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[TharnType] Episode 2

So Episode 2 picks up right where Episode 1 left off: with both boys in bed together, only Type is now covered in hickeys.


It’s morning now and Tharn is calling Type, trying to get him to wake up. Type is busy getting all snuggly until he realizes who exactly he’s snuggling up to. He finally opens his eyes and falls out the bed in a panic cursing like a sailor and calling Tharn all types of names.

When Tharn realizes that he’s really serious, shaking in fear, and actually looks scared, he explains to him that nothing happened and Type is the one who crawled into his bed. Or course Type doesn’t believe him and carries on screaming and hollering. But Tharn has had enough and before walking away, says, “How your body feels is my answer”. Meaning: if your butt isn’t sore, it should be pretty darn obvious that yall did not have sex. But Type is still panicked and when he sees the hickies he screams at Tharn that he’s going to kill him.

So let’s just pause for a brief moment. Although I am so happy that Tharn has turned out not to be a creepy rapist like Kengkla in LBC, he still kissed Type while he was sleeping which is still an invasion of personal space and can be seen as assault. For those that don’t know the actual definition, assault is “inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact on a person”. So they are both guilty of this. Like I said in my last post, they are both engaging in harrassment.

So anyway, back to the episode.

Next scene is soccer practice. Techno is off talking to some other players about voting for him to become soccer captain when he’s a senior when Type shows up and stomps over to him, piss-fire mad. Techno sees this and knows what up and he takes off running, fearing for his life. Type chases him and when he catches up, Techno immediately starts explaining: he didn’t purposely just leave Type in Tharn’s bed; That Tharn said he wouldn’t do anything; Type was the one that climbed into Tharn’s bed; And that he did in fact, try to wake Type up and get him in his own bed but he wouldn’t budge.

Type starts to calm down a little but is still all worked up because he and Tharn still argued that morning. This was not something that was shown to the viewers. Anyway, Techno tries to cheer him up by telling him that he found someone who will switch rooms with him and he calls over a guy named Champ who is also on the soccer team.

Champ is on the left.

Now, I’m going to be 100% shallowly honest. This Champ is a visual downgrade. I was straight up crushing on the old Champ from Love By Chance. He was the ultimate cutey patootie that never stopped smiling and now they get this guy?? I’m so freakin shallow, I know, but give me back my Champ!

This one!
He’s adoraaabblleeeee omg

Okay anyway, Champ comes and says yes, he wants to change rooms. You would think this is great news and that Type would be happy right?? But what does he do instead? He refuses the room change! And now Techno is just as confused as all of us. Champ says he’s still open to a room change if Type changes his mind again then walks away. Techno looks at Type like he’s lost his mind and asks him what the frick is his problem now and Type, ever the childish human being, says that if he changes rooms that means that he’s the one who will “lose the war” and is adamant that Tharn is the one who should move out.


Now we switch to the next scene at a high school and we meet three new characters. First, we meet Technic who is Techno’s younger brother, and Kengkla who is Technic’s close friend, and Jesus take the wheel, Kengkla is being played by the same actor that played the character in Love By Chance. I had no idea that Kengkla and Technic would even be in this but it seems they are going to get a small story arc too.

Mark Siwat, who is also super easy on the eyes, plays Kenkla. But it just breaks my little heart to see him play such a gross character. Hopefully he won’t be such a creep in this? Wishful thinking.

Left: Kengkla | Right: Technic

Anyways, Kengkla is asking aboout Techno because he really likes him and wants to date him and is asking Nic to send him pictures. If he does, he will give him anything he asks for. Then the third new character bumps into them. A super scared and socially awkward guy who they say is in the French program. The kid gets picked up by someone and they recall that he took some time off of school the year before but don’t know why.

Switch to the arrival at a nice house and that same boy gets out the car with the person who picked him up. We also meet this guy again,

Only he looks much happier now. We find out that this is Tum and the high school boy’s name is Tar. You can tell they are close and now I’ve finally pieced it all together. Tum and Tar are the stepbrothers from Love By Chance who were involved in the weird love rectangle thing. See my other post for some clarity on that.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit thrown off by the fact that Tar is still in high school in this. Although this series is supposed to take place before the events in Love By Chance, I did not think that Tar was that much younger than Tum and Tharn. I thought they were the same age or no more than a year younger because in LBC, Tar was actually studying abroad at a culinary school.

Anyway, Tar and Tum have dinner (Tar cooked for him) and they have their own little sweet, brotherly moment. We’ll get more from them as the season goes on, I’m sure, but before we change to another scene, we see Tar sitting in a dark room, crouched in a corner, trying not to cry. He is clearly internally reliving some dark moments in his mind. In LBC, we found out that something terrible happened to him. If you haven’t seen LBC yet, I won’t spoil it for you. Go watch it.

Back at the school, Tharn is hanging out with his friend Long again and we can really see now that Long really cares for Tharn and I get the feeling that Long is actually in love with Tharn. Long is very caring towards him and speaks to him very sweetly. They don’t talk about much because Tharn keeps lying about what is really bothering him so, let’s move on.

Back at the dorm, Type is back to his stupid shenanigans by eating some of Tharn’s snacks, dumping other snacks all over his bed, then lying about it when Tharn asks him about it. Tharn specifically put a note on his snack bag that said “don’t touch my stuff” and Type writes one back that says “I ate it, so what?”

But here is the kicker. Instead of yelling at him, Tharn SAVES THE NOTE.

Like…..huh? He’s smiling all to himself, clearly feeling all fuzzy inside and I’m confused.

Anyway. The next day, they are back to their hate for each other, arguing and yelling after Tharn walks in on Type finishing up a masturbation session (*rolls eyes*), when Type takes it too far by talking about Tharn’s dad. This time Tharn actually gets mad (finally!) and pins Type to the bed telling him that he’s had enough of his shiz and to keep his father’s name out his mouth.

He rips the covers off the bed and yanks Type down by the legs and really looks like he’s about to put a hurting on him. But lo and behold, Type actually gets scared and starts crying. It’s apparent that he starts having flashbacks of whatever happened to him as child and is reliving them in this moment. All his arrogant, cocky anger completely evaporates and he’s now begging Tharn to please stop.

Then this is where it gets strange. Tharn sees him panicking then tells him to calm down and that he’s trying to help him relax. But then, cue the sexy time music with Tharn running his hand down Type’s waist and leg, and now I’m really lost!

At first I was mad because I thought he was trying to come on to him and I’m screaming in my head, wtf, this is not the time! But then the music stops and it fades out into an echo coupled with a look of shocked realization on Tharn’s face. He places a hand on Type’s face and is genuinely concered when he asks him if he’s okay. Type snaps out of whatever he is mentally reliving and kicks Tharn away from him telling him he hates him. This pisses Tharn off and he storms out the room.

Now I’ll tell you why I’m confused. Tharn was ready to bash Type’s face in. Type panics and starts crying. Tharn sees the panic then tries to get sexy (??). But then it’s almost like the first realization never took place and he looks like he is realizing (for the first time) that Type is panicking, and he asks if he’s okay.

I’m wondering if that strange sexy bit was supposed to be what Type was imagining was going to happen. And with the way the music echoed out, I feel like from that point forward, that’s what was really happening. Does any of that make any sense??

It happened in the first episode too when Type dreamed that he and Tharn were arguing and Tharn pinned him to the wall in anger then turned all sexy and tried to kiss him. Only he wakes up from the dream by falling out of bed and we all laugh, ha ha. I’m wondering of this was supposed to be similar, only not as obvious since this was a more serious moment?

I honestly have no idea. If I am correct, then that scene wasn’t shot that well because it shouldn’t have to be this confusing. If I’m wrong and Tharn was in fact trying to come on to Type again, then I’m mad at the writers for slowly turning Tharn into a creep, like, wtf.

So after Tharn storms out, Type is left on the bed crying and trying to sooth himself by telling himself that everything is okay. And can we just pause again and realize how serious a situation this is? Like, Type seriously needs some help. The boy needs therapy to deal with these inner demons. PTSD does not just go away over time! One needs to heal from it. How one heals, depends on the person but omg, this was the scene where I finally stopped hating Type and truly felt sorry for him. This is not just “a troubled past”, this is TRAUMA and it’s a big freakin deal.

Like, omg I just want to hold him. Yes, he’s still a rotten brat but protect him at all costs!

So later on that night when Type falls asleep, he has a nightmare about what happened to him as a kid and the whole thing is a case of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time and talking to strangers when he shouldn’t have been. Not only talking to strangers, but FOLLOWING THEM because they promised something fun.

I get it. He was a young kid. But I can’t help but be pissed off because don’t people teach their kids not to talk to strangers? Don’t people teach their kids not to go with anyone that is not their parent or guardian?? Do parents not teach their kids anymore that if they feel strange or have a bad feeling, to freakin run? Where were his parents anyway??? I blame them because in the flashback, Type looked to be no older than 7 years old. Too young to be alone.

So this is why Type hates gays. He was most definitely molested – but quite possibly raped – as a kid. I guess he figured since it’s gay men that like to have sex with other men, then only a gay man would do something like that to a little boy. Which, again, this is an incorrect conclusion to jump to, but an understandable one since he was so young when it happened.

Tharn just so happens to get back to the room while Type is in the middle of his nightmare and tries to wake him up. When he finally wakes up, he sees Tharn is the one that is trying to help him and he hauls off and punches him in the face and now I’m this close…

…to going back to hating Type.

Tharn does well with holding back his anger although we can see that he is hurt by Type’s words and actions and he apologizes for butting in and trying to help then leaves.

The next morning, Type wakes up with a headache and throughout the day he gets sicker and sicker. I firmly believe he’s sick because of internal stress but it’s never stated why or how he actually got sick. He skips class and Tharn leaves him there after trying to be helpful again then getting yelled at. But within the next few hours, while taking a nap, Type is back to being trapped in his nightmares again.

Tharn, ever the helpful human being, skips one of his classes to come back to the room to check on him again and sees him in his nightmare, trembling and crying out in his sleep. He comforts him until he calms down and lays him back down to sleep. Later, he meets Techno and tells him not to tell Type that he was the one that took care of him. Techno agrees but of course he doesn’t keep his word, the idiot.

Throughout the night, Tharn keeps watch over Type, making sure his fever doesn’t get too high again. One time, Type actually wakes up a little and sees Tharn keeping watch over him but he keeps silent, pretends he didn’t see and goes back to sleep. Tharn also checks his fever in the morning and hooray, Type’s fever is gone. Type pretends to be asleep but Tharn can tell he’s awake and pretty much tells him to wake up and stop faking lol. Then he leaves for class.

And what does Type do??

He blushes! LOLLLLLL

Sure, Type. Suuurrreeee…

But after finding out that Tharn had been the one taking care of him this whole time, such as leaving medicine, water, and buying food for him, Type changes his whole attitude. He admits to feeling guilty for treating Tharn so badly. He is telling all of this to Champ in the hallway but they are right outside Type’s door. When he turns to finally enter his room, Tharn is standing right there and by the look on his face, we see that he most likely heard the whole conversation.

And this is where the episode ends.

My Thoughts

Overall this episode was just okay for me. It was nice to finally see Type’s past and what is causing his current actions but I do not condone what he is doing and saying to Tharn. I don’t like Type. But my fangirl heart sends him much love and protection.

As for Tharn. I am torn with his character. The writers are not doing a good job with his character at all. Is he a great person or is he a creep? One moment he’s a knight is shining armor. The next, he’s a molesting sleeze bag. So which the frick is it, because he can’t be both. My fangirl heart is confused.

Since we got to see new side characters in this episode, we didn’t get to see my faves, The Snoop (P’Klui) and The Korean Enthusiast (Seo Duang) lol. Hopefully they pop back in soon.

It’s toture having to wait for next Monday until the next episode airs. I haven’t watched a show in real time as it airs since 2Moons (season 1; didn’t watch season 2 and don’t care). So this wait is excruciating. I want to know what happens next! I think Tharn is going to tell Type that he kissed him that night he was drunk. I’ve seen lots of preview clips with Type punching Tharn in the face more than once and I’m hoping that Tharn hits him back at least once.

That sounds really mean but regardless of anything, Type is a bully and I hate seeing people be such pushovers. Defend yourself!

Anyways. Until next time.

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  • How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup

    The funniest part for me in this episode was when Techno told Type your grudge is going to put your butt virginity at risk. And that is exactly what turned out to be true.

    I can’t believe that you this Champ as a visual downgrade. No way. He is better looking than the other Champ. LOL!!!

    From what I understand by that scene on the bed that has you rather confused, Tharn gave Type a hand job in the book. But I guess the drama could not decide if we should do it or not.

    Tye said he was raped at 11 years old, but that kid they choose looks like an 8 year old to me.

    • Anais Naiim

      Ohhhhhh. A handjob. So Tharn was in fact being a rapey creep. Yikes.

      And you think so??? Lollll I definitely prefer the old Champ. Maybe I just don’t adjust to change that well lol. I also prefer the old cast of 2moons so maybe it’s just me lol

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