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[Theory of Love] Episode 1

Yes, I have started yet another series while not finishing two others that I am currently writing reviews on. I’ll get to them, I promise lol.

Anyway. We are off to a rocky start with Theory of Love episode 1. Our main characters are Third, Khai, Two, and Bone. They are all friends and known as “gangsters” and players. The only one not a player is Third. He’s actually a decent human being and the only one that isn’t obsessed with having sex with mulitple girls.

I am watching this show because I like Off and Gun and the premise of this series sounded interesting. So far we have comedy and sadness and that’s about it. I know it’s only been one episode but I am not sure I am completely sold on this series just yet. I will give it one or two more episodes.

The reason is because Third and Khai are best friends. But Third has been secretly crushing on Khai for three years – ever since they were freshmen in college. Khai has no idea that Third likes him and only sees him as a friend. Nothing is wrong with that, of course. Even if he knew about Third’s feelings for him, he is not obligated to like him back if the feelings aren’t there.

What my issue is, is this: I can understand Khai not reciprocating Third’s feelings. But the boy is a terrible friend! There is no way that I would consider Khai a friend with the way he treats Third. He leaves him hanging constantly, he lies to him so he can go hang out with girls, he completely ditches him (so he can hang out with girls), and he consistently disappears while filming for their class project (so he can go flirt with girls!). And it’s expected for Third to just be okay with this? Because “boys will be boys”? No, no, and no.

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Even if I were a guy, this is not the type of friend I would want to have. He’s dishonest and a complete flake. He also uses Third because he knows Third will forgive him. Smh. I feel bad for Third as well as for people like him. I’ve never understood how people can catch feelings for someone that treats them like shit. What is the appeal? Why don’t you want better for yourself?

Gun is a good actor and honestly he is the one that is carrying the show, in my opinion. If he wasn’t in it, I would be stopping after this episode. There were some funny moments, such as the shower never working when he wants to drown all his sorrows lol.

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But I’m still on the fence about this one. It will be interesting to see how Khai changes and grows as a friend and overall person. Hopefully I believe it too. That’s all I ask for when it comes to acting. Make me believe it.

At the end of this episode, one of Third’s other friends finds out that Third is into Khai. From the preview of the next episode it looks like he is totally and completely supportive of this fact and even tries to help him make Khai jealous. I’m ready for the silly shenanigans! Lol let’s see where this goes.

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