[Why R U] Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 of Why R U is another episode that is worth the long wait. With the exception of literally only four minutes, this episode is again devoted to Tutor and Fighter. In the beginning, we get a brief scene of Saifah and Zon all cuddly on the bed. I can’t help it, I squealed. Saifah and Zon are seriously my favorite couple in this series lol.

Saifah and Zon spent the night together and Zon is all snuggly in Saifah’s arms. Sai is trying to get Zon to wake up because it’s almost noon but Zon is so comfy and sleepy he doesn’t want to wake up. So Sai just lets him sleep as he thinks back on all the time they’ve spent together and how their relationship has grown.

This little scene of Sai and Zon was the perfect way to open up this episode. Let us all appreciate this cuteness overload right here. +500

Zon is so tiny and cute omg +5

Okay, so back to Tutor and Fighter. It is now the next morning after their very sexy night and they are back to being the domestic couple that I have come to enjoy watching. Fighter is the last one awake and he is quick to make his way over to Tutor out on the balcony for some morning cuddles.

But wait. Why is Fighter so skinny tho?? I swore he was swole in the last episode lollll -3. Shall I remind?

Look at the boobies! He looks like he has muscles and buffness here

Anyway, they spend some time talking and Tutor voices his concerns that he still feels strange about what they are doing and he doesn’t know if what they are doing is okay. Fighter, on the other hand, is completely okay with what they are doing as has no doubts. He even asks Tutor if he wants to go ahead and be in a relationship so he won’t feel so strange about what they are doing.

And I meaaaannn, +100 for unwavering confidence and certainty. Fighter knows what the heck he wants and that’s Tutor!

I personally think Tutor is still feeling weird about this whole thing because of Hwa. He and Hwa are really close friends and even though Fighter and Hwa were never an official couple, never kissed or had sex, Hwa still liked him. So it’s weird to be doing all this with someone your friend used to like and talk to. Also, even though Tutor is openly gay to his mother and sister, he is not openly gay to anyone else and tries to hide public displays of affection with Fighter. So, he definitely has some work to do here.

After their little talk, Tutor and Fighter exchange cute little gifts with each other. Tutor got Fighter new earrings with the letter ‘T’ on them and Fighter got Tutor a necklace that says…wait for it…………..’Fighter’ lollllll.

But Fighter spun the reason why he got it to something meaningful though. He said the word ‘Fighter’ does not mean his name at all. It is a description of Tutor and how he handles everything that life throws at him. No matter what, he keeps on going like a true fighter.

After this, they go out and enjoy the day again. They ride a motorcycle, see the sights, and even stop on a pier to gaze at the sea. It’s really sweet and super pretty.

I’ve noticed that after the first time Fighter finally told the truth about his feelings for Tutor, he has absolutely no problem spilling his guts to Tutor now and being all mushy and romantic lol. But he also admits that he wouldn’t mind having sex again lmaaaoooooooo.

talking about sex lolll

After a few hours of hanging out, they take a boat to an island where they are going to go snorkeling, and Fighter surprises Tutor by telling him that they will be spending the night on the island. He prepared absolutely everything they will need in advance.

I have to admit, I’m loving this new side of Fighter. Everything he is doing is super romantic and really shows how much he loves Tutor. But also wow! He not only paid for their stay at the resort, he paid for a night on a private island as well?? Boat rides, rental scooters, fancy dinners, snorkeling…this boy really is rich! Sheesh.

+100 for beautiful scenery. Another +100 for the song that played during this scene. I think I actually melted from so much romance.

Later that night, they head back to the room to shower or bathe. This is the first time that Tutor is seeing the room they are staying in and let me tell you, it’s straight up luxurious! Fighter pulled out all the stops on this trip. If I were Tutor, I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself.

Got the suitcase already waiting for them

Tutor is really thankful for everything that Fighter is doing but Fighter tells him that he doesn’t have to thank him all the time. All he has to do is love him a lot and he’ll be okay. Apparently, Fighter being all romantic and vulnerable turned Tutor on because he was quick to snatch off his clothes and suggest taking a bath together lol.

Asking for certainty. +10

So then Tutor starts getting handsy and undressing Fighter too. We can see it all over Fighter’s face that he gets nervous again even though he really wants to do this with Tutor right now.

Asking for certainty take 2. +5

And can we just pause for a moment and appreciate how in control Tutor is with all this? Even though Fighter likes being intimate with Tutor, Tutor is always the one that is calm, collected, and completely aware of what he’s initiating. Not to mention, Fighter practically melts in Tutor’s hands and I’m living for it. +20

Then Tutor changes his mind and leads Fighter to the sauna for a steamy good time. And well…here’s the pictures because me explaining it will do absolutely nothing lol.

Next thing I know, they have left the sauna and are at the poolside. How did we get here? Idk. Sex in the sauna and by the poolside? Aren’t yall’s bottoms sore yet?? Lolll. Or did we skip the sauna altogether because there’s more space by the pool? Idk.

Afterward, they are so in love with each other that they just can’t let the other go. They are too busy staring in each other’s eyes and telling one another how much they mean to each other.


The next morning, it is time to head back to Bangkok. It kind of sucks to see this dream vacation come to an end but they are still college students and have to get back for school.

Tutor tells Fighter again that he really wants to tell Hwa about them. Even though Hwa has moved on and is dating Day (I figured he already knew!) it just doesn’t feel right if he doesn’t tell her himself. I thought Fighter would get annoyed by this but he isn’t annoyed at all. Instead he asks Tutor that does him telling Hwa mean that he is confident moving forward in their relationship and Tutor says YES! +50

I truly hope this means they are a real couple now. I am rooting for them and I am hoping that Hwa won’t be too angry. She has every right to be upset about it though, and to not trust Tutor as her friend. But I am hoping that too much drama won’t happen and all couples can move on and be happy each other.

I will admit it though, if I were Hwa, I would stop talking to Tutor. As much as I love Tutor and Fighter being together as a viewer, if he were my friend, it would be a completely different story. Lying, keeping secrets. That’s not what friends do. So if I were Hwa, I would simply cut Tutor out of my life and just be happy with Day and my other friends. That’s just my opinion.

Anyways! Let’s tally up those points for another great episode!

Random Points Counter

  • Sai and Zon cuteness overload +500
  • Zon existing in tiny +5
  • Fighter being much skinnier than I thought -3
  • Fighter knowing exactly what he wants +100
  • Mushy and romantic Fighter +50
  • Beautiful scenery +100
  • Romantic soundtrack +100
  • Asking for certainty +10
  • Asking for certainty take 2 +5
  • Tutor being in complete control +20
  • Tutor finally being confident about his relationship with Fighter +50

Total: 1,937

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