[Why R U] Episode 3 Recap

So right from the jump, we start off with a brief recap of what took place at the end of episode 2.

+20 lolllll

I don’t even know why I find this so funny but I do lol. Tutor is all in Fighter’s face talking about some “you like boyyyssss, you like boyyssss!”

And Fighter is like, “Oh yea?? You mean like this??”


Yes, Fighter. Just like that smh.

So Tutor gets angry, shoves Fighter off of him and starts screaming about what the heck is his problem and what is he doing and blah blah blah. He tells Fighter that he shouldn’t have done it and turns to leave but before he can walk away, Fighter tells him not to tell anyone what happened.

Boy! If you were so worried, you shouldn’t have done it! -5

So Tutor goes back into the party but he makes sure to calm himself down before approaching Hwa. By this time Hwa is completely drunk and I’m not sure she is entirely aware of what Tutor is even saying. She’s super giggly and is slurring her words, and just looks sleepy.

Without telling her what happened, Tutor asks Hwa if she really even likes Fighter. And for someone who was just professing their love in the last episode, she sure makes a quick turnaround in this one! She tells fighter that she doesn’t even know if she likes him or not yet she would feel sad if she were to stop seeing him.

How can you not be sure if you like someone, Hwa?? -2

But if that’s the case, go ahead and let Fighter go so he can move right along to Tutor. Thank you.

So then Tutor leaves and tells Hwa to take care of herself since she is drunk. The whole time, Day is sitting in the background, watching and listening to them talk. He really likes Hwa so I’m wondering when he’s gonna finally say something.

Back outside, Fighter still hasn’t gone back inside the party because he’s still thinking about the feeling of Tutor’s lips.

When he finally gets up to go back inside, Tutor has just exited the building and they are now blocking each others’ paths. Fighter is looking at Tutor with so much longing and like he wants to say something. But yall.

Tutor. Is not. Having. It! I mean, look at that face. If looks could kill, Fighter would be close to death lol.

Back inside, everyone has miraculously left the party when we never saw anyone exit the building except Tutor and they were all just there a few seconds ago. But anyway, Day is still there and he is sitting next to Hwa, watching her sleep.

When she wakes up, they stare at each other and without even saying anything, he leans in to try and kiss her.

Image result for confused gif

What, Day? I know you like her but what the heck are you doing? As the viewer, it feels strange because even though we know he likes her, it feels way too out of blue. We have never even seen them really talk or hang out together so his feelings for her seem more like a one-sided school boy crush more than anything.

But I want them to get together, so I won’t take off any points for that right now.

Before they can kiss, Hwa comes to her drunken senses and pulls away from the kiss and says she thought she was dreaming. Then she asks Day if he’s drunk too. He’s not but he says he is, I guess because he doesn’t want to come off as a creep lol.

He asks if he can take her home since Tutor, Fighter, and everyone left already but Fighter walks in again and takes her home himself. Poor Day is left alone looking all sad and forlorn.

Don’t worry, hunny bunny. Your time will soon come.

Anyway! The results are in for the online poll and Zon has seen that he is the non club member that has won and has to perform a song. But suddenly we are in Zon’s animated dream and he is seeing nothing but BL couples again, including witnessing Tutor and Fighter kiss.

Tutor wakes Zon up because he is sleeping outside and before Zon can start screaming again about being in a Y-fiction, Tutor calms him and tells him not to overthink. But he feels real strange when Zon tells him that in his dream he saw Tutor and Fighter kiss. Tutor is taken aback by this because he and Fighter kissed in real life.

Then the beautiful Sai Fah shows up and starts teasing Zon again but Zon has had enough. He doesn’t like this new teasing style that Zon is using where he’s being all sweet and flirty to him. When Tutor breaks up their bickering and Zon leaves all huffy, he turns to Sai and asks him why he likes to mess with Zon so much. Sai Fah admits that he thinks it’s fun and he feels happy when teasing Zon.

An actual giant.
“I feel so fun when I tease hime!” A literal man-child.

Why is Sai Fah so stinkin cute omg look at his face. +2

Anyway, back to Zon. He’s walking around when Zen catches up with him and asks him what’s wrong because he can see he looks stressed. But they don’t get to talk for long because Soda, Luktarn, Junior, and Natee are calling out to him.

He already knows what they want to ask him and that’s whether or not he will perform a song in the sing-a-song project for the football club. He says no and their asking soon turns into begging but Zon doesn’t budge. He doesn’t want to participate.

After all of this, he and Zen run away to class and leave the other four sulking at failing to get him to participate.

In the next scene, we are back with Sai Fah and Tutor. Tutor’s eyes are bothering him and he asks Sai to go with him to the bathroom so he can take a look and rinse his eyes out. But after rinsing his face, he is staring in the mirror and his mind wanders back to the night at Hwa’s party. After replaying the kiss between him and Fighter in his mind, he is now standing in the mirror looking at himself like this.

And Sai Fah is standing to the side looking at him crazy like this.

lollllllll +20

Tutor reassures him that he’s fine but suddenly Fighter and his friend Dew (also on the soccer team) walk into the bathroom. Tutor tries to remain nonchalant but after quickly greeting them, he rushes Sai out the bathroom so they can leave.

But he’s in such a hurry to get away from Fighter that he leaves his phone on the sink. Fighter picks it up and leaves to have a little fun with Tutor so here we gooooooo lol. This is by far my favorite scene of the whole episode.

Tutor tells Sai Fah to go ahead without him so that he can retrieve his phone. He doesn’t even make it to the bathroom when he sees Fighter in the hallway with his phone. He tells Fighter to give it to him and Fighter, of course, wants to play games and try to exert some power over Tutor.

He backs him up into the wall, gets all in his face and gives him an ultimatum. He’ll give Tutor his phone only if he promises not to tell anyone what happened between them.

They argue a little bit but it’s looking like Tutor is about to give in and fall into a passionate kiss with Fighter.

BUT! It was all a ruse, my friends!! Tutor leaned in close and Fighter thought he had him. But Tutor snatched his phone so fast, Fighter didn’t even know what happened to him LOLLLLLL.


Tutor sticks his phone in his pocket but of course homie has to have the last word. He turns back to Fighter and drops the hammer.

Then he walks away without another word, leaving Fighter standing there feeling dumber than a brick and I AM LIVING FOR ITTT!! +1000

This scene was pure gold and the bad boy music in the background made it so much better lol! Bravo.

We’re back with Zon now and he’s walking (on his way home, maybe?) when Junior calls him and asks him to go to the football club room to get something out of his locker. Zon doesn’t want to do it but he agrees anyway. Once in the locker room, he runs into Sai Fah who is just getting out of the shower. They both find out that they were called to the locker room for the same reason and it doesn’t take long to piece together that Junior did it just so they can meet up.

They are both the winners of the Cute Boy project and have to perform a song. I’m sure Junior was hoping that they would meet, discuss the project, then agree to sing together. But that’s not what happens lol.

Zon is still on edge about being in this whole fiction thing and he wants nothing to do with Sai Fah. Sai Fah is still being all flirty and it’s creeping Zon out so he’s extra jumpy. But can we just pause for a second?

Why is he sooo darn sweaty?? The poor boy. He sweats like crazy in almost every episode! I know it’s hot in Thailand. And I have seen other dramas and films where someone will be sweating in a scene that doesn’t call for it. But the way this guy sweats is borderline extreme. Someone get the boy an icepack!

But anyway, Sai Fah gets a little too flirty for comfort and Zon is shaking in his boots before he runs and locks himself in the shower stall behind him lol. Not gonna lie. I laughed out loud at how ridiculous he was acting.


Next, we get to hang out with some of the football club guys again. Champ, Dew, and Japan have a brief conversation before Tanthai shows up with the soccer balls for practice. Champ and Dew head off to practice while Japan stays behind to talk to Tanthai. Basically he is trying to get Tanthai to get Zon to participate in the performance for the football club. The football club is selling tickets for the performance in this manner because if they simply sell them for the game alone, no one will buy them and the team needs the money.

So Japan tells Tanthai that if he can get Zon to agree to participate, then Tanthai will get to play on the starting lineup of their first game. A game that a professional scout will be attending. During the entire conversation, Tanthai is super touchy feely and Japan is super uncomfortable lol. So we know now that there might be some development between these two.


Later that night, Sai Fah gets a call from either Soda or Luktarn telling him that he is the football club member that has recieved the most votes. He asks her who he’s going to be paired with but it sounds like they are trying to find someone to replace Zon since he doesn’t want to do it. They assure Sai Fah that when they figure out who he will perform with, they will call him back and let him know. Sai is all too happy that Zon won and looks like he has some trouble brewing up his sleeve.

Now back to Zon. Zon has just walked into the bathroom when he hears two voices coming from one stall. He immediately starts to panic and thinks that two people are getting busy in the school bathroom in the middle of the day. Suddenly, Sai Fah walks in and tells him to get out the way if he’s not going to use the toilet. Zon tries to tell him without speaking that someone is in the stall having sex. Only, he’s too scared to say it so he starts trying to mouth the words, act it out, and overall play charades.

literally humping the ground lollllllllllll +10

When the two people come out the stall, Zon panics again and slams Sai Fah into the wall with him pressed up against his back. The two people walk out and it turns out one was trying to help the other put on a tie. Like, Seriously? Lol.

But they turn around and see Zon all smashed up against Sai Fah so they quickly bow and rush out the bathroom because they have no idea what they are seeing right now. After they leave, Zon tries to play it cool like he wasn’t just acting like a lunatic. Then he runs out the bathroom (without ever actually peeing!) and leaves Sai Fah standing there laughing. It is clear that Sai Fah thinks Zon is super weird which probably adds to why he likes to tease him so much.

The next scene is between Zol (Zon’s sister) and Blue (a new freshman in the football club). Long story short, Zol asks Blue if he would be okay with her writing him into one of her new Y-fictions. Blue is actually excited about this because he knows how popular her stories are. But when she tells him that she will be pairing him up with his senior Dew, he no longer thinks it’s as exciting anymore.

We learn a little later that Dew is super mean to him for no reason and picks on him a lot. Even the other seniors don’t understand why Dew is so mean to Blue.

“why are you so mean to that freshman?”
“because I’m a jerk that likes to exert my power over others”

Either way, Blue still says yes and Zol skips off happily. Next!

Next we actually get some FighterHwa time but it ain’t much because Fighter isn’t interested in Hwa lol. She and her friends are sitting and watching Fighter play basketball. Hwa is basically trying to flaunt that she is with Fighter and her girlfriends are drooling over how good he looks.

So Fighter comes over and is surprised to see her there. She is obviously excited to see him and gives him something to drink since he is all sweaty from playing. She tells him that she will be waiting for him to finish. But instead of acting like a boyfriend in love (because he’s not), he tells her that she should leave (because it will be a while before he finishes playing).

Hwa tries to hide her sadness and makes up a lie that she has something to do anyway. But Fighter is completely oblivious to her sadness and simply says “mmm” and walks away without even a second thought!


I know I shouldn’t be laughing at this but I find it so funny. Like, girl! Leave him! Know your worth and move on. Why do these girls try and hold on to guys that don’t even like them. Whether Fighter has said it out loud or not, his actions have made it clear that he is not into Hwa.

So cue the almost-tears and the sad music. Then Hwa rushes away from her friends to go find Tutor so she can vent out her frustrations. During this, she admits that she and Fighter are not a couple. But they are seeing each other and everyone knows that. But Fighter does not do what people who are seeing each other do.

Tutor asks for some clarification, thinking that she just wants a cute love confession or something. But Hwa blatantly admits that Fighter never tries to have sex with her nor has he ever kissed her.

This revelation catches Tutor completely off guard because Tutor has kissed him and has been “teasing” him in such flirty ways ever since he was a freshman. Pinning him to the wall. Bringing his lips close to Tutor’s as if he is going to kiss him, etc.

So now Tutor is shocked and confused and is really questioning Fighter’s sexuality and motives now. But he hides all this from Hwa and tries to make her feel better by telling her that maybe Fighter just wants to be a gentleman and not engage in such things with her. But Hwa doesn’t like this answer and thinks that men are cruel and even says that these mean men should all just go and love each other instead.

Again. Be careful what you wish for, girl.

After Tutor leaves Hwa with some encouraging words, he is walking alone when Fighter approaches him and demands to know what he was talking about with Hwa.

Tutor tells him that he should ask Hwa himself if he wants to know so badly. Fighter is not satisfied with that answer so once again, he pins him to the wall. He even accuses Tutor again of having more than “just friend’s” feelings towards Hwa and asks him when will he stop getting between them.

But Tutor doesn’t like Hwa romantically and he demands to know when is Fighter going to stop playing around with him in the way he has been.

Fighter’s reason?

“Because you get on my nerves, Tutor.” And I actually want to slap him lol. Someone gets on your nerves and the first thing you want to do is hug them, kiss them, and pin them to a wall with your face close to theirs?? SOMEBODY MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

Then we get a flashback 5 months into the past and Tutor is basically having the very same conversation with Hwa on the phone that he just had with her in the present. She thinks Fighter isn’t interested in her but Tutor tries to make her feel better by telling her that although she should spend a lot of time with Fighter, she should give him some space too so that he’s not feeling uncomfortable.

But again, I have to pause. 5 months ago? 5 months! You have been feeling this way for five months now and you’re still holding on, girl??

Both of them need to be slapped. Fighter needs to stop leading her on and Hwa needs to get real with herself and know when a relationship is not working out. He. Doesn’t. Like. You. Pack it up and move on to someone that does. -5

But even 5 months ago, Fighter was doing the same thing.

*flashback to 5 months ago*

But Fighter has almost blatantly confessed his feelings for Tutor five months ago! But Tutor was so nervous and confused that he didn’t catch it. He was too busy fearing what would happen if people saw them in this position.

Is this not a confession????

That absolutely has to count as a confession, right? That’s definitely a confession and I can’t be the only one that thinks so lol.

Tutor tries to get a serious answer out of him but again, Fighter’s answer is “I just like to tease you”. So first you were mean to him for no reason all during his freshman year. Now you just want to “tease” him. Sure, Fighter. Suuuuurrrreee.

So, flashforward to the present, and Tutor asks him the same question and gets the same answer. So he asks him if he does this to everyone he likes to tease. And Fighter. Our poor, stupid Fighter. He gets confused as to why Tutor is asking that question and tells him that he is the only one he teases lol.

Tutor doesn’t know what to do with this information but he visibly softens towards Fighter for a moment and can only stare at him. Then he pushes Fighter away and tells him he has to go. As he walks away, Fighter is standing there looking confused as to what the heck just happened lol. I just want to pat him on the head like the lovesick puppy that he his and tell him, yes, you basically admitted your feelings to him again, you idiot lol. So much for keeping it a secret. +20

Now we’re back to Zon and he is texting Junior but for some reason the translator for the series decided not to translate these messages so we have no idea what they are talking about. But while he is texting, Sai Fah sneaks up behind him and is reading over his shoulder.

Soon, Zon puts his phone away and gets up to leave. Sai Fah taps him on the shoulder and when Zon turns around and sees how close Sai is, he gets extremely startled and loses his balance. But of course Sai Fah catches him.


Not gonna lie, I was diggen the way Sai was looking at our little munchkin Zon lol. +10

But Zon throws him off of him and tells him not so sneak up on him like that again. But Sai Fah really wants to talk to him about something. He asks him straight out if he is the reason that Zon doesn’t want to participate in the performance and omg you guuuyysss, he looked so sad when he asked it!

But Zon tells him that the reason he doesn’t want to is because he doesn’t want to fall into the fiction. But Sai Fah doesn’t know anything about this so he is left feeling confused when Zon walks away.

Zon returns to his friends and once again they are begging him to participate in the performance. Tanthai is begging him because he wants to be in the starting lineup for the football game. And Junior is begging him because he likes Soda and he wants to make her happy in hopes that she will give him a chance and take him seriously.

They play a game of reverse psychology on Zon and it works because he agrees to participate and sing the song for the show lol.

Now let’s get back to Tutor and Fighter. They both get roped into helping out a professor that was carrying around a bunch of boxes. He drops them all and spills all his papers then gets a phone call telling him that he needs to hurry off to a meeting. So he recruits the help of Tutor and Fighter to deliver his boxes back to his classroom.

They agree and surprise surprise, they are actually being somewhat nice to eahc other! Tutor isn’t all fired up and angry like he always is towards Fighter. And Fighter doesn’t tease him heavily like he usually does. They deliver the boxes and yall, Fighter tells Tutor that Tutor is generous and Tutor even thanks Fighter for his help! We’re getting somewhere, yall. The ice is finally breaking between them! +10

So they drop the boxes off and try to leave. Only it has miraculously become nighttime and they find out that they are locked in the university.

You guys. It was literally just daytime two seconds ago. How it became nighttime so fast with absolutely nobody on campus anymore, I will never know or understand. The writers and director must either really want us viewers to suspend our disbelief, or this was a major time jump that they did not clarify. We’ll never know.

But anyway, they are locked in so they run all over the faculty trying to find a way out but there isn’t one. All the doors and classrooms are locked and all the available windows are too high to climb out of. So what do they do? Spend the night at the university lol. And you guuyyysssss ^_^ Tutor is softening up towards Fighter and I can feel myself getting excited lol.

Fighter ends up falling asleep on Tutor’s shoulder. At first, Tutor thinks that Fighter is just trying to tease him again but when he sees that he is really sleeping, the lengths he goes to make sure that Fighter is comfortbable on his shoulder makes me want to squeal in exitement! lol +20

But then the moment is slightly ruined because, what the eff is this creepy thing in the back??

Like, seriously? The staff and crew couldn’t even be bothered to get out the darn shot?? Lolllll -5

But, back to the cuteness. Tutor ends up making himself comfortable too and soon falls alseep as well. And I’m loving it!

So that’s all for this recap. I already know that this episode did way better than episode 2 in terms of points. I also laughed more and just enjoyed myself much more in general this episode. So let’s tally up the points!

Random Points Counter

  • Starting the episode off with a bang lol +20
  • “don’t tell anyone about this” -5
  • Hwa not even knowing who sho she likes -2
  • Why is Sai Fah so cuuutteee omg +2
  • Sai Fah looking at Tutor, “Are you drunk or are you crazy?” +20
  • Badboy Tutor getting his phone back +1000
  • Zon demonstrating that people are having sex in the bathroom +10
  • Hwa holding on to Fighter when she knows he doesn’t like her -5
  • Fighter not knowing how to keep his feelings a secret +20
  • The way Sai Fah looks at Zon +10
  • Tutor and Fighter finally warming up to each other +10
  • Tutor making sure Fighter is comfortable on his shoulder +20
  • Person in the background who shouldn’t be -5

Total: 1,095

Not as much as the first episode, but waaaaayyyy better than the second lol.

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