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[TharnType] Episode 4


What am I doing still watching this show? Idk. Your guess is as good as mine.

I’m stating right now that this is most likely going to be the last episode I write a review on. This show is just not going the way I thought it would. At all. Like, I actually just want to go rewatch Trapped. At least that show had a good script. At least that show had a good storyline. And at least that show had likable characters and a great romance.

So anyway. This episode starts off still dealing with the after effects of Type lashing out at those two gay dudes and how the university hates him now. Techno is sitting at the computer reading all the comments and posts on the university forum. Then he turns to Type and basically tells him that all of this is his fault and he should have just apologized to those two that invaded his personal space, groped him, and refused to take ‘no’ for an answer.

When Type tells Techno that ‘no means no’, Techno has the nerve to get pissed off. And I mean, really pissed off. He ends up going off on a rant about how Type was wrong and he’s only trying to help him and that Type says no to everything so he just doesn’t know what to do for him anymore. Then he storms out.

Image result for confused obama gif
*real live image of my confusion at his outburst*

Liiiikkeee, what?? First of all, Techno, YOU WERE THERE! You know exactly why Type got so pissed off. You know exactly what really happened. And you also know that they exaggerated the story and did not tell the whole truth. And yet you still say Type is wrong and lash out at him and storm out?

I take back what I said. After the first or second episode (I can’t remember which), I said that Techno was a good friend. I no longer think that.

Then we move on to a short scene between Tharn and his music friend, Long. I think these scenes are supposed to be showing us that Long likes Tharn but really it all just feels like filler and not needed. I’m sure in the grand scheme of things, his importance will make itself known. But right now, it’s all pointless.

So, moving on.

In this episode Type finally tells Tharn what happened to him as a child. It was a tearful scene with both of them crying and snotting at the nose but it was meaningful, I guess. If I wasn’t so over the show already, I would have softer feelings for this scene.

So anyways, after this, Type and the two people that blew this whole situation up online get called to the principal’s office. First of all, what is this, high school?? Getting called to the principal’s office? Is having a principal in college a Thai thing? I thought there were Presidents of universities, not Principals.

But anyway, they get called in but it’s never shared what was talked about in the meeting. Then the two gay guys stop Type as he’s walking away and demand an apology. Still never admitting that they did anything wrong or offensive. Of course Type doesn’t apologize and says that they should also consider apologizing to him and that they should be happy that he didn’t call the police on them.

Then Tharn swoops in to save the day and talks to them and tells them that they were in the wrong too, but he doesn’t stop there. He tells them that he actually likes Type and that the reason Type said those things about gays is because of him. He admits to coming on to him very strongly and touching him without his permission. And because they touched him too, it made him remember being touched by Tharn (unwanted, of course) and so therefore he lashed out at them. So if they want to be mad at anyone, it should be him, Tharn. Not Type.

I would have appreciated this scene more if those darn guys would have just admitted to freakin crossing the line! But they never did. The most they said was “well he’s Techno’s friend and Techno doesn’t mind when we touch him so we thought he wouldn’t either”.

….and that makes it okay?????? Type is not Techno!

Gahh, I just want to freakin scream.

So anyway, they rescind their hatred and make another post only this new post isn’t shared with the viewers either so we don’t know what exactly it said. Type confronts Tharn about it because he thinks that Tharn might have told them about his past which is why they had such a sudden change of heart. But he tells the truth: that he likes Type and he’s come on too strongly before even though he knows that Type is not gay.

So for the next few scenes, Tharn is being all sweet to Type because he likes him and now that Type actually knows this, Tharn doesn’t even try and hide his affections anymore. He’s buying him dinner, being all nice, smiling and joking with him, and making all the lovey googly eyes at him. He even admits to wanting to sleep with Type but not just for the sake of sex. He likes him, and tells Type “as a man, you should already know what a guy wants to do with the person he likes”. Of course this makes Type all flustered.

So it’s now the next day. Type has bought Tharn food because he’s recovering from a hangover from the night before (he went out with some of his seniors) and Tharn is all surprised that Type is being nice to him and didn’t want him to go home. So he asks him why and Type straight up tells him. “I want you to have sex with me”. Tharn is just as confused as the rest of us and asks why he’s saying this now when just the night before he said that he would never sleep with Tharn. His response?

“You’ve helped me so many times. I don’t want to owe you.”

Image result for okay then gif
*real life image of my reaction to this “reason”*

Instead of continuing to be the sweet knight in shining armor, and telling Type that he’d rather only sleep with Type if he is reciprocating his feelings of liking him, Tharn turns back into lustful Tharn and agrees to do it.

Image result for dumbledore welp gif

So cue the next scene, it’s already night time, they push the beds together and get right to business. Type wants to hit it and quit it, fast, and with no kissing. But Tharn says that he’s not having sex with anyone that he can’t kiss. Not to mention, sex shouldn’t be quick and meaningless. So Tharn says he’s going “teach” Type how to do it and he takes it slow with him and is kissing him all over. Type is mad shocked and doesn’t even know what to do. He even admits that even with his past girlfriends, having sex has never been slow and meaningful and filled with kisses.

And if this wasn’t “I don’t want to owe you” type sex, this could have actually been a nice scene. But alas, it was nothing more than just that: lustful sex. This entire episode was built up specifically for this scene and it’s obvious that it was. And what the hell was that foolishness with the random ice cube?? Ugh, I just-

And Type was so hellbent on never sleeping with Tharn again but surprise surprise, they had more sex at the end of the episode. And I’m sure there is going to be more to come too. So from this, it is apparent that their relationship is going to move into the whole friends with benefits type of thing which I HATE. I have never been a supporter of friends with benefits. No judgement. It’s just definitely not my thing. I don’t like it and don’t agree with it.

So besides that, nothing else in this episode really happens or even matters. Techno started talking to Type again and even told him that he should treat Tharn to a meal for helping him again and to show that he’s thankful. And Type agrees but said he’s not going to be the one to invite Tharn. But Techno is all too happy to invite him himself.

And now let’s pause again.

Didn’t Tharn and Type just have “I don’t want to owe you” sex? Why would he need to treat Tharn to a meal as a way to say thank you then? Of course Techno doesn’t know this, but Type does, and he agrees anyway? Yea, okay.

So they all three go out to eat and Tharn is acting all boyfriend-like which makes Techno feel awkward so he excuses himself to the bathroom. Type tries to tell Tharn that he needs to chill out because they are not boyfriends. Tharn replies by saying that he knows they aren’t together and that Type should think of it as him taking care of his “sex friend”, i.e. friends with benefits.

Then Tharn straight up asks him that since they are “sex friends” should he perform his “duty” again tonight? Type glares at him, of course. But look what scene we get next.

And this is pretty much the end of the episode. Tharn does try to invite Type out for the upcoming Saturday and surprise, surprise again, Type says “If it’s for sex, then yeah.”

For someone who was so against sleeping with Tharn, he suuurrree likes doing so now. *rolls eyes*

Anyways. Idk what to say after all that. This show is just not panning out to be what I thought it would be. I’m not even angry anymore like I was for the last episode. I just feel over it. I may or may not finish the series; I’m still trying to decide. But this will for sure be the final review I write. If I hadn’t been waiting for this show for so many months, then I wouldn’t even be hesitating. I guess I’m still holding onto the hope that things will get better.

If I finish the series, maybe I’ll pop in here and there to give an update on my thoughts but all of that is still up in the air right now. I think I might just go back to writing my Love By Chance recaps. Even though those take forever to write, at least I enjoyed watching the show.

If any of you reading this are currently watching TharnType, how are you guys feeling about the way things are playing out?

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  • How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup

    Here in my country, Antigua in the Caribbean, our college has a dean. Which is basically a principal. And they still treat you like you are in high school. Dropping out was the best thing I ever did. I so wished I happened let my mother pressure me into going in the first place. Sigh!

    You don’t like the ice kiss. You are the ONLY person who is not fanning themselves over this.

    I am on board with you with he whole friends with benefits thing. I am always advising women online to stay away from that kind of mess. The only one who benefits anything is the man. And the woman is left broken afterwards because she was hoping for a real relationship.

    • Anais Naiim

      I kinda figured I’m the only one that didn’t like the ice-kiss scene. Everyone else online raves about it. It was weird for me. **shrugs**

      • Qqq

        Hi, actually they used ice cube as a lubricant. The writer tweeted about this before. So, because this is a series in national television, it’s gonna weird if they put a scene more than kissing, right? So ice kissing is the answer

    • Damn Okay

      Girl eye—

      I agreed with you until the last point. And I mean this in the most polite way possible, but you do realise that not all women just want love and affection, and not all men simply want sex, right? There were so many things wrong with that last bit lemme just—

      First off, even in case a friends-with-benefits thing turns tragic, it’s not always going to be the woman who is the one who catches feelings. Please don’t reduce men into sexual monsters or women into emotional messes.
      Second, I think it’s presumptuous of people to scold people for their friends-with-benefits lifestyle. I understand if it’s not for you, but pushing those values onto other people is honestly kind of offensive. I’m sure you meant well, which I admire, but people are perfectly capable of making those decisions for themselves. If that’s what they want, then they can go ahead and do it. I mean no offence by this, neither am I condemning your actions. I’m simply saying that people usually want to be friends-with-benefits because they don’t want to be attached, and not every case is a case of failure.

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