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[Sotus S] Episode 1

So it has been two years since the completion of SOTUS: The Series and I am finally getting around to watching the second season, SOTUS S. Sotus just happens to be the series that sparked my love for Thai dramas and catapulted me into the world of BL. It wasn’t the very first BL drama that I watched (the first few were trash). But it was the first that I truly enjoyed. As someone who loves reading and writing, a good story line is a must for me. SOTUS: The Series gave me a great story line with good acting and a fluffy romance. It made my little heart squee in adoration.

I was super pumped when I found out that a season two was coming out. Season 2 finished in March 2018, and I am just now getting around to watching it. Why has it taken me a year to finally start watching it? Well, to be honest, I just don’t want it to ennndddd! 🙁 I love the SOTUS universe so freakin much and I know that there isn’t going to be a season three. Once I finish season two, that’s it; it’s over. And it makes me sad lol. So I’ve been prolonging it for an entire year. I even re-watched the first season to prep myself for season two and still never got around to watching it.

So I decided I just have to suck it up and get on with it and I watched the first episode tonight. Right away, Arthit is still the grumpy tsunder that we have grown to love. And Kongpob is still the smooth sweet talker that we all absolutely adore. Their relationship is still a bit of cat and mouse, with Kongpob having to chase after Arthit for attention because he gets super shy over every single little thing. Season one started and ended with Kongpob being a freshman and Arthit being a junior. In season 2, Kongpob is now a senior and the head hazer of the engineering faculty, and Arthit is starting his first day of working in the real world.

There are tons of new characters that we are going to get to know and many familiar faces too. We got to see all old faces of the previous hazers as well as some of Kongpob’s friends from his freshman year. We are also introduced to a new freshman who likes to cause a whole bunch of trouble for no reason. He’s just aggravated at the world and honestly, he’s already freakin annoying.

I think the writers/director wanted to make him out to be another Kongpob but this guy isn’t likable. Kongpob was. This new guy is mean and angry and acts like people are holding power over his head when they aren’t. He also complains a lot. Kongpob was sweet and only became difficult when he was standing up for what was right and sassy when he was flirting with Arthit. So the difference in personalities is striking. He is clearly going to have a major story line with one of the senior hazers, Tew. I don’t know if it’s going to be a BL relationship or just a senior-junior relationship. Probably the latter since no one really talks about them anywhere in the BL forums lol.

Or maybe the writers wanted to make their relationship like Prem and Wad from season one (which I am still bitter that their story line got ZERO development and everyone not so secretly shipped them. Two hotheads together?? bring it on! But alas, we got nothing). Justice for Prem and Wad!!

*double sigh*

This first episode was basically just an introduction to all the characters and setting up what the storylines are going to be. Tew is going to be dealing with that mean freshman (I think his name is Dae?), Kongpob and Arthit are going to be exploring issues in their relationship, M and May might get a storyline since M still likes May and STILL hasn’t asked her out even though it’s been three years, and there is going to be a couple of other storylines being explored with some new characters.

Right now it feels like a lot will be happening and I’m hoping that things don’t get all lost and muddled with all the different storylines going on. Overall, I am excited to watch this new season even though I still have this impending sense of doom lol. I just don’t want it to end! SOTUS is by far one of my absolute favorite tv series with characters that I adore. I hope season two lives up to what season one was able to deliver.

For this series, I will be writing episode reviews instead of recaps because recaps just take too darn long to write lol. That explains why I still haven’t finished my recaps for Love By Chance even though I finished watching the series a long time ago. I’ll get around to it eventually.

Until next time!

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