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[Review] Individual Circumstances

Ha Yeon Woo was once the toast of Chungmuro – Seoul, South Korea’s answer to America’s Hollywood. As a maverick young movie director, his debut film was a massive hit for both filmgoers and critics alike. But after this auspicious start, he fell into a lengthy slump. He is now listless and unsure if he is really cut out to be a top movie director after all. One day, he meets Sung Woo Jae, a famous fiction writer who he once knew – but has not spoken to for some time. Sung Woo Jae also has demons, however. His first love ended in sadness, and he took solace in his writing, eventually going on to become a prolific web-based novel author. Their meeting ignites a passionate romance that burns as bright as the flames of war. Will this relationship heal Sung Woo Jae’s wounds – and lift Ha Yeon Woo out of his slump?

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*sigh* back to the not so good BL coming out of Korea. This will be another short (and possibly incoherent) review because I didn’t like this one. I didn’t have any expectations for this show yet I still wound up disappointed. For a series that’s only 8 episodes, it truly took way too long to get to the freakin point. Only for it to end with nothing more than a couple of those dead/frozen kisses and no real reason as to why Wu Jae actually disappeared. Wu Jae THOUGHT he had an unrequited love, but is that really a reason to disappear for years on end without warning and without contact for someone you were best friends with first before romantic feelings ever got involved??

Wu Jae was just sooo overwhelmingly MEAN that I felt nothing for him as a character and didn’t care if he got a happy ending or not. Outside of Yeon Wu’s desperation for finding a new movie to direct, I honestly have no idea as to why he was so persistent with Wu Jae and kept chasing after him. Wu Jae treated him like shit and as if Yeon Wu was the one who did something wrong, when he didn’t do anything wrong at all. It was annoying. And even after they make up and talk about the past, Wu Jae STILL makes Yeon Wu sleep outside in his camper while they work on the project together. Was this supposed to be funny?? Well, it wasn’t.

The main leads had no chemistry at all and I was not convinced that their characters were in love with each other, let alone even liked each other in the first place. This wouldn’t have even been a convincing bromance in my opinion. The overall plot could have been interesting but I do not think it was executed well or acted very well. And did I mention the lack of chemistry???

Me searching for the chemistry…

Watch it if you want to, but I will not be rewatching nor do I entirely recommend it. This left me feeling so underwhelmed, I don’t even know how to write a coherent review for it.

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