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[Dark Blue Kiss] Episodes 1-3

Okay. I know, I know. Did I really start yet another series when I still haven’t even finished writing for Love By Chance or SOTUS S? Yes lol. I just get so distracted with the clips and previews online. The next thing I know, I’m in too deep lol. But it’s fine.

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Dark Blue Kiss is a continuation of the Kiss series which includes Kiss and Kiss Me Again. I never watched Kiss and I only watched the PeteKao and MorkSun cuts of Kiss Me Again. I just wanted to know what their histories are with each other.

The reason I am combining three episodes in this post is because I wanted to make sure I actually like the show enough to continue it. So far, the show is filled with drama on top of drama but it’s not a complete trainwreck so that’s nice lol.

For anyone who needs a recap of episodes 1 through 3, here’s the break down:

Pete & Kao

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Pete is battling insecurity because he feels that his father and his millions of uncles look down on him and are constantly telling him what to do and who he should be. They don’t really take the time to know what it is that he’s actually interested in (photography!) and he doesn’t like that. Pete is also very jealous which is going to get in the way of him and Kao’s relationship. Already, Pete has a problem with a kid named Non at the company they are both modeling for.

Kao and his mother are struggling financially. Because of this, Kao tutors high school students part-time so he can make some extra money to help his mom out who also still has to help pay to put her daughter (Kao’s sister) through university. She and Kao are in school at the same time but attend different universities. Kao’s mom is looking for a promotion at her job which will hopefully give her a much needed raise.

The director at her job hear’s that Kao is a great tutor and asks him to tutor his son. Kao agrees, not knowing that his son is Non, the boy Pete has a problem with. It’s pretty much implied in the episodes that if he refuses to teach the kid then the director will not give Kao’s mom the promotion or the raise and will overall make her worklife very difficult. This almost seems like an exaggeration but we see later that Non’s dad really is a scrict and mean man that is borderline abusive.

Kao promises Pete that he won’t tutor Non since it makes him so upset. They are in a relationship and he promises that when it comes to Pete and other people, he will choose Pete first. Onlyyy….he doesn’t. He continues to tutor Non because he needs the money, fears for his mom’s job, and after witnessing how mean Non’s dad really is, he’s worried about him too. He tells Non that they need to keep it a secret because Pete can’t know.

Non would be a nice kid, but he’s a conceited brat that likes to hit on Kao (which Kao acts oblivious towards). And he also knows that Pete and Kao have something going on by the way Pete is acting and he continues to purposely try and get under Pete’s skin.

So there’s all that drama.

Mork & Sun

Sun owns his own cafe and occasionally his younger brother Rain helps him out. But Rain is often out getting into trouble and doing things he shouldn’t be doing. Mork is Rain’s friend who Sun thinks is a bad influence on Rain. But the truth is, Rain is the trouble maker. Mork is just a loyal friend who also has a hot temper and never backs away from a fight if something leads to it. He doesn’t provoke things, but he’s definitely not a “turn the other cheek” type of person.

After multiple interactions together and bailing Mork and Rain out of the local police station more than once, Sun begins to care about Mork. Mork also has blossoming feelings for Sun but it’s hard to decipher his true feelings since he has such a hard exterior personality.

Through one of their interactions, Sun finds out that Mork is having financial troubles and offers him a job at his cafe. Mork wants to work but instead of saying yes, he just says that he will “think about it”. This is the true start of their relationship and I am excited to see them get closer to each other.


Here’s the extra pieces of information that could be useful:

  • Non is scared of his father. When I say the man is frightening when he’s angry, I’m talking sending chills down the spine. He’s M-E-A-N. And he even got nasty with Kao when Kao tried to explain.
  • Kao is still closeted. To everyone. Pete’s dad knows about his relationship with Kao and found out in Kiss Me Again. Pete has no shame about them being together but even his father advised them to keep it a secret so that people won’t treat them differently or harm them. So their friends don’t know and Kao still hasn’t told his own mother either (although we get the idea she already knows by the way she watches them).

Hopefully I kept things clear for any of you reading this. But so far, I’m enjoying the show. I feel like I’m watching a soap opera, which…even though I watch dramas, I stay away from actual soap operas. It doesn’t help that the darn theme song feels like the intro to a telenovela or a show like As The world Turns or Days of Our Lives lol.

I’m ready to see the growth in the characters and how their relationships pan out but yikes we have a long way to go. I think there are supposed to be 12 episodes and only 6 have been released on GMMTV.

As for how things are going, Pete really needs to work on his insecurities and his jealousy. I understand how hard that can be when you feel that no one around you understands you and your family is constantly comparing you to other, more successful, people in your family. I get it. That’s rough, and parents NEED TO STOP doing this.

Kao needs to learn how to speak up for himself. I hate how he lets Non say certain things to him. Even if he is not ready to tell people about him and Pete, he can at least tell people that hit on him (Non) that he is already in a relationship. Especially with Non. You are his tutor, Kao! Tell the boy that yall’s relationship is strictly professional and he needs to back off and stop being so sweet and flirty. Also, HE PINKY PROMISED!! He pinky promised Pete that he wouldn’t tutor Non. You NEVER break a pinky promise, people! Kao needs to just tell the truth.

And Sun? Ugh..

Sun is visually pretty but jeez, oh man he nags soooo much! I just wish he would shut up sometimes lol. I understand he’s trying to look out for his brother and that he cares for Mork but like…shut up? Lol. Let them deal with the consequences and figure it out for themselves. Sometimes thats the only way people will learn. But other than that, Mork and Sun need to hurry up and get together because I’m impatient.

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Lol but I have to be honest. I am enjoying that their relationship is a slowburn romance. I tend not to like it too much when these shows hop right into the nitty gritty and the hot and nasty. Like, give me some time to adjust. Fill me in on the situtation. Tell me who the heck I’m supposed to root for, you know what I mean??

Anyways. I’ll probably watch the next three episodes tomorrow. I hear Mork and Sun share their first kiss in episode 6! I’m excited because like I said, I’m digging their slowburn and I like how things are developing. And also….don’t hate me for this….but I’m hoping that their kiss is better than Pete and Kao’s have been. Idk what the heck is the issue but when Pete and Kao have to kiss, I feel like the two actors lose all of their chemestry.

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I know, I know, I said don’t hate me! This is probably an unpopular opinion. But Pete and Kao are so cute when they are just talking and joking with each other, and even behind the scenes they seem like good friends. But make them kiss and I just feel awkward and confused lol. Like, the kiss looks like it taste nasty or something lmaooooo.

Anyway. That’s enough of my opinions for one post. This is getting to be too long. So, until next time!

Watch the episodes on GMMTV’s YouTube. I’m only posting the first parts of each episode because after you click the link, the rest of the parts pop up automatically.

Episode 1 > Part 1

Episode 2 > Part 1

Episode 3 > Part 1

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