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[Love By Chance] Episode 4 Recap

Wow, it has been a whole month since I have written a recap. Sorry for the delay but life got the better of me. Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

Episode 3 ended with Pete getting the living daylights pummeled out of him and Ae coming to save him and setting him up in a hotel room for the night. Episode 4 opens up with Pete exiting the bathroom after getting all cleaned up from being bruised, bloody, and wet from the rain.

Ae is still there for him and tells him that they need to put some ointment on the bruises so they can heal properly. Pete is shy at first and seems to be apprehensive about taking off his clothes. Ae laughs this off and says “are you shy? I’m a guy too, remember?” And in my head I’m just like “Oh Ae, you precious bean. Pete is gay remember?”

So now we get this clip of Ae stripping off Pete’s robe and secretly admiring his body while doing it.

So Ae applies the ointment to his wounds and the sad yet romantic music is playing in the background and the two share a moment. Ae is being super gentle not to hurt Pete anymore than he already is but since he’s staring at Pete’s body and all up in his face in general, he can truly see how pretty Pete is.

And so then he starts feeling some things inside and gets all squirmish, so to ease the tension (for himself) he presses hard on one of Pete’s bruises to make him flinch and take the attention off of their little moment -__- I would have rather he just told him he liked him so, -2

Then Ae tells Pete that since he’s doing a little better now, he’ll leave and that he needs to lock the door. But Pete is traumatized and asks Ae to stay with him for the night. Ae agrees because he fears that Crazy Villain might come back. He offers to sleep on the floor so Pete won’t be uncomfortable but of course Pete doesn’t like that idea so they share the bed.

Ae can see that Pete is still feeling sad so he cradles his face and tells him that that’s the way he comforts his niece when she is sad and crying. Then Pete shocks us all and asks Ae if he could hold his face like that throughout the night until he falls asleep. But instead of being shocked, Ae thinks it’s cute and agrees. He goes to take a shower for the night and they go to sleep.

Pete tosses and turns because he’s having nightmare type flashbacks of being beaten up by Crazy Villain so he wakes up sweaty and nervous. He’s obviously suffering from PTSD, but when he wakes up and sees his protector Ae lying next to him he starts to feel safer and goes back to sleep. But not before Ae subconsciously rolls over in his sleep and wraps his arms around Pete. Cute! +5

And while it’s not surprising one bit, they wake up like this…

Ae wakes up first and is completely shocked and confused as to how he was sleeping on Pete’s chest. He stares at Pete utterly baffled and we can see the wheels turning in his head as he stares at the beautiful angel Pete lying in bed still sleeping. His shock then turns to curiosity and he starts trying to feel up on Pete’s chest while he’s still sleeping and take a better look at his chest. But kudos to Ae for not being a rapey creep and stopping. +5

This is the first time we truly see Ae contemplating the type of feelings he has for Pete. He’s shocked, he’s confused….and he’s horny. So he runs to the bathroom to calm himself and it’s the funniest thing to see him trying to talk away his arousal.

After his “little man” calms down, he goes back out to watch some TV until Pete wakes up. Finally he does wake up and Ae gets nervous again and starts apologizing. But having just woken up, Pete is confused. So Ae, realizing that Pete truly was asleep when he was trying to feel up on his chest and has no idea what he’s talking about, plays it off and says he’s apologizing for waking him up. Then Pete gets in the shower so they can get dressed and leave. While in the shower, Ae has another little monologue, asking himself what the heck was he thinking. Again, thank you Ae for actually feeling guilty and not being a creep. +2

Jump to the next scene and Ae is walking Pete to his car so he can go home. Poor Pete’s face is still all red and bruised up and we can see that this makes Ae upset every time he looks at Pete’s face. So before Pete can get in his car, Ae stops him and demands that whenever he walks anywhere that he texts Ae ten minutes before he leaves and also to let him know wherever else he chooses to go. It’s on the borderline of being romantic and obsessive and I don’t know how I feel about it.

Ae’s protective instinct has kicked into overdrive now that his feelings for Pete are increasing, but slow down Ae. Let’s not be extra. But Pete, being ever the passive human that he is, agrees without hesitation and finally leaves. But not before Ae grabs his hand and writes down his phone number on his palm and tells him to give him a call when he gets a new phone.

Then we meet yet another new character. Some high school girl trying to get her bag that’s about to fall into some water. How her bag got like this…

…I’ll never understand. So she’s reaching for her bag, right? And of course she loses her balance and almost falls in. Ae, who happens to be passing by, sees her and goes to save her because he’s a superhero. He get’s her bag for her then leaves without a second thought. But she ends up watching him walk away like this…

…and now I’m annoyed. She will clearly be an issue in later episodes as she has fallin in love with Ae just because he saved her. Boooooo -10

And is that food in her teeth? Lollll +5

But now I have questions. Who is this girl? She has on a high school uniform which means she does not attend the university because she’s too young, so what the heck is she doing on a college campus?

Anyway, jump to being in class with Ae and Annoying Roommate bursts in the room cursing Ae for not being there this morning to wake him up so now he’s late for class (despite the fact that the teacher wasn’t even there yet and class hadn’t started). After Ae tells him that he did return to the room to wake him, Annoying Roommate jumps to finding out the reason why he slept somewhere else the night before and accuses him of having sex with Pete. Ae is instantly annoyed (just like me) and threatens Annoying Roommate until he shuts up. I really dislike Annoying Roommate. -2

Jump cut to class being over and Ae is standing on the balcony of his room lost in thought. Annoying Roommate comes out the shower (I swear Thais shower in tv series ten times a day) and starts calling to him but Ae is so lost in thought thinking about Pete that he doesn’t hear him. Finally he almost opens up to Roommate to ask him if it’s possible to just suddenly get aroused. Roommate gets all dramatic and starts thanking the gods that Ae can actually even feel sexually aroused and tells him that he’s 18, not 80, so yes it’s possible to suddenly get aroused.

Then he ruins the moment by offering to show him his porn collection so that he can “get it out” and not be aroused any more. But Ae refuses, thank goodness, so +5. He chooses to go for a run instead…but he goes running in his school uniform and still has that trash running form that I hate, so -5.

So he runs to an empty field so he can have some alone time to do some thinking. But Pete ends up texting him to thank him and tell him that he won’t be coming back to school for a few days until his bruises stop hurting. Ae gets all giddy just to be texting Pete and is smiling at his phone like an idiot in love and I’m living for it. +10

Annnnnd cue the cute, romantic song in the background. And I just have to say that I absolutely love the fact that this series has so many former Love Sick actors and has the original theme song from the series, ‘Shake’, playing throughout the episodes! On this particular scene, it’s just sooo fitting and it makes my heart flutter a little bit at the nostalgia as well as the new love I have growing for this series. +100

We jump to see how Pete is taking all of this and we see that he’s in bed while texting Ae and says aloud how aside from his own mother, Ae’s number is the first and only number in his phone. He’s giddy. I’m giddy. Love is blossoming. +20

Now it’s the next day and Ae and Pete meet Annoying Roommate at the canteen to get some food. Ae makes the mistake of leaving Pete alone with Roommate in order to go get the food for the both of them. Roommate does not miss this opportunity to hound him and try to set him up. He invites him to go see a movie on Saturday telling him that Ae will be there too. So, like the naive bean that he is, he agrees. Then Ae comes back and Roommate tells Ae that Pete will be going to see a movie with them and invites him to also come. Now Pete is confused because he thought Ae was already going. Roommate starts doing some fast talking then quickly gets up to leave, leaving Ae and Pete looking confused about what the heck just happened.


So we follow Roommate for a change of pace and lo and behold, who does he run into? Barista Girl! And he has no problem upping the anty at being irritating.

But Barista Girl isn’t having it and leaves him standing there staring after her. Roommate actually likes being insulted by her, making it more obvious that their story line will most likely increase throughout the series.

Now, meet Can again. The fast talker from the soccer team. Just like always, he’s busy complaining about everything. To pass the time as he waits for the shuttle bus, he starts playing with his soccer ball but drifts out into the street and almost gets hit by a car. The driver honks at him which makes him upset and now he’s trying to fight the driver of the car, yelling and overall just causing a scene.

It’s sooo unnecessary and annoying and extra so -10. When he approaches the car and bangs on the window, we see that the driver is Tin, the angry rich boy with personal issues from before. He’s not fazed by Can’s tantrum and drives off like nothing happened.

Now it’s time for the movie date that Annoying Roommate confusingly set up. It’s him, Ae, Pete, and their friend Ping from the late night dinner scene from Episode 2. As they take their seats, Ae is giving Roommate the evil eye because he knows that Roommate is responsible for all this. Roommate is practically wetting his pants in fear at the way Ae is glaring at him and it’s the funniest thing of the entire episode so far. +5

But Ae and Pete end up sitting next to each other and when the time comes for them to share the movie popcorn, cue the googly eyes and shy blushing, and now I’m screaming. +20

I seriously can’t get over the way Ae looks at Pete. *dreamy sigh*

Anyways. They’re busy sharing popcorn and of course they “accidentally” touch hands. So Ae asks Pete why his hands are so cold, and when Pete says that he’s chilly, Ae offers to warm his hands for him. But Roommate and Ping are watching the whole thing and the whole situation is just hilarious. Ae clearly has no fear about anything he does, especially when it comes to Pete, so props to Ae for being fearless. +5

Pete tells Ae that he doesn’t have to warm his hands and takes his hand away, but Ae. Freaken Ae! He takes his hand back and tells him that he’ll just hold his hand instead because he likes it, and he likes how soft they are. And now freaken Pete is looking like this and I’M. HOLLERING!

Omg. Pete turns into an adorable little squish ball and I just can’t handle it. +100

And the way Ae looks at Pete…I just…ugh, my heart. +100 again

After the movie, Ping, the reasonable and non-annoying friend, finds a way to drag Annoying Roommate off so that Ae and Pete can have some alone time. +5 for being the true MVP and knowing when to get outta dodge.

So Ae and Pete head out and run into fast talking Can in the shopping area. Can and Pete formally meet and he tells Pete that he was the one that called Ae to come help the night he got beat up. Pete says thanks, Can tells him that any friend of Ae’s is a friend of his, and now we’re all friends. Yay.

Pete decides to drop Ae back off at the campus since he drove his car to the movies and he didn’t want Ae to have to walk back and Ae agrees. Before getting out the car, Pete tells Ae that his aunt just got back from a trip to Europe and brought back a bunch of European snacks with her. He asks if he could give them to Ae’s niece and Ae says yes. So he reaches in the back seat to grab the snacks and Ae shoots his shot and goes for it! Insert first kiss scene!

Well of course this catches Pete completely off guard and now they’re sitting in the car all quiet and shy and awkward. Pete doesn’t know what to do and Ae is clearly thinking about what the heck he just did but finally says eff it and goes for it again and now I’m screaming!

Then Pete pulls away from the kiss first and is just completely baffled and doesn’t know what to do. And now that my heart is on the verge of exploding out of my chest, Ae comes right out and tells the truth; that he is beginning to like Pete as more than just a friend.

He completely spills his heart to Pete, telling him that he thinks about him all the time, he likes holding his hand, he worries about him constantly, he loves how soft his cheeks are, and that he has just been feeling really confused about him for the past few days. He wonders if Pete is mad at him for kissing him and telling him all this because he doesn’t want Pete to think that he is only doing this to try and disprove his feelings. But Pete assures him that he is not mad as asks him did he come up with an answer to all his own questions. Ae responds, and I quote, “I don’t know. I just know that your lips are soft and I want to kiss you again.” Cue the Love Sick theme song and now I’m starting to hyperventilate.

Then Ae asks the question that every fangirl in life wants to hear…

And then…


I literally can’t even breathe right now.

Eventually Ae takes the gifts and gets out the car, but not before admitting that that was his first kiss. He leaves and does the cliche look back over the shoulder and we see Pete in the car who is in just as much shock and awe as the rest of us viewers.

Then he looks up at the steps to see Ae still looking back at him like this

Omg their blooming love is everything I want it to be. So Pete finally drives off and leaves Ae standing there staring after him. Ae is feeling overwhelmed and oh so in love and stands there clutching his heart since it’s beating so fast and it’s honestly the cutest, most purest thing I’ve ever seen. +200


The episode ends with Ae wondering aloud what is this he is feeling inside and what does it mean. I freakin love Ae. There is just something about him. He has this intense masculine energy that just rubs me in all the right ways and I’m digging it. He is such a macho character yet he has the loving loyalty of a puppy and a curious passion that I haven’t seen in a character before. He’s complicated yet simple at the same time.

One of the things that I like about Ae is that even though he has been feeling confused about his feelings, he never once shied away from the idea that he could possibly like Pete. He’s never afraid to protect him, he’s never shy to hold his hands and gently cup his face, and he barely thought twice about kissing him in the car. Ae is definitely my kind of guy!

Well, that was truly a long recap. Time for the Random Point Counter

  • Ae pressing hard on Pete’s bruise and ruining the moment. -2
  • Ae subconsciously wrapping his arms around Pete while he sleeps. +5
  • Ae stopping himself from becoming a rapey creep. +5
  • Ae feeling guilty for almost becoming a rapey creep. +2
  • High school girl falling in insta-love with Ae. -10
  • High school girl with food in her teeth lollll +5
  • Annoying Roommate being Annoying Roommate. -2
  • Ae refusing to watch Annoying Roommates porn videos. +5
  • Ae still having a trash running form. -5
  • Ae smiling like an idiot while texting Pete. +10
  • Love Sick theme song playing in the background. +100
  • Pete being giddy about texting Ae. +20
  • Can being an annoying whiner. -10
  • Ae glaring at Roommate in the theater. +5
  • Ae and Pete making googly eyes at each other in the theater. +20
  • Ae being fearless about holding Pete’s hand. +5
  • Pete absolutely blushing because Ae wants to hold his hand. +100
  • The way Ae looks at Pete. +100
  • Ping being the true MVP and giving Ae and Pete some alone time. +5
  • The kiss in the car. +1000
  • Ae clutching his heart because he’s in love. +200

Total Points: 1,558

I hope you all enjoyed this recap. Episode 5’s recap will be coming very soon 🙂

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    This episode was so cute and had me screaming most of the time for first time BL watchers I definitely recommend.?

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