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[Paint With Love] Episode 3

Hello hello! This episode review won’t be very long because I don’t really have a lot to say. Most of the episode felt like filler although we did get a little more back story on Maze and Neung’s past relationship. In this episode, Maze’s company is starting a new project called ‘Total Men’ and he wants to work with another company for it. After they present the idea to the other company, the company CEO agrees to it and lets them know that they already have a spokesperson in mind, who will serve as the face of the brand, and who has already signed a two-year contract with them.

It turns out that this new spokesperson/model is Neung and Maze will have to work very closely with him for a year – which is the length of the project. Neung is the very person that Maze has been trying to avoid and get over. We can see that internally he is horrified of having to work with Neung, but if we haven’t figured it out already, Maze seems to be a person to choose money over anything. Even Phab thought that Maze would back out and refuse the collaboration once he saw who the spokesperson was.

Anyway. After a long night of celebration about the new collaboration, Maze ends up getting super drunk, along with the rest of the employees, and Phab is left trying to get Maze home. Only he has no other place to take him except to his own house where he proceeds to clean him up and let him rest. In his drunken state, Maze thinks that Phab is Neung and proceeds to babble on and on asking “Neung” if he cares about him, if he misses him, and where did he go type stuff. Phab tries to tell him over and over that he is not Neung, but Maze is too drunk to think otherwise.

When Maze finally passes out for the night, Phab starts to change Maze’s clothes because he threw up all over them. In the middle of doing so, Phab thinks Maze looks all beautiful and peaceful and angelic and proceeds to draw him while he sleeps. Now… I think this was a bad thing? ….Not…really? But I can definitely understand how someone can feel violated with this happening. I personally feel that Phab should have just left Maze’s clothes on even if he did throw up all over them. Especially knowing that Maze doesn’t even like him and most likely wouldn’t have even allowed him to draw him while sober.

But Maze woke up and saw the picture and got angry about it and proceeded to scream and holler, calling Phab a pervert and a psychopath. He was already angry and ungrateful to begin with when he woke up, so seeing the picture made him even angrier. Again, I understand being upset about being drawn without his permission without clothes on. However, I don’t like Maze as a character. He reeaallyy gets on my nerves and I hate the way he treats people, so unfortunately it was hard for me to have actual sympathy for him.

(He was not naked. Phab just put the blanket over him this way to look like he was for his drawing.)

Anyway. Phab apologizes over and over again and assures him that nothing happened between them, but Maze isn’t trying to hear it. A part of him thinks that Phab is lying and he even accuses Phab of making it all up when Phab tells him that he wouldn’t stop talking about Neung when he was drunk. Then the episode basically ends right after this.

As I said, this was all filler and this little drunk stunt was basically the meat of the episode. We do get a brief scene of Neung alone in his room, looking at old pictures of him and a very uncharacteristically happy Maze together, which lets me know that they did indeed have a relationship before. Neung even looks all pitiful and dramatic and says out loud that he is sorry and he knows that he is the reason that they ended, it’s all his fault.

So, now I’m not entirely sure what to think about whoever our couples are going to be. At first I thought the main couple would be Phab and Maze while the secondary couple would be Neung and Tharn. But after this episode, it seems that Neung still has feelings for Maze and the things he does with Tharn is strictly for fan service and buzz about their upcoming BL drama together.

Idk…I just hope that this doesn’t turn into a love triangle. I haven’t been having much luck with the dramas I’ve been choosing in terms of there not being a love triangle. For a while love triangles were dying down within media, but recently it seems that they have made another resurgence and I just can’t with all that. So I am praying for no love triangle or love square. If a love triangle appears and takes over the central storyline, I just might quit this series.

Anyways! Thanks for reading, if you’ve made it this far. Overall, this episode left me feeling rather “meh” and I’m hoping that episode 4 is much better and has more substance.

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