terrible thing that took place and has been haunting him. We find out that one night, Ice was driving drunk and hit a person, killing them instantly. Out of fear, he drove off, leaving the person in the road.

When he gets home, he gets slapped around by his father a bit and Ice says that he will turn himself in. But his father forbids him from doing so. Instead, he will make some calls to make the situation go away (because, you know, that’s what people with money and power do). This does not sit well with Ice for obvious reasons but how can he go against his own father? This guilt has been eating at him ever since it happened.

When he’s done telling his story, he’s crying and he opens his eyes and asks if “it’s gone now” – meaning the bad karma that has been surrounding him. Nahm takes his hand and tells him yes. Ying was secretly watching the whole thing and is silently crying too.

I really think this scene was important for Ice. Although the “exorcism” was fake, having Ice admit to what happened and ask to be cleansed from his wrongdoing, Ice was able to finally feel relief. And also, in a way, find the forgiveness he has internally been seeking. None of this makes up for what his father did, of course. But as a young teenager currently trapped on an island, who was only following the commands of his father, this is the best that he can get. I wish him the best for the rest of the episodes.

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Professor Lin

Professor Lin creeps me out. Hands down, she is the strangest character and actually seems pretty dangerous. I wish I could post a picture of her but there are no pictures that I can find of her from the series online and Netflix does not let you screen capture. So please bare with me.

Professor Lin does not seem to be the same person she was before the big tsunami happened. She’s eerie, she’s strange, she’s mean, and I think some of the kids are starting to fear her. She seems to know more about the island than she is letting on. She also seems to possibly be connected to the images that Kraam has been drawing from his dreams.

At one moment in the episode, Ying and Nahm find her listening to the recordings that Arisa and Ying had been listening to before. Only the recording is completely different now. When Ying and Arisa listenend to it, it was a traditional Thai poem that had been rewritten. But now when the professor is listening to it, it is an English speaking man who is lost on the island documenting his journey in case someone finds his tapes.

Professor Lin gets all bent out of shape that someone has been tampering with the recordings but when Ying tells her that she only heard a poem, the professor takes the recorder with her and leaves without another word. Ying and Nahm are left confused and debating on whether or not they should try and get the recorder back.

I wonder if Professor Lin was sent to the kids by the island. Because when she was taken back to her villa, she was acting like she did not really recognize anything and immediately started flipping through the school yearbook. She searched for her own picture and saw that she was the science professor. Then she spent a lot of time staring at Kraams picture on the next page.

Idk man…it’s all weird. I don’t have a good feeling about her at all.

Kraam & May

Kraam and May took a huge jump in the development of their relationship and aahhhhh! My heart aches for them. It really does but I can not condone their relationship because May already has a boyfriend. But now she has officially cheated on Anan and I just…

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I’m disappointed. And I don’t know how to put my feelings into words. Do I ship Kraam and May? Absolutely. But lines have been crossed and there is no going back now.

Kraam took May on another fun adventure where she could let her hair down and simply be herself. This particular beach he took her to is a special place for Kraam because not many people know about it. It is also the sight of many of the images that show up in his dreams.

May, on the otherhand, has never been to such a beautiful place nor has she ever jumped off a cliff into water (Kraam had her do this for fun, to take her to the hidden beach. They had to swim there). She even sang for Kraam when he asked her to. I repeat: SHE SANG FOR HIM.

And she has a pretty voice too. While she was singing, all the fireflies came out and the moment was so sweet and so beautiful to see her feel some type of freedom and to be comfortable enough to do something she has wanted to do since she was young. Sing. After her song, she and Kraam shared a very passionate kiss and I am not lying when I say my chest ached for them.

I like Kraam and I like May. I want them to be happy. And I want them to be happy together. But again, boundaries have been crossed and Anan is still her boyfriend.

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Arisa is still out in the woods and is quite possibly already losing her mind. It’s hard to tell if she was dreaming or hallucinating because being lost in the woods has made her an unreliable narrator. While wandering around, she runs into a girl named Mint.

Arisa and Mint have a history. Arisa seems to feel like Mint stole a guy named James (?) from her. But Mint believes that Arisa was dumped for her instead. Mint starts off nice, but as she leads Arisa further and further into the woods, she becomes meaner and scarier.

It turns out that Mint is not even alive. She is the dead girl in the flashbacks that Arisa gets occasionally. Arisa, being good with technology, hacked Mint’s photos and did something so that the entire school could see. Only, Arisa made a mistake and ended up hacking all the student’s accounts. I am not sure if it was their school accounts or social media accounts. It was never clarified. But because of the shame and embaressment of this, Mint killed herself.

So now I see it. Arisa had a boyfriend. Said boyfriend leaves Arisa and starts dating Mint. Arisa now doesn’t like Mint. When an opportunity comes around to get some sort of revenge, she takes it. Only she is not careful and it goes too far. Then Mint kills herself because of it. Now everyone hates Arisa and bullies her.


Arisa ends up falling off a small cliff in the woods and hurting herself so that she can’t really move. Now she is trapped in the woods at night with no one that can hear her cries for help. I fear for her and have no idea what will happen to her now.

Krit & Jack

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Jack, my poor baby, Jack. His leg has officially turned black, he has a fever, and is losing color in his face. He has rings around his eyes, can’t stop sweating from the fever, and his mouth is a completely different color than the rest of his pale face.

Jan and Krit are in Jack’s room with him to keep him company. Jan is telling them that she isn’t going to sew today because she wants to keep Jack company. But Krit tells her that she should continue to help because they need the sail for the boat to get Jack some help. Before she returns to sewing, Jack tells her that he loves her. Once she is gone, he turns to Krit and tells him to “do it”.

At this point we get a flashback of a very happy Krit and Jack. Jack is a writer and is working on a story. Krit is in his room with him waiting for him to hurry and finish because he wants to spend some time with him. They are so sweet and gentle with each other that I can’t help but fall for them.

After some talking and passive persuading, Krit gets Jack to stop working and give him some much needed attention and kisses. As the viewer, we can see that they are truly happy together.

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Image result for the stranded krit and jack

Flash back to the present and Krit is giving Jack a very tearful kiss as he takes out some pills. There was a scene earlier where Krit sneaks into the infirmary and snags a bottle of pills. I knew right away what their deal was. When Jack is ready to die, Krit is to give him the pills so that he can overdose and die painlessly.

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The type of pills that Krit stole is called Midazolam. Midazolam is used as a sedative. It makes the user feel relaxed and sometimes sleepy. It can decrease anxiety and ones memory of getting a procedure done, such as surgery. Too much of it can slow breathing and lead to death. It is painless and is often used with patients that are terminally ill or nearing the end of their life.

So this was their secret plan and I can’t stop myself from tearing up as I watch Krit tearfully feed Jack the pills one by one. And soon, Jack is gone.

It leaves the question: If your loved one was slowly dying and in constant pain, and they asked you to kill them to relieve them of their agony, would you do it? Could you do it? If you were the one slowly dying, would you put your loved one in a difficult position and ask them to end your life?

My Thoughts

I feel very sad after watching this episode and even though I wrote this entire blog post, I still feel like I can’t get my head together. Lots of morally gray situations in this episode and it really makes me think.

I am worried for Krit because I have a feeling it’s going to get out that Jack did not just die, Krit aided in his death. Not to mention, that after Jack finally passed on, Krit stepped outside to cry and toss the pills over a cliff. Only, Professor Lin was creepily watching from her window. I don’t know if she could see inside Jack’s room and witness the whole thing, but she definitely saw him toss the pills and break down crying.

Instead of looking worried that a student was crying and looked to be in mental pain, she just stood there glaring. It was all so….weird.

So I have no idea where the next episode will lead us. Will Arisa die in the woods or will someone find her? Will May break up with Anan? What will happen to Krit now that Jack has passed away? What the heck is going on with Professor Lin??

Soooo many questiooonnsss.

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