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[Dark Blue Kiss] Episode 6

Episode 6 picks up where episode 5 leaves off with Sun driving Mork somewhere we don’t know yet. Like I said before, he basically kidnapped him because it’s becoming more and more apparent that he likes him and just wants to spend time with him. But in the first half of the episode, we actually don’t get that much from them. This is super unfortunate for me because I’m so annoyed by the whole Pete/Kao/Non foolishness.

I’ve made it known that their screentime aggravates me because they are allowing a kid to come between them. Kao still believes that Non is an innocent, troubled child. But he’s not! He might have issues with his dad but he is still a manipulative little prick that is going after someone who is already in a relationship. What is there to like about that?

Reading some of the comments online, it really baffles me that people like Non. Whether it’s been said out loud or not, he is purposely going after someone who is already taken. This is not okay. He knows Pete and Kao are in a relationship. Since when is going after someone that’s already taken a likeable character trait? Since when is causing dissension between a couple cute? I don’t get it. Because if he were a female, people wouldn’t be having any of this!

Pete and Kao have their own issues to work out, yes, I know. But their issues have nothing to do with Non and he needs to go away. Such a conniving, manipulative little brat. I find myself caring less and less about Pete and Kao because of this.

Is Pete really negative and coming off insecure? Yes. But if you were dating someone that didn’t claim you as their significant other (when you have been in a relationship together for three years already!), would this not bother you? If your significant other continued to entertain a person who you have made known that you do not feel comfortable around (and was secretly making threats to break up your relationship), would this not bother you??

The kid is bamboozling everyone into thinking he is innocent and that you are just a mean jerk. Your own boyfriend does not believe you have a valid reason to dislike the the kid. The kid is making threats to your face that he is going to come between you and your boyfriend. Yet everyone thinks you are overreacting.

Would this not upset you? Would this not make you feel insecure? Would this not make you feel like you are slowly losing your mind??

Pete is hotheaded. We know that. But he has every reason to be acting the way he is acting and I haaaatttee how insensitive Kao is to his own boyfriend’s feelings. I mean, Pete straight up told him, “if you would call me your boyfriend infront of our friends, I would feel so much better”. Meaning, if Kao would freakin at least be honest about who they are to each other, Pete would not have to feel like he has so much to protect. A relationship should not have to be a secret. And it definitely should not have to be a competition.

Pete was honest and actually showed some vulnerability by saying this. And what was Kao’s response to this? He called him DRAMATIC.

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This is fine. Everything is fine…

I am completely over their screentime for right now. So the rest of this review is going to focus on Sun and Mork. And a little bit of Rain.

Sun & Mork

Sun and Mork have been driving all through the night. Sun is trying to find the farm that sells good coffee beans so he takes Mork far out into the countryside to the farm he thinks sells the beans. It turns out they don’t and the farm that does is way out in a neighboring town.

Since Sun and Mork are gone, Rain is left to run the cafe all by himself. He is flustered and struggling but Manow comes in, sees he’s alone, then offers her help. Rain likes Manow but Manow only sees him as a friend. She takes more interest in Mork but Mork doesn’t even realize this because he’s too busy spending time with Sun.

So now we have a guy chasing a girl who is chasing another guy, when this guy is currently being wooed by yet another guy.

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Drama yall. Drama.

So anyways. Mork and Sun go get some food before heading out to find this new farm. While eating, they start playing around, seasoning each others food and Mork puts too many spicy peppers in Sun’s. Sun gets up to go ask for more soup to dilute the spiciness, but as he gets up, he runs into one of the male workers and spills some soup on him.

This worker gets all angry and starts causing a scene even though Sun is apologizing and it was clearly an accident. This makes Mork mad and he gets up to defend Sun. Oooofff coourrrsse this starts a fight. But to be fair, Mork did not start it this time. He was actually walking away from the almost fight, when the guy takes Sun’s bowl and throws the BOILING HOT soup at his back. So noooow it’s a real fight smh.

Sun is able to break it up and drag Mork away. The next scene is them trying to find a place to sleep for the night. The little inn that they find only has one more room available and it only has one bed. They both pretend to be okay with it but there is tension between them for two reasons. 1) they both are starting to like each other. 2) Sun is mad at Mork for fighting while Mork is mad at Sun for not letting him defend him.

After Mork gets out the shower, Sun puts some healing gel on Mork’s burn then goes to take a shower for himself. That night, Sun is woken up by mork who is out on the balcony playing a guitar and singing. And mild shock, Mork can sing yall! He has a pretty, soothing voice that goes so well with acoustic guitar.

Anyway, Sun comes out the room to listen to him sing and Mork stops, saying that he doesn’t like having an audience. Sun sits down and they start to talk a little about themselves. Sun is surprised to see this side of Mork and Mork is surprised to find out that Sun used to be angry and violent just like him, but he changed for his parents. He didn’t want them to feel any type of regret or resentment towards him.

Then randomly, Mork asks Sun if he likes men.

This question literally came out of nowhere but he has probably been wondering about this for a while since he is starting to like Sun. And I mean…how else would he know unless he asks, right? So instead of saying yes or no, Sun kisses him.

It’s real tentative and sweet. Sun pulls back to make sure things are alright and then goes for more!

And let’s not be blind to the fact that Mork kisses him back.

Sun then asks him if he also likes men. But Mork gets all in his feelings and says that he doesn’t know. Then he rushes back into the room and leaves Sun alone outside.

The next day things are awkward and weird between them at first and Mork tries to blame the kiss on him being drunk. But we all know that ain’t true. Sun tells him that he knows the kiss made him feel uncomfortable so he promises not to bring it up anymore.

They end up finding the farm that sells the coffee beans Sun has been looking for and while there, Sun and Mork spend more time together. It’s obvious they are having a good time. But when it’s time to leave, they run into the guy from the restaurant they fought before and his goons. He’s clearly still holding a grudge and wants to fight again.

Now let’s pause for a second. I am sick and tired of this trope in dramas. There is a fight to cause some tension. The bad guy loses. Then the bad guy comes back with friends to “teach them a lesson”. But the whole thing is to get the main characters to realize how much they like each other.

I’m. over it.

It’s such a played out concept and is honestly very petty. But yet, here we are. So they fight again. Bam. Boom. Smack.

And Sun gets hit across his forearm with a thick stick while blocking a hit that was meant for Mork. He goes down immediately which tells me he most likely cracked a bone or something. Then the episode ends.

Ugh! The episode was obviously ended there to make us want to watch more (which I will) but I’m still annoyed by it lol.

I am excited to see more development between Mork and Sun because it’s evident now that they like each other. Especially Sun. He is not ashamed to admit and show his feelings because his sexuality is not hidden and he is comfortable with himself. Mork, on the otherhand, has most likely never had feelings for a guy before and these new feelings scare him.

I personally feel he is more frightened than confused. He knows his real feelings, he is just scared to admit them. I think this is okay as long as he does not play around with Sun’s feelings or do or say anything disrespectful to him about being gay.

I also want to point out that he pretty much already admitted his fearful feelings in his song he was singing on the balcony.

So anywhoooo! That’s the end of this episode. My next review may or may not contain more MorkSun than PeteKao because Pete and Kao and their whole mess are annoying. I am more interested in Mork and Sun and I have been ever since Kiss Me Again.

Until next time ~

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