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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 16]

Day 16 prompt: Favorite BL drama parent. This one was actually a bit difficult for me to choose because of the BL dramas I have seen, parents don’t play huge role unless they are an antagonist to the story. For example: Fighter’s dad in Why R U or Xiang Hao Ting’s dad in Make Our Days Count or the horrible human being that was Tae Joo’s dad in Where Your Eyes Linger. So I really had to think about this and decided to choose two parents.

1) Pete’s dad from Dark Blue Kiss

Dark Blue Kiss] Episode 8 - ~ Cries in Fangirl ~

I liked Pete’s dad because he was patient, understanding, and completely accepting of Pete’s sexuality. Like, it straight up didn’t even faze him. His only concern was that his sone might suffer from discrimination and disrespect due to being gay which is a reasonable concern for anyone.

He was wise and communicated well with Pete and did not step on his toes for anything. He allowed Pete to figure out his problems on his own and only offered advice when Pete asked for it. He was kind and caring and was the supportive parent that we all love in dramas.

2) Pete’s mom from Love By Chance

Love By Chance] Episode 1 Recap - ~ Cries in Fangirl ~

Yes, it is a complete coincidence that the parents of two completely different characters from two completely different series have the same name lollll. I didn’t even realize that until I started typing this blog post.

Anyways! I liked Pete’s mom. She was caring and also extremely supportive. She did not put any pressure on Pete nor did she try to change him after he told her that he was gay. They, in fact, had a very touching scene when he came out to her and she continued to be a great mother throughout the series.

She wasn’t an overbearing helicopter parent and she did her best to give Pete his space. She knew that he was a growing young man and will need his privacy eventually. Overall, I really loved the relationship Pete had with his mom and I think more supportive parents need to be written into dramas.

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