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[Sotus S] Episode 9

Episode 9 starts off the next day at work, after Kongpob has told Arthit that he loves him. It’s kind of a big day because the company has chosen which departments the interns are going to stay in for the rest of their internships. The internship is 3 months long. The first month was spent trying out the different departments and the following two months will be spent in the department chosen for them.

Both Kongpob and Nai want to be placed in the production department. So they meet up with P’Durian (the secretary/assistant…still not entirely sure what her job title is) and she tells them where they will be placed. Kongpob gets placed in production just like he wants and Nai gets placed in the QC department. He is visibly unhappy about this and becomes very quiet.

Later on when he is eating lunch in the cafeteria by himself, P’Yong comes up and sits down with him. P’Yong is carrying on and talking like nothing ever happened between them. Nai isn’t giving him much to work with because 1) his feelings are still hurt from P’Yong not watching the soccer game with him like he promised, and 2) he is upset that he was not placed in his dream department for the rest of the internship.

So P’Yong is talking and looking at him like this:

Excited puppy.

While Nai is sitting there like this:

“Maybe if I don’t look at him, he’ll go away.”

And the whole interaction just makes me want to slap some sense into P’Yong. Like, can’t you even read body language?? He doesn’t want to talk to you!

So, Nai finally asks Yong if he knew already that Nai was going to be switched to the QC department. P’Yong says yes. Once again, Nai is bothered by this information and honestly, I would be too. If I thought I made a friend and they first broke a promise with me, then didn’t tell me something important, I would be hurt too. P’Yong knew that Nai wanted to stay in production. He could have just told him…

But anyway, back in the office, Sad Tod who is now Happy Tod becomes Annoyed Tod because he overhears P’John and Som-O talking about how they worked together to win the competition by stealing ideas and information from other teams. Tod isn’t happy about this but he doesn’t say anything. I’m wondering if he will keep quiet or if he is waiting for the right time to tell someone. Who would he even tell? The company has already started producing the product Tod’s group presented.

But John is walking around gloating at the fact that they won and Tod is not amused. At all.

Annoyed Tod.

In this episode, the company is taking all the employees out for a company beach outing. It looks super fun and everything is going well to the point where I’m sitting here at my computer wishing I worked for a company like this. Seriously.

Everyone got divided into teams by shirt color and are playing lots of fun games. Everyone is having a good time. P’Danai is happy, Tod and Earth are all cute, Kong and Arthit are basically a married couple, and it’s seriously a blast.

The only ones not having as much fun are Nai and P’Yong. Yong keeps staring at Nai, hoping he can get close to him, but Nai seems to be done with Yong. I know their story line ain’t over though, so I’m sitting here waiting on them to finally talk like,

Image result for hurry up gif

But then they finally do. Nai is out by the water making a sandcastle like the innocent little fluffball that he is and Yong comes over to finally talk to him. Nai seems to be the type of person who just wants an explanation for things and not just be blindsided and expected to accept it. But I mean… who likes being blindsided anyway.

Either way, things seem to be back to normal for them now. 

Now back to Earth and Tod.

Poor Tod…. poor, poor Tod. Happy Tod is now back to Sad Tad because he confessed to Earth and she straight up told him that she thinks of him as a little brother, not romantically, and that she doesn’t want him to develop any more feelings for her. I seriously feel so bad for Tod because he really is a sweet guy. Earth just isn’t the one. She’s happy doing her own thing.

As for Kongpob and Arthit, they are off being the cutest couple in existence. They choose to end the night sitting alone on the beach, looking up at the stars. While watching, a shooting star goes by and they start talking about what they would wish for if wishes could come true. Arthit chooses not to share his wish but Kongpob wishes that Arthit would tell him he loves him everyday.


Arthit tells Kongpob he loves him. TWICE.

And then they kiss and it’s seriously the sweetest most loving most squee inducing kiss they have ever had omg.

Image result for squee gif
Actual, real life image of me watching this beautiful kiss.

But then! Right when we think this episode is going to end with rainbows and unicorns and shooting stars, the camera pans behind them only to show P’Durian witness their kiss. And then the camera cuts to the credits.


Ugh! And I know things are now going to take a turn for the worse for two reasons. 1) Arthit still doesn’t want anyone to know about him and Kongpob. 2) She was standing behind them looking hurt and confused. I can only assume that she was catching feelings for Kongpob (seriously, get in line girl!) and she was hurt to find out that not only does he not like her, she also doesn’t stand a chance anyway because he’s gay.

Image result for sigh gif

I’m not ready for the dramaaaaa TT_TT

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