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[The Stranded] Episode 7 – The Finale

So I finally finished this darn series and this was my face by the time the ending credits rolled,

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What frikken type of ending was that?? It seriously feels like the series was cut in half just to see how well it will do, then call the second half “season 2”.



Thats’s 7 episodes of 45-50 minutes a piece of my life that I won’t get back! I had a feeling this series was going to end on a cliffhanger and boy was I right. I should have stopped after the first few episodes.

In this episode, absolutely everything goes to shit. Everyone turns evil and tries to kill everyone. Anan is the angry leader of everyone and the rest of the students are blindly following. The only good ones left are May, Kraam, Ying & Ice, Nahm, and Arisa and her two friends that came to rescue her from the woods. Everyone else has lost their freakin minds. This show quickly turned into a Lord of The Flies type of movie and I hate movies like that. So, that should tell you how I feel about this series now that it’s over.

Kraam is still trying to figure out who he his and the mystery that is his birth parents. The Creepy Fake Professor Lin leads him to what she called a “gate” that is to take him to someplace so that he can learn about himself. Only, he finds the gate and all it does it take him to another side of Thailand. A group bandits find him and are about to kill him, but one of the girls in the group recognizes him so they don’t kill him. Then one of the guys takes off his face mask and who is it???

Joey. The guy that died (who the students also burned after his death!!) from the first episode! And nooowwwww I’m sitting here like this,

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Nothing. Makes. Sense.

And the only good guys left in show are now all split up. Kraam went through the gate. May got captured again and Anan tied her up so she can’t get away…again. The two friends that went to find Arisa got captured, but one got away. He’s all alone running in random directions in the woods. The other one is scared for his life back in the mob of crazy students. Lastly, Arisa, Nahm, Ying, and Ice ran away into the woods together and will try to come back for their friends when they have a better plan.

Where is Kraam now? I have no idea. What happened to the rest of Thailand after the tsunami? Who knows. What about Krit? As far as we know, he’s still somewhere on the island. There are just far too many loose ends that were never tied up and I’m annoyed. There is no word on wether or not there will be a season 2, at least, not to my knowledge.

I honestly have no interest in watching a season 2 anyway because I hate the concept of a gang of kids that kill first, think irrationally, are super controlling, and then ask questions later. That’s not my thing. I’m annoyed at this series. Was it interesting? Yes…until we got to episode 6. That’s when it got confusing and weird and then episode 7 didn’t clarify anything so….

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If you like series that end on a cliffhanger, then by all means, give this series a try. But if you are like me and enjoy your series to have closure, then I would advise you to skip this series.

On that note, I’m going back to BL.

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