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[Love By Chance] Episode 2 Recap

So I’m ready for my recap of episode 2. Just like with my episode 1 recap I will be rehashing the episode, telling how I felt about certain things, and handing out points to stuff I liked as well as didn’t like. Just as with episode 1, episode 2 did not disappoint! So let’s jump right into it.

Episode 2 picks up exactly where episode 1 ended and that’s with Ae dropping Pete off at the International College building. As a reminder, or if you just haven’t read my recap of episode 1, Ae took the bus with Pete to show him how to get to his building, and how to just use the campus bus in general since he didn’t know how to. Ae actually got off the bus with him despite his building being the engineering building which is wayyyy across the campus.

That night Pete writes cute little notes in his journal, confirming that he is starting to like Ae already and goes to bed with a grin on his face. I would do the same if I were Pete lol. I’m loving the blossoming puppy love. +2

So then we jump to the next day and Pete drives to the running track in hopes of seeing Ae. After getting in trouble with a school guard for parking his car in a ‘no park’ zone, Ae comes to his rescue again because the guard was a jerk and jealous of his fancy car. Like, seriously? Grow up. You’re screaming at a freshman for having a nice car? *insert eye roll here*. -1

But, yay to Pete for taking initiative in going to see Ae. +1

They make plans for breakfast and agree to meet up later on when Ae is all showered and clean. Pete gets back in his car and drives off, leaving Ae standing like this

LBC Ep. 2 (15)

Can we all just take a moment to admire Ae’s heart eyes? +20

So Ae comes to pick up Pete for breakfast on his rickety bike that squeals like an old train every time he slams on breaks. Right before they can ride off into the sunrise, Ae slams on said breaks after asking Pete a question and Pete hits his head against Ae’s back. Ae is all apologetic, and now 6 minutes into the episode we already have the gentle touching with the slow music while looking into each other’s eyes.

LBC Ep. 2

I’m laughing, cringing, and squealing all at once. +5

So they go to the canteen to eat breakfast (which Ae pays for) and end up having a serious convo because Pete is still worried that Ae might find him disgusting and “not normal”. But Ae, being ever the charmer, tells him straight up that just because he’s gay it doesn’t mean he’s not normal and even uses himself and his height as an example. “People think I’m short. But I never think I’m short. People are just taller than me…If you think you’re normal even when everyone else doesn’t, then you’re normal regardless”. In other words, eff the world and be yourself. Preach Ae! Kudos to you for being freakin awesome. I love his confidence in himself. +10

LBC Ep. 2 (2)

So they eat, then Ae drops him back off at his building but not before they exchange numbers. And Pete is just as internally giddy as I am that he now has Ae’s contact info. But I still really hate his baby voice so -2

They meet up again the next morning at the track, with Pete bringing Ae breakfast to “repay him for the noodles” but we all know Pete just wants to see Ae. They head back to Ae’s apartment so he can shower and eat and we meet Ae’s annoying roommate for the second time.

He automatically starts making assumptions about Pete and Ae and breathing down Pete’s throat about liking Ae and overall just being annoying so -1.

He eventually leaves them alone long enough to hop in the shower. Then Ae starts undressing so he can hurry and take his shower when Annoying Roommate gets out aaannnnndd *cue the slow music*. Pete is dumbfounded that Ae is stripping right in front of him and is staring at Ae like this.

LBC Ep. 2 (16)

I’m expecting Ae to be fit and trim and muscular since he’s so athletic, but what does Ae’s body look like?

LBC Ep. 2 (17)

What. The fuhh. He literally has the body of a 10-year old. All that build up for nothing. -10

They sit down to finally start eating and Ae randomly starts petting Pete’s head talking bout some “wow, your hair is soft”. It’s weird but the heart eyes have appeared again and we can clearly see that Ae is smitten with Pete so, +5.

LBC Ep. 2 (4)

But the weird petting keeps on going and now he’s talking about “wow your skin is soft. Wow your hands are soft” and now I’m uncomfortable so, – 5

LBC Ep. 2 (5)

I’m just as confused as you Pete. Seriously, what’s happening right now.

Pete is clearly uncomfortable (and so am I) so Ae apologizes. But what was really bothering Pete is that he thought Ae forgot that he was gay. So to show his “manliness” and to prove he doesn’t care that Pete’s gay, Ae grabs his face talking bout some “If I hated you, would I do this?” And so we get this clip and now I’m screaming. +10

LBC Ep. 2 (6)

I live for the cheesiness that happens in these Thai shows lol. Anyway, Annoying Roommate finally exits the shower and catches them and resorts back to being a nuisance and making sex jokes. Like, seriously. He’s annoying and way too nosey for my liking. -5

LBC Ep. 2 (7)

Next, we follow Pete to class and are introduced to a guy named Tin who clearly has some baggage. Long story short, he’s rich too and is tired of people using him for his money so now he’s angry at the world. It’s obvious he’s gonna be someone with a new story line so I’m expecting drama. Homie looks like he needs some help.

LBC Ep. 2 (8)

We jump to Ae, Annoying Roommate, and two of their friends deciding where to go for lunch and I see that the female of the group (her name is Bow, as in “this is a hair bow”) is another character from Love Sick the series. She was the girl that was in love with Ohm. She’s just as extra, over the top, and funny as she was in Love Sick and I’m so here for it. +3

LBC Ep. 2 (9)
Being dramatic per usual

Jump back to Pete and he is on the phone with his cook asking her how to make a certain dish. I think it’s pretty obvious he wants to make something for Ae and be proud he made it with his own hands. So he’s chattering away until the villain calls him. Pete looks around to make sure Villain isn’t near and declines the call. Then he tries to walk on but lo and behold, said villain is right in front of his face.

Pete was literally just looking all around him so how in the world did he not see Villain standing right in front of him? Did the director really think the viewers wouldn’t catch that? – 5

So Villain drags Pete off and is yelling and screaming and trying to fight him again, carrying on about Pete chucking up some cash and I’m seriously over it. Like, why is this even a story line? He’s straight up going ballistic in broad daylight and I’m just…I can’t. -10

LBC Ep. 2 (10)

But our hero Ae gets there in enough time to save the day and even Annoying Roommate jumps in to do some protecting. I’m shocked, but I’m digging it. Then Villain runs off screaming something along the lines of “I’ll have my revenge! I’ll get you, my pretty!” and it’s hilarious. +5

But look at Ae still looking all cute while giving the evil eye and prepping to bash someone’s face in. +3

LBC Ep. 2 (11)
Freakin Ae. *sighhh*

After this huge scene, Roommate takes Ae’s bike to continue on to class and Pete and Ae sit down somewhere to have another serious talk. Pete is all apologetic because he felt Ae could get in trouble for helping him fight but Ae is only mad that Pete never called him for help. He basically pours his heart out telling him that they are friends now and that when it comes to the people he cares about he will do everything in his power to move mountains for them, and now I’m dying!

LBC Ep. 2 (12)


Now we’re in class with Annoying Roommate and he’s just as annoying as ever but who do we meet in class now? The barista girl from episode 1. He’s being a nuisance and whatnot and ends up getting them both in trouble and tries to sweet talk the professor. But Professor shuts him down and is taking no ish and I’m here for it. +1

LBC Ep. 2 (13)
Professor ShutItDown

She ends up punishing them by making them hold a ruler in their mouths until the end of class since they won’t stop talking. It’s the weirdest punishment I’ve ever seen but it’s funny. +1


I think It’s pretty obvious from here on out that a relationship is going to blossom between Roommate and Barista Girl.

The episode ends with Tin (the angry rich kid mentioned earlier) answering a mysterious phone call and heading off to do some mysterious work. I can sense the trouble coming.

But, that’s pretty much it for episode 2 and I’m so ready for episode 3. Let’s tally up the random point counter.

Random Point Counter

  • Blossoming puppy love between Ae and Pete. +2
  • School guard bullying Pete for having a nice car. -1
  • Pete taking initiative in going to see his boo Ae +1
  • Ae’s beautiful heart eyes? +20
  • Gentle touching stare into each other’s eyes slow mo. +5
  • Ae’s eff the world, be yourself speech. +10
  • Pete’s baby voice. -2
  • Annoying Roommate being annoying -1.
  • Ae’s toddler body. -10
  • Ae being smitten with Pete. +5.
  • “Oh my gosh, you’re so soft” weirdness. – 5
  • “If I hated you, would I do this?” +10
  • Annoying Roommate being annoying again. -5
  • Funny girl from Love Sick the series clearly placed in this show for entertainment purposes. +3
  • Pete looking around and not seeing Villain but Villain being right in his face. -5
  • Villian acting like a freakin lunatic. -10
  • Villain’s “I’ll rue the day!” speech. +5
  • Ae’s cute evil eye. +3
  • “I’ll move the mountains for you.” +100
  • Professor ShutitDown +1
  • Hold this ruler in your mouth and shut up. +1

Total points: 127

Not as many points as episode 1 but I still feel like this episode was promising. Stay tuned for the next recap!

Ep. 1 Recap

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