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Our Skyy – Almost here!

Ever since I first discovered Thai dramas 2 years ago, I have quickly become a fan of the production company GMMTV. They have some really good series and do not shy away when it comes to LGBT relationships.

One of the new series coming out that has international fans super excited is Our Skyy which are pretty much just one shots or ‘chapters’ of popular BL couples from different tv series. Out of the 5 couples that will have their own little story, I can only really say that I am excited to watch two of them. Maybe three. And that’s a big maybe. The couples are:

Arthit & Kongpob – SOTUS: The Series

Pick & Rome – Secret Love Puppy Honey

Pete & Kao – Kiss Me Again

Tee & Mork – Cause You’re My Boy (Or something like that…)

In & Sun – My Dear Loser (I think..?)

Lol sorry for not knowing for sure. I’ve only ever seen SOTUS and SLPH. The other three shows didn’t really appeal to me so I didn’t watch them. The couples also don’t really catch my interest so that’s why I’m not excited.

Kongpob and Arthit are my absolute FAVE! They were the first BL couple that actually made me squeal and smile like an idiot so…yay for being great actors lol. And Pick and Rome were just funny to me. They were such opposites but it was always so interesting to see Pick get all jealous and soft over Rome, so that’s why I like them. The only other couple I would be interested in watching is Pete and Kao. I’ve seen clips of their relationship on YouTube and it seems interesting. I just don’t really care enough to watch the series to catch up on the happenings of their relationship. But I still might give their little story in Our Skyy a chance.

The episodes will be released every Friday at 8pm Thai time, but of course, since I am an international fan, I have to wait for some blessed soul to sub the episodes. I’ll be back later with my review of the first episode! 🙂


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