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The Stranded episode 3, so far, has been the episode that’s really gotten me antsy. Episode 3 has been the most eerie and has given the viewer brief glimpses into deeper stories. I still have no idea where any of the storylines are taking us and I keep asking myself how on earth will everything get answered in only 7 episodes.

In this episode, we get to know a little more about another character, a girl named Nahm. She is a quiet girl that everyone tolerates. People mostly just think she is strange and keep their distance from her. They don’t go out of their way to bully her like they do Arisa.

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Nahm is strange because she can sense things. She doesn’t have ‘powers’ or anything like that but she can sense auras and evils and other things like that. For example, she knew right away that Kraam has some kind of connection to the island. She also knows that Ice (the troublemaker that’s dating Ying) has done something really bad in the past. Although she doesn’t know what it is, she knows that it’s extremely bad because of the aura that surrounds him.

Ice is also starting to have flashbacks of whatever it is he has done and I can only assume he has murdered someone. While walking aorund the island, he found a dead body under some rubbish and the hand sticking out looked like the hand in his flashback. Only, in his flashback, the hand is surrounded by a puddle of blood.

He takes to drinking some alcohol he finds and smoking weed that he has hidden to try and get rid of the building anxiety he’s feeling now. But things just continue to get worse for him as Ying finds him smoking and tries to stop him because she knows his heart is bad. But he gets angry and pushes her, telling her to leave and never come back.

So I guess this is their breakup or whatever. This leaves it wide open for Ying to start putting the moves on Arisa who she has been spending a lot of time with.

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It’s been looking like Arisa is starting to like Ying. But I’m not sure if she actually likes her romantically or if she is just surprised that someone is finally not being mean to her. So, she could like her. But she could also just like the feeling of finally having a friend.

Ying thinks that Arisa is starting to like her romantically and kisses her. But when Arisa doesn’t kiss her back, things get awkward. Ying apologizes and tells Arisa that she thought she was feeling the same way, but it looks like that wasn’t the case.

Ying moves too fast for me. She just got into an argument with her boyfriend, breaks up, and kisses somebody new all within a few hours. Liiikkeee…girl! Slow the heck down.

Meanwhile, Ice is as high as a kite and drunk out of his mind. He finds his way back down to the beach and starts to pick fights with people who are hard at work. But he messes with the wrong guy and the guy starts to completely pummel Ice. It literally takes five people to pull the guy off of Ice and when they finally do, Ice is having some kind of attack.

Remember, Ice has a heart condition. All of this crazy activity (smoking, drinking, fighting) has caused his heart to go into overdrive and the kids on the beach have to rush to take him to May – the girl who is serving as the nurse among them.

Aside from all of this, it is now made completely apparent that May is not satisfied in her relationship with Anan. They have sex and the only one that enjoys it is Anan. May leaves shortly after to go check on the teacher that washed up ashore in the last episode. When she leaves, Anan can sense that something is not right between them.

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Anan and May have some secrets between them that are coming to light. Not anything dramatic, just things that they never told each other. Such as, Anan knowing how to play the piano. He stepped away from music years ago when a concert went bad (he was the conductor) due to his first violinist not following his orders. Anan’s dad shamed him for this and told him he wasn’t good enough (his dad was a renouned conductor or something like that).

May likes music and wanted to be a singer for many years. But she kept this to herself due to all the pressure and expectations placed on her. After telling Anan this, he told her that being a singer “doesn’t seem like her”. This of course made May sad because she feels that Anan does not know the real her. He also adds to the pressure and unwanted expectations placed on her without really knowing he’s doing it.

So things between them are awkward while she is obviously developing feelings for Kraam. Kraam sees the real her and never tries to hold her back. He is easy to talk to and lets her explore and try things which is something May has probably never done with Anan or her family.

Kraam let her try spear fishing for the first time and May admits that Anan never wants her to do stuff like that. He would rather her stay in the infirmary. It honestly just sounds like Anan is trapped in a different era and needs to be brought back to the present.

She never smiles like this with Anan but she does with Kraam.

Things aren’t looking so good for Anan and May. But for some good news, Anan’s name has been placed on the list of people going on the boat due to the fact that he is the only one left on the island that knows how to sail. So, yay, I guess.

The situation with Jack is getting worse. The antibiotics are doing absolutely nothing for his wound and the infection is getting worse and worse as the hours pass. He’s in a lot of pain and even admits that he’s tired of fighting because the pain is too much. His leg went from having a raw wound near the ankle, to the wound being infected, to the lower half of his leg turning purple, to it now being lumpy, raw and red looking. Poor thing. And Krit, Jacks boyfriend, seems to be more worried about it than Jan, Jack’s sister.

Jan is weird and I don’t really like her. She presents herself like a leader but really she is the ringleader of the bullying that gets thrown at Arisa. She also gives off weird vibes around her brother and Krit and it’s just sooo….strange. I don’t trust her even more than I don’t trust Ying. I don’t trust Ying when it comes to relationships and dealing with people’s feelings. The way I don’t trust Jan is much deeper than that. She almost gives off the vibe of being secretly evil.

Anyway, the episode ends with Arisa sneaking away into the forest to try and crack a code she has been trying to solve. Ying was supposed to go with her but since things are awkward after the kiss, Arisa left without telling her. Professor Lin – the teacher that washed ashore – is also alive and awake. It was weird because she was humming in her sleep and now she has finally opened her eyes.

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crack that code girl

This episode was really intense and I have no idea what to expect in the next episode. Is Ice gonna die from his crazy heart palpitations? Will his secret come to light? Will Arisa get lost in the woods? Are Anan and May gonna break up? Is Jack going to die from his infection? Is Jan really evil? Where the heck did Professor Lin come from?? What about Nahm and her aura ‘powers’??

I have so many questiioonnsss!

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