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[Sotus S] Episode 11

Episode 11 picks up right where episode 10 leaves off, with Kongpob and P’Danai finishing up the phone call with the new supplier. And it turns out I was right. Kongpob called his father and asked if his company will produce the rest of the materials. Tod asks if he can be the one to go and meet with the new supplier because he wants to take responsibility. Arthtit asks to go along too and P’Danai agrees.

While there, everything goes well and the new supplier is happy to help. But as Arthit is leaving, he sees a large family photo on the wall and guess who’s in the photo? Kongpob. And now Arthit is standing there looking like this.

He is visibily bothered by this but I freakin swear! If Arthit gets mad over this, I’m going to flip! He gets mad over every little thing and this is why Kongpob said before he never knows how close to get to him because stuff always bothers him. And he shouldn’t forget that Kongpob did try to tell him about this before he left to visit the supplier. But freakin Tod was so worked up and ready to go, he kept barking at Arthit to hurry up. So Kongpob never got the chance.

So the next day….Arthit is mad smh. He’s being really dismissive and mean to Kongpob by basically ignoring him and he even left early in the morning when they usually go to work together. Kongpob tried to tell him again what his connection to the new supplier is but Arthit cuts him off and dismisses him.

It’s moments like these where I really don’t understand Arthit and he gets on my nerves the most. He gets mad at Kongpob for not telling him things because he doesn’t want any secrets between them. But when Kongpob tries to tell him things, he ignores him and never lets him speak.

P’Earth and Tod are noticing how Arthit is treating Kongpob now but they aren’t saying anything. Tod did try to be overly nice to him to try and soften the blow of Arthit’s meanness. But let’s be real, nothing can soften the blow of Arthit’s meanness.

In the meantime, we get to see a little bit of P’Yong and Nai. P’Yong made up an excuse to deliver something to the QC department where Nai works just so he could see him. While there, they don’t even speak. They just stare and smile and make googly eyes at each other lol. It’s actually kinda cute, not gonna lie. I just wish their relationship can get more development.

So anyway, Arthit is still giving Kongpob the cold shoulder. And like always, Kongpob is confused. But while they are busy not knowing how to talk to each other, John finally shows back up at work. Apparently he was on vacation in China. So P’Danai calls him in and confronts him, telling him that he knows what he did. But dishonest until the end, John denies it.

But P’Danai isn’t having it and tells him that the company has suspended him from work and he needs to go home. Som-O on the otherhand is not being suspended since she admitted to her wrongdoing. But she is no longer getting the bonus and she is receiving a 15% pay cut for 6 months. Ouch.

So after all this has happened, guess who is out spreading business that isn’t hers to share??

The gossip queen herself, P’Durian the stinky fruit.

So I finally figured out that she works in the HR department. And she just couldn’t wait to spread the news about what she saw at the beach between Arthit and Kongpob. She took photos of them smooching and sent the picture (along with the rest of the photos) to THE ENTIRE COMPANY!!! And now I’m pissed.

Who does this??? Who really does this????

You have to really hate your life and everyone around you to out someone without their knowledge or permission. What. The actual. FU**.

She can destroy their future job prospects and ruin their social life! She has no idea how other people are going to react and treat them because of this. I am disgusted by her and how careless she is. I now offically hate her. She doesn’t even deserve for me to add the respectful ‘P’ in front of her name. She is now just Stinky Durian.

So now everyone has these photos and Arthtit is a mixture of furious and scared. Kongpob is the only one that doesn’t know about it because, since he is the intern and not on the company mailing list, he was not sent all the photos. He is still chasing after Arthit because he thinks he is still mad at him for not telling him that the new supplier was his father. Little does he know that’s not it all. And when he approaches Arthit, he ignores him and practically runs away from him. Poor Kongpob. He really doesn’t deserve this.

And that’s where this episode ends smh. Episode 12 looks like it’s going to be another mess. I’ve seen clips of tears and I’m trying to prepare myself. Arhtit and Kongpob are one of my OTPs. I need them to work this mess out and Arthit needs to stop being such a jerk!

Annnyyywaayyss..I guess that’s all for now 🙁

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