[Our Skyy] Episode 3 – Tee & Mork

I am so late at getting back to these episodes of Our Skyy but alas, here I am again. This episode is so full of cutesy fluff it’s almost overload. But it’s exactly what I needed to see after the train wreck that is currently TharnType the series.

Before proceeding further, if you have not seen this show and plan to, I will be giving spoilers. Anyway!

I did not watch My Tee or Cuz You’re My Boy or whatever the frick it was actually called. I made it through part 1 of the first episode then never continued because I just wasn’t interested in it and I was tired of the high school stuff. I’m too old for that now. So with that being said, I have no idea about these two character’s history with each other.

This episode of Our Skyy follows them three years later when they are in college now. It is their third anniversary and in all honesty, everything was super predictable. Tee is excited for their anniversary and wants to do something romantic with Mork. Only Mork is pretending to forget so that he can surprise Tee with something huge and unexpected. In doing so, he is spending a lot of time away from Tee which makes Tee suspicious. Insert Tee’s younger brother.

Tee’s younger brother has the bright idea for Tee to test Mork to prove his love. And Tee being all worried and sad, agrees to do it. So he creates a fake Line ID and acts like a girl to try and see what Mork would do if someone else tries to flirt with him. But this whole things backfires because Mork has his younger brother respond to the messages instead since he doesn’t know who it is and can’t be bothered since he is preparing for the big surprise for Tee.

So Tee is actually texting Mork’s little brother and doesn’t know it lollll. But he’s all mad now because he thinks that Mork is ignoring him while being all flirty with this unknown person that Tee has created. To make matters worse, Mork has been spending a lot of time with his senior who happens to be a female. She is in on the big surprise but of course Tee doesn’t know that.

So insert all types of misunderstandings and shenanigans and you get a romantic comedy lol. When it all comes down to it, Tee tries to break up with Mork so Mork has to finally show him the big surprise.

Mork was a cheerleader or in a band or something back in the day, I think. And he currently still likes to play instruments. Mork thought it would be romantic to recruit the university band club to play a song for Tee for their anniversary. While he was at it, he also learned how to play one of the instruments himself.

So here’s the band. And here is Mork playing an instrument that he never knew how to play before. And insert Tee all giggly and blushing and feeling silly for playing tricks and jumping to so many conclusions. Although it was a bit much, it was honestly one of the cutest things I’ve seen lately.

Somebody get me a boyfriend like Mork!

My Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed this, and just like the previous two, it was a good little episode to pass the time. It wasn’t anything too serious or heavy and I really liked that. This episode is nothing but one big ball of fluff and cheesiness but that’s what I live for lol. These two seriously could be mistaken for a married couple.

So far, I think watching these Our Skyy episodes are great to watch in between series when you want a break from something heavy or action packed. These two were so cute in this that I am tempted to actually watch the show they originally starred in. But gahhh I already have too many shows that I am currently watching. So maybe…maybe.

I say give it this episode a go, even if you are not familiar with their previous show. It’s lighthearted and will make you feel all fuzzy inside…

…or extremely single lol.

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  • Cheza

    I really enjoy reading your review and maybe i am too late to correct some mistake you make in this review. The little kid that gave idea to Tee is actually Mork little brother named Morn. And on the other hand, the one who reply all the message is actually Morn bestfriend named Gord. Both of them are best friend and Gord actually has feeling to Morn. But their story didnt get much screen time in the series.

    • Anais Naiim

      Thanks for the corrections! Like I said in the post, I didn’t actually watch their series so I guess I mixed it all up lol. Thank you!

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