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[Review] EN of Love – Love Mechanics

Love Mechanics is the second mini series to come out of the EN of Love universe. This story follows Mark and Vee. Mark is a young engineering student who is finally getting over being rejected by a guy that he liked, named Bar (from the first series). One night at the club, he gets so wasted that he thinks one of his engineering seniors named Vee is Bar and starts whining at him to please like him and kiss him. Vee tries to tell him that he is not Bar and that he should just get over Bar and move on. But Mark is too drunk to think straight and he wants to kiss Vee who he still somewhat thinks is Bar. Vee makes out with him and this is the beginning of their relationship.

Mark wakes up the next morning mildly confused but he remembers what happened between him and Vee. It’s not clarified if they actually had sex but it can be interpreted either way; they could have, but they also could not have. The main issues here, regardless if they had sex or not, is the fact that drunk consent is NOT consent, and that Vee has a girlfriend. One he has been dating for a long time and they are known as a famous campus couple.

Mark wants to forget the whole thing ever happened and move on with his life. But Vee has caught feelings that he doesn’t recognize as romantic feelings yet, and can’t seem to stay away from Mark. This is where the true development between them begins.

This mini series was much better than the first one in EN of Love and I found that I actually enjoyed it. As with any series, there were things that I had issues with but there were also things that I really liked. So let’s get into it.

What I liked:

  • These actors were much better than the actors in the first series. I won’t say they are more experienced because I honestly don’t know that, but they did a good job and I wasn’t cringing in second-hand embarrassment like with the first series.
  • The actor that played Mark?? Who is this guy?? Someone give this man another series! He did such a good job and I would like to see him in another series.
  • The actors and story line in this series were much more believable than the previous series.
  • I, as the viewer, was aware of how much time was passing between scenes and episodes for the most part. There were times that the amount of time that has passed was actually placed on the screen and I appreciated that. It was much easier to follow.
  • Even though there were only 4 episodes, the story was told fairly well and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. This was a mini series that was actually satisfying as a mini series. A plot like this one can easily become dragged out and cliche so I liked that it was short and to the point.
  • Supportive friend groups! Mark’s friends are literally the best in the world! lol. When it came down to his emotional health and relationship safety with Vee, they stepped up in a way that I was not expecting and all I could do was just applaud them. It was even crazier because one of Mark’s female friends and seniors was also in Vee’s friend group, and she was NOT having it with Vee and what he was putting Mark through. That slap across the face caught me completely off guard lol!
  • Cheating wasn’t glamorized in this series which I appreciated. They explored the issues that take place when cheating happens and when one person bounces back and forth between two people. They also show how one can be hurt when that person gets involved with someone who is still emotionally involved with someone else. Everyone gets hurt eventually in these situations.
  • I like that Mark made Vee work for what he wanted. Forgiveness doesn’t come easily when lies have been told and stupid decisions have been made.
  • Mark and Vee were actually cute together when they were happy and not going through drama

What I didn’t like:

  • Cheating. I know I said that I liked how cheating wasn’t glamorized and that’s still true. But I still don’t like cheating. Why can’t people just be faithful?
  • The reason for the cheating between our main couple was stupid. Like, it was actually the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.
  • Mark was a bit of a pushover in the first two episodes. I understand many Asian countries have this whole age hierarchy thing but that doesn’t mean you have to allow someone to walk all over you to the point where you are uncomfortable and bothered every day so you actively try to avoid that person. THAT’S UNHEALTHY.
  • Everyone broadcasted absolutely everything on social media. WTF?? Your whole life does not need to be put on Facebook or Instagram or broadcasted in a group chat. This is why young people don’t have healthy relationships nowadays. Wow, that makes me sound old lol. I swear I’m not old, I’m actually in the same generation as the people in this series. I just don’t understand the people in my own generation. My parents taught me that everyone doesn’t need to know your business. And they don’t! At first I thought the whole group chat thing and social media blasts were strictly for the first series, Tossara. But it’s in this series too and I hate it.
  • It gets confusing when people would refer to each other with family names. I know that’s a thing that is done in Thai culture, but as an international viewer, it’s hard to distinguish who is actually related sometimes. I try to decipher the rapid fire Thai being spoken in the series so I don’t have to rely so much on the subtitles and English translations which aren’t always correct, but who am I kidding? I can’t speak Thai.
  • Vee couldn’t kiss lolllll. Mark wasn’t so bad but Vee just kinda sat there slack-jawed which made it weird.

I guess that’s it for this review. I liked this mini series much more than the first one. It seemed to be better written and the actors were better for sure. The relationship between the characters was not perfect by any means and I do not personally condone a lot of what took place in this series. But I still enjoyed the episodes. I hope to see the actor that played Mark in more series because he was quite good, especially when his character finally grew a backbone and stopped taking Vee’s sh*t lol.

There is one more series in EN of Love and I’m hoping the best has been saved for last. If you’re interested in watching EN of Love, I suggest skipping the first series and watching this one. It didn’t feel like a waste of time like the first one did. But just like I said with the first series, find the links for LINE TV because whoever is making the subtitles on YouTube is on the struggle bus lol

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