[Sotus S] Episode 10

I would like to offer a quick apology for such a long absence between my SOTUS reviews. I seriously have no excuse besides laziness, distractions, and still not wanting SOTUS to end. So anyway!

In episode 10, we are still at the beach with the company having fun. But things turn awry quickly when P’Danai finds out that the new product they have been producing (the one P’John’s team presented) have all been rejected. All the different departments call a meeting with their staff members at the beach and call off the fun activities.

We find out that the product is a smokeless griller but they are being rejected because the materials they are made with are below standard. The plastic that holds certain parts together melts as soon as the grill gets hot. This causes all the other parts of the grill to fall apart. Now everyone is running around in panic because if they don’t fix the issue and sell to the original buyer, the company will lose a great deal of money.

And guess who is nowhere to be found during all of this…

P’John! And I am not the least bit surprised.

Tod is the one who initiated the project as it was his idea; P’john was just taking the credit for it like the lazy bum he is. And that day when Tod overheard John and Som-O talking about stealing other people’s ideas, John asked if he could be the one to find suppliers for the materials to make the grill. Tod agreed because John wasn’t really giving him a choice anyway.

I have a feeling that John did this on purpose just to make Tod look bad. That’s probably why he has not made an appearance after everything has gone downhill.

But after much searching and countless phone calls, Arhtit is able to find a new supplier. So even though it’s Sunday, Arthit, Tod, and P’Earth go to the new supplier to pick up the new materials. And this whoooolllee freakin time, Som-O is just sitting around looking guilty. She knows that she and John are wrong for what they did and now she is too scared to tell the truth!

After Arthit, Tod and P’Earth leave, P’Danai is completely stumped as to how something like this could happen. After all, he has been working in the company for 20 years and he has never made a mistake like this. He is the one that places the final stamp of approval on the documents in order to get the products made and shipped out.

When he says that he feels responsible for everything, he says that he feels like he should resign for causing such a large scale mistake. This causes Som-O to cry. Not being able to stomach her guilt anymore, she admits that the final documents were forged. P’John forged them and she helped by switching them with the old documents and gave the new ones to P’Danai.

Meanwhile, at the new supplier, things aren’t looking good because the new supplier is annoyed that Ocean Electric needs this rush order. Since they need so many, he won’t have all of them done in time because he will not allow his company to stop all other business orders in order to complete this one.

So can we say, STRESSED? Sheesh..

This entire episode was employees running around trying to fix this large order. The company that Arhtit, P’Earth, and Tod went to could only complete 30% of the order by the short deadline (which was only two days). The production department from Ocean Electric could complete 20% as they had some of the better product in storage from producing grills a few years ago.

We see Kongpob thinking and looking at his phone. Kongpob has constantly been trying to help this entire episode and finally the episode ends with him taking a call and running to P’Danai. He tells him that he can help and has a new supplier on the phone. So he hands the phone to P’Danai and P’Danai walks away to talk on the phone in private.

I have a hunch that Kongpob called his father and asked his company to produce the rest of the missing materials. Idk if I mentioned it before but Kongpob’s dad also owns a company. Kongpob’s family has moneeeeyyyyy lol. We don’t know for sure if that’s who Kongpob asked for help because the episode ended before we could find out. But I have a gut feeling that it might be.

So that’s the end of episode 10. But before it goes off, we get a special clip of Arhtit and Kongpop. Kongpob has hurt his ankle and calls Arthit for help. Since Kongpob can’t walk, Arhtit offers to carry him on his back and walk him back home.

Kong tries to talk him out of it. He doesn’t want arthtit to feel obligated to take care of him, especially when he knows that Arthit still doesn’t want people to know about them. But Arthit insists and says, “we’re dating aren’t we?”

This catches Kongpob off guard completely (me too, honestly) because Arhtit never says things like this. Even though they are dating, Arhtit never says it out loud lol. So I thought the gesture was really sweet. It was obvious that Kong was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after this ^_^

Episode 11 looks like it’s going to be messsyyyyyy and my nerves are already on edge, ugh!

Lol but that’s all for today. If you’re new here, start from the beginning of my reviews 🙂

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