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[Dark Blue Kiss] Episode 10 & 11

OOOOOMMMGGGG!!! YOU GUYYSSS. When I say things have gotten waaaayyyyy out of hand, yikes they have completely gone way too far! It’s killing me to even be writing this review right now instead of watching episode 12. I didn’t think I could get any more pissed off than I already was, but I was wrong about myself. Let’s get into this.

Pete & Kao

Pete and Kao are still in Struggle Bus City. Apparently some months have passed since the big blow up between them in the last episode and things are getting worse and worse. Well, not for Pete. Aside from being sad and missing Kao but still being angry, life is very good for Pete. He’s doing well in school and secured an internship at an international company where he will be using his English skills. All without the help and connection of his father. Go Pete!

Kao on the other hand, his life is in complete shambles. ALL BECAUSE OF THAT BITCH ASS LITTLE BRAT, NON! Omg please forgive my language but I am so pissed! But, sadly, I am not surprised. Kao brought all of this upon himself for staying quiet about everything for so long and just allowing things to happen. He let Non get away with far too much and now Non has gone way too far.

One night, Non was out drinking with his friend and got far too drunk. That friend called Kao to come get him and take him home because he was too scared to call Non’s dad. Kao didn’t want to, but since he prides himself in being nice, he did it as a tutor taking care of his student. After dropping Non off in his room, Non told Kao that he liked him. Kao rejected him…again.

But then Non gets ballsy and tries to come on to him by grabbing Kao and hugging him. Kao tries to get Non off of him but the scuffle causes them to fall on the bed on top of each other. Then Non’s dad burst through the doors and demands to know what’s happening. Instead of explaining, Kao tells Non’s dad to ask Non what happened, then straight up dips!

Bad decision.

Why? Because Non straight up lied about what happened. He tells his father that Kao followed him home that night and tried to come on to him in his room. This lie causes a chain reaction of bad thing after bad thing after bad thing. Non’s dad basically accuses Kao of sexual assault; all of Kao’s students (except for a few) cancel their tutoring sessions with him because of this; someone posts an article about how Kao sexually harasses students and spreads the post around; Kao loses his job at the tutoring center he was working at; and he doesn’t receive any of the internships he applies for due to his now tarnished reputation.

Kao’s life has been completely ruined all because this lunatic of a kid told a lie and refuses to tell the truth. Non even has the audacity to try and apologize to Kao but in the same breath tells him that there is no way he can tell the truth because he doesn’t want to get in trouble by his dad.

WHAT KIND OF IMMATURE FOOLISHNESS IS THIS??? You will ruin someone’s entire life all because you are scared of your dad???

At this point, I can’t breathe because I’m so mad.

And I don’t want to rub it in Kao’s face but YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF, KAO! None of this would have happened if you had just believed Pete – your boyfriend of three muhhfuggin years! – instead of keeping silent and trying to be “nIiiCcE”. Because look where it has gotten you. Jobless and with a soiled reputation.

Kao finally speaks out about it and tells the truth from his perspective and now Non’s dad is calling him the liar and threatening to take it all to the police. And who is sitting by and allowing it all to happen? Non. Bitch ass Non.

Again, I am sorry for my cursing. Even I am surprised at the rage this show has invoked inside me omg.

This is more than “a little white lie” to not get in trouble by a parent. This has completely ruined someone’s career, relationship, and reputation. Basically his entire life and that is completely unacceptable and unforgivable.

The only good thing going for Kao right now is that he finally admitted to his mom that he’s gay and she still loves and accepts him. But did it really need to come to this? Did his life have to be ruined in order for him to finally admit that he’s gay?? Smh…

Sun & Mork

*sigh* I had hope for Sun and Mork so episode 10 and almost all of episode 11 was hard to watch. It’s been months and they both are still not talking to each other. Sun found out the truth about what happened that night through Rain and has been trying to get Mork to talk to him so he can apologize but Mork really isn’t having it.

It started off funny, with Sun trying to get Mork’s attention again and Mork playing hard to get. But then it got to be too much and I felt like Mork was being very cold. I understand how both of them feel about what happened but Mork’s feelings ran deeper than just being upset that Sun didn’t let him explain.

One night at a bar (what the heck is with these bars? I’m over it) Sun goes after Mork to try talking to him again but Mork really isn’t having it with him. He’s being so cold to Sun that I felt myself getting irritated with him and starting not to like him. Things go to shit when Sun attack-kisses him and Mork full on punches him in the face!

So now Sun is screaming at Mork asking him if he’s happy now and why does he always have to solve everything with violence. Then Mork lets it out. Sun is the reason he has always had to resort to violence. Every time he got into a fight, every time he got hurt, every time things went wrong, it was because he was trying to protect Sun. Which….for the most part, this is very true.

Mork might be hotheaded and violent, but he is also loyal and protective of the people he cares about. Even though absolutely all his fights were not because of Sun, they were indeed because he was protecting someone. Every. Single. Time.

“I only did it to protect you!”

And it took until he yelled this at Sun for me to realize this too. So now I can completely understand why Mork was so cold and fed up with Sun. But I wish he had said something sooner. What is with these characters and staying silent instead of speaking the truth?? Jeez!

So Rain is caught in the middle of all this because Sun is his brother and Mork is his best friend. He gets fed up too and tells them to either make up or break up because he’s tired of being the middle man. And while I find Rain annoying, I couldn’t help but laugh and agree, poor thing. He was trapped in the middle of them before they even realized their feelings for each other lol.

But they finally do make up and hook up too. And honestly it’s super sweet.

But they are still not official boyfriends yet even though Sun wants to be. Mork is making him work for it and I am living for it! LOL. A couple of smooches and a sweet and sexy time does not automatically make you his boyfriend, Sun. Keep trying, darling.

But I have no doubt that Mork will eventually be won over and say yes.

Rain & Manow

Manow has officially been rejected by Mork and Rain has not given up yet. He really likes Manow and now that she has been rejected, she is starting to realize just how sweet, attentive, and funny Rain really is. I can’t say I am too invested in their relationship, and at this point, there is only one more episode so there is no time to see any development between them anyway. But alas, I am happy for them.

Whew! That was a lot. One more episode to go and I don’t know if I’m ready for it or not.

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