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[Why R U] Episode 4 – A Very Brief Recap

Okay so my recap for episode 4 is going to be very short in comparison to my other ones. Idk who Line TV or Mandee has gotten to do the English subs for this series. But the subs for this episode were so bad it was hard to even piece things together. It really sucks because I really think I missed out on some important information between our two main couples. So, this is going to be really brief.

Tutor & Fighter

Tutor and Fighter ended up being able to get out of the university. They wake up when one of the security guards comes back and he lets them out. Tutor and Fighter went from being cute with each other, back to being mean -2.

But Fighter offers Tutor a ride home and they start softening and being nice to each other again so, +2. But then the next day, things get weird between them again out of the blue and Fighter is acting like a jerk again. -2 But then later on in the episode, Fighter almost admits his feelings to Tutor yet again so +2 lol.

Hwa is still all sad because she thinks Fighter is not into her (news flash, girl: he’s not) and she keeps asking to talk to Tutor about it which makes him feel strange for obvious reasons. Later on, Tutor and Fighter argue about this because Tutor was about to tell Hwa what happened between them at her party, but Fighter stops him before he can.

During their argument, Fighter makes it seem like he is figuring out his feelings and that he just might break things off with Hwa very soon. I’m honestly not entirely sure because this was the worst translated scene out of the entire episode. I’m actually really upset about it because this was by far the most important scene between them so far. -20

I really really wish I knew how to speak and understand Thai so I won’t have this problem.

Also, Tutor’s financial problems are getting a lot worse. Two of his students cancelled tutoring sessions with him and his cafe job cut his hours down. Not because they don’t like him, but because they have been losing business ever since another nearby cafe opened up and they can’t afford to let him work as much.

Sai Fah & Zon

Sai and Zon have made a complete 180 degree turn in how they act with each other. They are being so cute that it actually feels like I missed an episode. There are two (or three) almost kisses in this episode and they would be cute if they weren’t so random.

There was only 1 almost kiss scene that actually made sense, when Sai Fah is teaching Zon how to play the guitar. They both start feeling nervous and both are having flashbacks of the time they accidentally kissed during their fight. It really looks like Sai is going to make the move and I was squealing! +10

But then Zon gets too scared and freaks out and leaves in a hurry. -5 But they go to bed that night thinking about each other and I’m loving it so, +10 again.

It’s kinda obvious the writer and director are trying to play up the whole BL thing with the random almost-kisses, so -5. Kisses need to be natural, not forced for fan service.

Zon has agreed to perform the song for the football club promotion thing and at this point, Sai Fah still does not know who his performance partner is going to be because he still thinks that Zon isn’t going to do it. But They both find out that they are partners and will be performing together.

And yall! They actually start practicing with each other and spending more time together. And it’s so cute to see Zon soften up towards Sai and how Sai is starting to get serious with Zon. Zon was absolutely the cutest little nugget in this episode and I’m rooting for them. +20.

I’m just hoping that Zon can let go of this “I’m in the Y-fiction!” thing and just freakin act normal.

There were also a few montage scenes in this episode that show that Zon and Sai have in fact been spending more time together and they look like they are actually becoming friends. So, yay! +5

Other Couples

P’Dew is still extremely mean to Blue for no reason at all. He almost bashed his face in out of pure ridiculous anger so it will be interesting how the writers make their relationship develop. I have to be honest though, I don’t like their pairing. -10

Tanthai is still all over Japan and won’t get out of his face. He comes on suuupperrr strong and Japan is so overwhelmed that I don’t know if he’s annoyed or shy or both lol. I’m not sure how I feel about their pairing yet so, no points for them.

“Hi. I like you.”
“Why are you so close?”
“Because I like you. Please accept me!”
*but I think I kinda like it?*

Junior has still gotten nowhere with Soda. He’s still a goofball and she’s still focused on getting Zon and Sai Fah to perform together.

And it turns out, Natee likes Zol! I did not see that coming lol. He comes on strong too but Zol is not interested. When Natee asks her for her Line ID, she gives him the ID to her backup phone then passes the phone off to Zen to secretly talk to Natee for her. I thought this was a really mean thing to do so -5.

And poor Zen is just trapped in the middle of all of this. We still have no idea if he really likes Zon or only sees him as a friend because the way he acts goes back and forth. And now he’s trapped in the middle of Natee and Zol. Give the boy a break, poor thing.

But that’s all I have for this recap. I’m really hoping that the subs start getting better. They were never great to begin with, but this episode made it seem like the translater just gave up =/

Random Points Counter

  • Tutor and Fighter being mean -2
  • Tutor and Fighter being nice +2
  • Fighter, back to being a jerk -2
  • Fighter basically admitting his feelings…again +2
  • Terrible English subs in an important scene -20
  • Sai about to kiss Zon +10
  • Zon leaving before the kiss -5
  • Zon and Sai going to bed thinking about each other +10
  • Sai Fah and Zon forced almost-kiss scenes -5
  • Sai Fah and Zon being cute and finally developing +20
  • Zon and Sai actually becoming friends +5
  • P’Dew and Blue pairing -10
  • Zol giving fake Line ID to Natee -5

Total: 0


So far this series is going back and forth with being good, then being not so good and I still don’t know how I feel about it all. I’m still willing to keep watching though.

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