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[Our Skyy] Episode 2 – In & Sun

So, long time no see! It’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog and to put it bluntly it’s because I was feeling lazy, and then I went on vacation. But I’m back, and I’m ready to give out some reviews and do some recaps.

Because of my break, I’m pretty late with catching up on the Our Skyy episodes. But to be fair, GMMTV is taking forever to release them on their YouTube channel with English subs anyway so I rely on the blessed souls that choose to make subtitles on their own. To all the translators out there, thank you!

Now, I am not a follower of these two characters, In and Sun. I did not watch their original show and don’t know much about their history with each other. But 7 minutes into the episode and I can already tell that they clearly have some unfinished business that needs to be hashed out. In has already shown himself to be a bit jealous over who Sun is currently spending his time with and Sun has been keeping his distance from In which In is not happy about.

Again, I don’t know their original story line but it is obvious that Sun likes or used to like In and In was dating someone (who he proudly states that he broke up with). At this point I am assuming that in their series, they liked each other but In played around with Sun’s feelings and continued to date other people. That’s pretty much your typical story line when it comes to BL where the actors are portraying high schoolers.

Basically, In spent the entire episode being an annoyingly jealous third wheel.

jealous puppy

This episode did a good job at making me laugh out loud with some of the dialogue and some of the shenanigans that went on with In’s jealousy. Other than the few laugh out loud moments, I felt this episode was extremely cringey. I don’t think the actors are great actors but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because I think they are both still fairly new in the acting world. It was just so hard to watch them interact together because the entire situation was awkward and they seemed awkward together as actors.

To be fair, with their storyline for the Our Skyy episode, the awkwardness actually works seeing as though they have unfinished business to handle with each other and they both still clearly have feelings for the other. But man oh man, it was hard to watch. I cringed more than I smiled and sometimes all I could do was just laugh at the awkwardness.

But I definitely want to give props to In for wholeheartedly going after Sun, without shame, telling him his feelings, and overall trying to win him back. he even went as far as singing him a song in front of the other guy. It was so uncomfortable to watch even the other guy turned his face away while In sang his little song. It was awkward, it was embarrassing, but he wasn’t giving up so, yay? Lol

A part of me felt like the new guy was just trying to get under In’s skin and purposely make him jealous just because he knew that In had hurt Sun before. Like, the new guy had romantic feelings for Sun but it didn’t really feel like it? The chemistry between the two actors was just not there for me. But it was funny to see him make In believe that there was much more going on than there really was and in the end we find out that it was all planned anyway lol.

The only thing that really stood out to me was when Sun finally put his foot down with In. Even though he is trying to move on, he knows that his heart still belongs to In. But he still looked him in the face and told him that he wants In to be his boyfriend but if he can’t be that then there is someone else waiting who will and I loved that! More characters in these dramas need to know their worth and stand up for themselves. Don’t put up with the foolishness if you are the only one getting hurt!

Anyway. The episode was more like a movie, being an hour long and whatnot. It was nice to watch to pass the time but it’s not anything that I would rewatch. I would recommend it to people who are familiar with this couple and want some closure to their relationship.

On to the next episode!

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