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[Sotus S] Episode 7

Episode 7 picks up right where episode 6 leaves off, with Kongpob standing in the hallway, trying to get Arthit to come back outside and talk to him. But instead of communicating and working things out, Arthit wants to stay mad and ignore him. But then he gets jealous when he thinks that Cherry (the flamboyant one from the production department) is showing him lots of attention and wants to know if he has a girlfriend.

Well eventually they finally talk, but only because Kongpob was waiting outside his door. Arthtit tries to close the door in his face but Kongpob tries to barge in anyway and gets his arm slammed in the door. It’s unfortunate that this incident was the only reason they finally spoke to each other.

But anyway, we find out that the reason Kongpob is moving out is because he thinks he might be smothering Arthit. He moved in because he just wanted to be near him. Since their schedules are so different, they never get to see each other, so originally, moving in together sounded like a good idea. But since Arthit gets so cranky so quickly lately, Kongpob figured he might be smothering him and that Arthit might want some space. He was going to tell him the other day when he asked Arthit if he wanted to go home together. But Arthit was already mad that Kongpob didn’t tell him that he was going to be working at his job so he refused him, then stayed and worked late instead.

Their entire relationship is very cat and mouse and in this season Kongpob is having to constantly walk on eggshells around Arthit which I find quite sad. Honestly, their relationship wouldn’t be so cat and mouse if Arthit wasn’t so embarrassed to be dating a guy. He is clearly still very ashamed and is constantly thinking about what other people might think when Kongpob isn’t ashamed at all. Arhtit is always looking around to make sure people aren’t looking at them and he never wants to be too close in public. But by doing this, he is the one that is putting the strain on their relationship.

So anyway, after this little convo and Arthtit finally understanding, they go right back to their “normal” cat and mouse thing with Kongpob being super flirtatious and just a bit horny which always leaves Arthit flustered and running away lol.

Back at the job, new guy Tod is still stuck on Earth and is trying to get her to notice him so he buys her a bunch of pink milk (which, it turns out she doesn’t even like pink milk that much). Not gonna lie though, during the scene where he gave her all the milk, it was just too much. He came on way too strong even though he meant well. She ends up giving the majority of it to Arthit since he LOVES pink milk. Tod sees this, gets all sad, then quietly slips away.

I feel for Tod. Really, I do. While I don’t think Earth dislikes him, she really doesn’t like him either. She doesn’t treat him any different than she treats anyone else but we can kind of see that Tod might think that her and Arthit might like each other (which they don’t). They just get along really well. With that being said, I like that even though Tod is sad about it, he never treats Earth or Arthit any differently. He doesn’t get mean, petty, and jealous which is pretty common in these dramas.

Sad Tod again…

We get a little scene with John and Som-O. There is going to be a company contest that happens every year and employees can submit their ideas for a new product. Whoever wins the competition, gets their idea turned into an actual product for the company and they also will get a bonus in their salary.

Last year and the year before, John was the winner. But we find out (and I’m not even the least bit surprised) that he only won because he stole other people’s ideas. He’s already tried to take credit for work that Arthit has done and Earth called him out on it. He’s a dirty, lying rat and I hope he loses the competition. Before, I just found him annoying. But now I completely don’t like him. And I’m disappointed that Som-O is helping him with his dishonesty just for money.

We aso get a short scene with Tew and angry Dae. FINALLY they have a simple conversation without Dae blowing up, stomping his feet, and screaming “leave me alone!” every five seconds. It’s a simple conversation with Dae telling Tew that he is going to visit his grandmother in the hospital and she is also the reason that he did not go to the beach activity with the rest of the freshman.

Tew let’s him know that he wished he would have just told him the truth so that there wouldn’t have been any misunderstandings. While Dae was worried about taking care of family, Tew and the others just thought he hated them all and that he just didn’t want to attend (which, come on…that’s true too). So we see Dae being all thoughtful as if to say “Hey, I guess he really isn’t that bad”.

So anyway, back to Kongpob and Arthit. Both of their departments end up going out to dinner at the same restaurant so they decide to sit together and have a fun company dinner. Cherry and Som-O get into a loud and comical argument over boys and who’s gonna get whom. In the meantime, Kongpob is sitting next to Arthtit just trying to enjoy this short time with his boyfriend WHO HE NEVER SEES, and he’s doing boyfriendly things such as sitting close and putting food on his plate to feed him.

But ooffff cooouurrsseee Arthit gets embarressed and angry and shouts at Kongpob to stop which silences the whole table and now everyone is just staring and Kongpob is embarressed.

*le sigh*

Arthit. We need to have a serious talk.

I still don’t know how Kongpob puts up with Arthit. Yes, he can be really sweet and cute at times but when he’s a crank…BOY, IS HE! Sheesh…

So now Kongpob is back to feeling like he’s walking on eggshells around his own boyfriend and the episode ends with them walking home together, only Kong is walking mad slow. Arthtit asks him what’s his problem and why is he walking so slow and Kong tells him the truth. That he doesn’t know how close is too close when being near him and I just…!!! My poor heart. Poor Kongpob.


I’m interested in hearing what Arthit has to say after that because this is where episode 7 ends.

Until next time!

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