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[Why R U] Episode 1 Recap

Whoohoo! The first BL of 2020! lol

If yall have been reading my blog then yall know that I am still watching dramas from last year because I’m a procrastinator. I also prefer to binge watch instead of watch weekly but hey. Here we are. I can’t believe the first month of 2020 is almost over already.

Why R U the series is one of the series I have been waiting for for a long time. I am praying, hoping, and wishing that it does not disappoint me like a recent drama that shall remain nameless did.

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mmhmm, you know who you are…

So let’s get on with it. Warning before I start: This will be a very picture heavy post.

Episode 1 starts off with our first main character Zon in a strange dream. He’s alone at a carnival and things are mad weird because everyone around him is moving in slow motion and staring at him like he’s the ugly brother of a unicorn or something.

But then his best friend Tutor – played by Saint – shows up in slowmo looking like he just stepped out of a magazine. I had to take a deep breath for a second because Saint’s handsomeness caught me completely off guard. +20

So Tutor and Zon start talking about how strange things seem to be happening to them and Zon thinks for sure that they are in a dream. Tutor agrees then starts staring at him all weird. Zon is looking back at him, kinda creeped out because he has no idea why homie is looking at him like that.

At this point, he’s confused. I’m confused. The whole thing is weird. What the frik is going on?

So he looks away and sees Sai Fah approaching and he starts freaking out. He turns back to look at Tutor but Tutor has miraculously disappeared from his side and is walking off, holding hands with another character that I’m sure we’ll meet later.

Sai Fah continues to approach in slowmo and I have instantly fallen in love with whoever this Sai Fah person is, like, omg.

Meet Sai Fah.

He’s tall, he’s cute, he’s handsome, clear skin, deep voice. I need a Sai Fah in my life because, damn. +1000

He calls out to Zon and winks at him and Zon completely freaks out and starts screaming. Then everything starts moving backwards and next thing I know, everything has turned into an animation.

I have absolutely no idea what is going on but I’m intrigued.

So Zon starts having an inner monologue about the meaning of life and what the heezy is even happening right now. And after more screaming and life contemplation, Zon finally wakes up in a cold sweat, breathing all hard and whatnot.

Now cue the theme song.

As the theme song starts and we get flashes of all the characters that are going to be in this series, I see that we are going to have a looottttt of characters. That actually worries me because too many characters often means that certain storylines won’t get developed properly. It happens so much in these dramas that I am now almost expecting it. But I don’t want to get into a negative view of this show before it even gets a chance to start, so we’ll just see how things proceed.

Anyway, after the theme song, we are officially introduced to Zon. Zon is a college student who dreams of being a writer. Just this statement alone makes me like Zon because I too want to be a writer. Zon is now officially my friend. +20

It all started a year ago when he made a bet with his sister. Zon has a younger sister named Zol. And let’s just pause for a second.

*Thai lesson of the day*

Zon and Zol might be spelled differently in both Thai and English, but in Thai they are practically pronounced the same and it took me a while to understand why the heck they were saying the same name for two different people. So let me break it down in case you were confused too.

In Thai, there are six letters when, if placed at the end of the word, they make the sound of the letter ‘N’. Zon’s name is spelled with the letters Saw-So and Nhaw-Nhu (ซน). In English, the direct pronunciation would really be ‘Sohn’. Like the word ‘Son’ but with the long O pronunciation.

His sister’s name, Zol, is spelled with the letters Saw-So, Aw-Ahn, and Law-Ling (ซอล). But in Thai, when the L is placed at the end of a word, it makes the N sound. So in English, the direct pronunciation would really be ‘Sawn’. Like, act as if you’ve seen something cute and say “awwww” then put an S at the front and an N at the end. That’s her name. But when Thai’s say it in their natural speech speed, it sounds like Zon and Zol have the same name. Sohn and Sawn.

-2 for being complicated. I’ve always hated it when siblings have similar or rhyming names.

*End of Thai lesson*

So anyway. One day last year, Zol was super excited because her online story recieved over 100K views and a publisher reached out to her about possibly publishing her work. Zon got all jealous and said it wasn’t a big deal.

So Zol made a bet with him and said that if he could write a story and get as many views as she did, she will share half her allowance with him. The only problem is: Zol wrote a BL fiction which is super popular. Zon likes sci-fi which is not as popular.

We can see where this is going…

So that’s why Zon want’s to be a writer. I will admit, finding this out kinda took the wind outta my sails. I like to write because I love stories. So seeing him only want to write to win a challenge kind of sucked. -2

Zon starts checking out the comments on his story since he has a few reads and all the comments seem to be negative, telling him that the story is bad, it makes so sense, and “has no reasonability” – whatever the heck that means.

So he’s frustrated and we move on to officially meet Tutor.

Meet Tutor. Tutor is a Tutor. How fitting.

He is in the faculty of engineering and tutors other students, both high school and college, to make some money on the side.

Now meet Fighter.

Fighter is an older student (possibly a third year?) also in the faculty of engineering.

He’s out playing basketball with some friends and when one of the other players smacks the ball out Fighter’s hands, the ball bounces over and hits Tutor, causing him to drop his notebooks and spill his coffee all over him.

He runs over to apologize and when Tutor sees who it is, he gets pissed off.

Apparently these guys have some bad blood between them and I’m ready to find out what it is because Tutor was not having it with this Fighter guy.

Fighter tries to apologize but he’s not very nice about it because he doesn’t like Tutor either lol. But he does offer his help. Only, while helping, he steps all over Tutors books which just makes things worse.

So Tutor snatches up his things and tells Fighter that he doesn’t want nor does he need his help, he can take care of himself. Then he storms off like the alpha that he is, leaving Fighter standing there pondering his existence.

And can I just say I am lovvviinnngg this character change for Saint? It’s so refreshing after how soft his character was in Love By Chance. +5

Fast foward to a cute little cafe with a guy making sure everything is in order. This is P’Kae.

He is a flamboyant guy that owns the cafe. Tutor works here and he treats Tutor like a little brother.

And I need to just pause for a second and give a large round of applause to the directors and producers for finally FINALLY placing a black Thai person in a drama.

Image result for round of applause gif

Dark skinned Thais exist yall! But you would never know it if all you ever watch are mainstream Thai dramas. I’m not talking about tan skinned Thais like Tae Darvid, Earth Pirapat, and Beam Papangkorn. I’m talking about dark skin like the man above.

When I went to Thailand last year, dark skinned Thai people were everywhere and the only thing I could think of is, why are they not in films? How do they even buy makeup in their shade?

So I am so happy to see this guy in this drama even though I have no idea who he is. And I mean, look how beautiful and clear his skin is! Look at his lovely eyelashes! I’m loving this representation, however minor his character might be.

Good job WHY R U the series. Good job. +100

So anyway. Some guy comes in the cafe demanding to know if Tutor is there. Then he starts bossing P’Kae around, demanding cake and water and whatnot. He’s extra rude and mean and downright disrepectful but P’Kae tries to stay sweet and professional. But we can also see that he’s trying hard not to curse this guy out.

First of all, homie is mad ugly. He walks in with some nose spray container hanging from his nose and too small sunglasses sitting on top of his seeing glasses. Like….wtf? -2

Finally Tutor shows up and P’Kae pulls him to the side and tells him that the big ugly mean guy is here again and has been coming to look for him many times already.

Apparently this guy is the son of Tutor’s dad’s creditor. All that means is that Tutor’s dad is in some financial trouble and owes this man money. This hungry mean guy is now harrassing Tutor for the money that Tutor’s dad owes.

This obviously worries P’Kae but Tutor assures him that everything is fine and tries to go talk to the guy. The money is not due for another five days but the big meanie feels that he can come and collect it any time he wants. Tutor tries to reason with him and even asks if he will accept only half of it now and take the rest on the actual due date but the big hungry would rather cause a scene and try to exert his power over Tutor.

When The Big Hungry suggest that if Tutor can’t afford to pay then he should sell himself and be his girlfriend instead, P’Kae can’t take it any more. And quite frankly, neither can I. What a disgusting suggestion. “Pay up or be my wife!” -50

Ever the professional, P’Kae comes over and tries to come calm things down by remaining polite.

But then homeboy tries to get all tough and tells P’Kae to stay out of their business and straight up calls him a fag. And whoooaaa hooo hooooooo, that was the wrong thing to do.

P’Kae goes smooth off on him and it’s honestly one of the best scenes in the entire episode lol.

P’Kae tells him he’s the one that’s a fag and let’s him know that he is the owner of the cafe and homie needs to watch his mouth. He’s not welcome there and if he wants the money so badly then he can take his. Then P’Kae throws some bills in his face and tells him to get lost and never come back.

The Big Hungry reeled in all that aggression real fast because he got scared and I just….. LOLLLLLLLL +20

So he finally leaves with his tail hanging between his legs. Tutor calls out to P’Kae to see if he’s alright and to thank him for what he did but P’Kae is still all worked up and snaps at Tutor before he realizes that the person that made him angry is gone. Then he gets embarressed because the way he lashed out is clearly out of character for him lol.

You reel it in too, honey. You did well, but reel it in lolllll

Tutor then tries to apologize about the money but P’Kae tells him not to worry about it. So Tutor goes to get changed into his work uniform so he can start his shift.

After that, things get better for the day and Tutor finishes his shift without any problems. The rest of the customers are nice and Tutor seems to enjoy working there. Honestly, the cafe is super cute and I would love to visit it myself. It’s such an aesthetic. +10

Let’s get back to Zon. Zon is fresh out the shower and is sitting at his computer mulling over his story again. Then Zol comes in and startles him and begins to tease him about his story. She says that if it’s too hard then he could always quit but Zon isn’t about to let that happen despite how poorly his story is currently doing.

Then Zol tells Zon that their parents want to speak to him and are waiting for him downstairs and it doesn’t look good. So Zon puts on some clothes and meets his parents in the living room. When he gets there, it’s obvious that they are not amused at whatever it is that Zon has done.

Mr. and Mrs. Not Amused

Basically they tell Zon that he is not allowed to write any more until he gets his grades up. Apparently, ever since he started writing, his grades began to take a nosedive and his gpa is now only a 2.1. A 2.1 gpa is close to getting an academic warning.

At first Zon thinks they are favoring his sister by not taking away her writing privileges but they assure him they aren’t. Although Zol is still writing, her grades are still good. When he gets his gpa to at least a 3.0, they will allow him to write again. Zon doesn’t like this and he returns to his room in a sad funk.

And now ladies and gentlemen……


Sai Fah is sitting on a bench playing his guitar and is surrounded by many girls recording him as he plays. He’s a literal living and breathing angel as he plays so, +100.

Zon is walking by and sees him playing as the many girls record him and he gets all upset about it. For some reason he hates Sai Fah but it seems like he has no reason to. He thinks of Sai Fah as a showoff and just doesn’t want to be anywhere around him.

Then some weirdo girls come right up in Zon’s face with their camera phones out and Zon is confused as to why they are recording him. They admit that they imagine him and Sai Fah as a couple and they think it’s cute that he’s watching Sai play the guitar.

Zon tries to tell them that they don’t even like each other but the girls are so trapped in their delusion that they just giggle, brush him off, and continue to record him.

Delulus… -2

But we know Sai Fah and Zon will become a couple anyway so, +2.

Then we meet Zon’s rowdy group of friends: Junior, Natee, Tanthai, and Zen. They are a rambunctious group and Zon is sitting there still in his feelings about his parents not allowing him to write anymore, so he vents all this to them.

At first his friends joke around and tease him about it but when they see that he is very serious, they get sad with him and things get all dramatic lol.

Then Tanthai suggests that he write his story in the same genre as his sister: Yaoi. And the rest of them agree since that genre is so popular at the moment. But Zon doesn’t know how to right a gay book. They are just starting to discuss it more when Natee suddenly gets the bubble guts from something that he ate and starts letting out some smelly gas. Then they all run away to get away from the smell and leave him there to go find a bathroom.

All the boys find a table in the canteen to sit down and eat and Natee joins them after his excursion to the toilet. But not long after they sit down, Sai Fah, Tutor, and their other friend Day stop by their table.

They literally walk in slow motion with the wind blowing and everybody stopping to stare lol. It’s super dramatic but I mean, I can’t blame anyone for staring because they all three look freakin’ good! +2

Just like everybody else, all of Zon’s friends are in amazement at how handsome they are and are all too eager to talk to them. Junior starts off by asking Sai Fah when is he going to join the football club because the captain keeps asking about him. But Junior is talking too loud and fast and slurring all his words together so nobody even knows what he’s saying.


After many attempts and much head slapping from his friends, Junior finally gets his point across and Sai Fah tells him that he might come out to play.

Tutor notices that Zon is looking sad and not participating in the conversation so he asks him what’s up. Then Junior, ever the blabbermouth, tells them that Zon’s parents punished him for his slipping grades. Tutor is shocked because he remembers in secondary school that Zon was good at every subject except English and had terrific grades.

Then, for some reason, Sai Fah starts to tease Zon and says that maybe he really is useless and is just pretending not to be. This of course upsets Zon and he tries to stand up to Sai Fah by intimidating him. But Sai Fah is a literal giant and Zon is the tiniest thing in existence so the scene is both hilarious and adorable lol +10

So Zon takes matters into his own hands..

I’m a real man now!

But Sai is having far too much fun getting under Zon’s skin and even though it shouldn’t be, it’s so enjoyable to watch lollllll +2

“This is fun!”

But then Tutor breaks them up and tells them they fight every single time they see each other and they need to stop.

So Tutor, Day, and Sai go sit at a nearby table by themselves and like the mom that he is, Tutor asks Sai why he always has to mess with Zon. Sai Fah tells him that he simply doesn’t like Zon for what he did a while back.

There’s a whole flashback of what happened but here’s the short recap:

Zon was interested in a girl and was talking to her but they were not officially dating yet. One night, Zon catches her and Sai Fah about to get busy right there in the school parking lot! This floosie was just messing with Zon’s feelings and wanted to hook up with other guys while she was talking to Zon, saying “We’re not dating yet. I’m not your official girlfriend so I can be with other guys if I want to”. -10 for this b-tch.

Then when Zon tries to fight Sai Fah about it, she runs away like a scaredy cat. After that, Sai Fah had no problem rubbing it in Zon’s face that the girl was not Zon’s girfriend so he has no right to be mad. Plus, she was the one that sought him out, not the other way around. Plus they had already been talking for 3 weeks, unbeknownst to Zon. Then Sai Fah takes it a step too far, just because he’s mad, and tells Zon that no girl would ever want to date someone like him anyway.

So this pisses Zon off even more and he hauls off and punches Sai right in the jaw. Sai was about to retaliate but he was not expecting Zon to be so close up under him (he’s a giant, remember?) so he loses his footing and falls on Zon, face first. You know what that means? They “accidentally” kissed lol.


Zon pushes Sai off of him and wipes his mouth off, staring at him in shock. Sai Fah is just as bewildered and doesn’t know what to do so he just walks off all angry.

So that’s why they hate each other. Zon feels like Sai Fah overstepped his boundaries with the girl and Sai Fah is mad because Zon ruined a potential hookup. But lets keep it real. That girl was no good for Zon anyway. Move on, baby. You can do better.

But anyway, Tutor tells Sai that he would have reacted the same way Zon did. Plus, neither of them ended up with the girl so it’s stupid that they are still angry and fighting over it after all this time. Since they fight so much, he is starting to think that there is more to the story but Sai Fah tells him there isn’t (Tutor does not know about the kiss).

Then we meet yet another character. Meet HwaHwa (lol)

She is one of Tutor’s close friends and is dating Fighter, the guy that Tutor can’t stand. She and Tutor were supposed to meet up later to eat but she came to tell him that she can’t anymore because she is going eating with Fighter. Tutor is obviously upset about this because he is being ditched by his friend so she can go hang with someone else. Boyfriend or not, they already made plans, so it’s wrong of her to go back on that in my opinion.

Then she gets all sad just because she doesn’t want him to be upset with her so he practically starts to baby her as a way to reassure her that he isn’t upset. Honestly, this scene was really annoying and kinda gross. She is too old be babied like that. You made your choice now leave, smh. -5

Fighter is standing there watching all this and grows impatient so he asks if they can leave now, very rudely might I add. So now HwaHwa (lol) is in a good mood again and prances off happily, hanging onto Fighter.

Sai Fah and Day want to know when Tutor and Fighter will ever stop fighting but Tutor says never and is visably aggravated. We know Sai and Zon’s history now, so here is Tutor and Fighter’s.

Fighter is a year older than Tutor. When Tutor was an incoming freshmen, Fighter was mean to Tutor from the jump for no reason at all. He wrote his name wrong on his nametag and made him wear it regardless, was very harsh to him during the hazing activities, and was just all around mean. We get the feeling that he had an instant crush on Tutor but since he is not familair with those feelings towards a guy, those feelings surface as annoyance and rudeness.

Then during the wrist tying ceremony, he’s finally somewhat nice to Tutor and Tutor thinks that they have gotten over the hump of whatever the heck was stopping them from being cordial to each other.

Watching Tutor walk away. Yup…definitely some feelings there.

One day, after all the hazing activities, Tutor is sitting down eating alone and Fighter comes over to him and offers him a cold drink. Tutor is shocked that he’s being nice and tries to joke around with him.

Before he accepts the drink, he wants Fighter to admit that he bought the drink just for him. But Fighter gets all embarressed and won’t admit it. Instead he just keeps trying to push the drink at him to take it.

Before they can continue on with their playful bickering, HwaHwa (lol) shows up with another friend and ruins everything. She is instantly attracted to Fighter and is looking at him with the hungry eyes. Apparently both of their parents wanted them to meet and have dinner together (arranged relationships….*rolls eyes*). But she wasn’t expecting to meet him at the university so soon. It’s all too obvious she wants this guy.

Then instead of giving the drink to Tutor like he intended to, he takes the drink and gives it to Hwa, saying the exact words Tutor tried to get him to say to him. “Here, Hwa. I bought this for you.”

Idiot. Smh. -10

Tutor is visibly hurt and confused by this change of events because he thought they were having a good time. Then Fighter leaves and Hwa is sitting there practically drooling as she stares after him. Tutor thinks this sudden switch up is a sign of Fighter’s character so he snaps Hwa out of her daze and tells her that Fighter is the guy he was telling her about before and she should be careful of him.

But lo and behold, six months later, Tutor is sitting outside alone studying and HwaHwa comes over to tell him that she and Fighter are dating but she doesn’t have the guts to. So Fighter comes over and does it for her. Tutor says nothing while trying to hide his annoyance about it. So he just packs up his things and leaves.

Related image

Honestly…I already know this whole threesome is going to be a drama filled hot mess. So I’m trying to prepare myself.

Anyway. Back to Zon and his dreams of being a writer.

Zon is in his room trying to get online to work on his story but for some reason his computer is not working. So he goes into his sister’s room to use hers but she still has her story open so he starts to read it. This is when he finds out this whole time, Zol has been using Zon and his friends as characters in her story. To make matters worse, she has paired him with Sai Fah, making them a couple.

This is probably why those girls that were recording him told him that they imagine him and Sai Fah together. Afterall, Zol’s story is really popular online.

He tries to make her delete it but she refuses and thinks he’s so serious about it because there is something going on between him and Sai for real. But of course he denies this. Then she tells him that there is no need to lie because she already saw “it”.

*cue the flashback*

Remember all the background history I gave you guys earlier about Zon catching Sai Fah and that girl hooking up in the parking lot; then Zon punching Sai in the face and Sai losing his balance and landing in an accidental kiss with Zon?

Welp, Zol saw all of that. The kiss triggered her imagimation and she was an instant shipper of them and so began her story. She also believes that there is no way that Zon doesn’t still think about the kiss so she makes him swear it, to see if he’s telling the truth.

Then she does some hoodoo magic of her own.

While they are saying all this, it strangely starts thundering and lightening outside and by the time they are both finished, a large clap of thunder strikes, scaring them both half to death.

Even after the strange pact they just made, Zol still refuses to delete her story and this frustrates Zon.

That night, Zon has another dream about Sai Fah and wakes up in the morning screaming and trying to convince himself that none of it was real and that all the swearing with his sister didn’t happen. But when you’re dreaming of Sai Fah like this…

lolllllllll +5

…it’s kind of hard to convince yourself otherwise lollll.

So when he finally gets to school, things around campus seem strange. He’s already witnessed some guys holding hands like a couple and when he stops to tie his shoe, he is approached by two other guys. He looks up to see Tharn and Type, the two guys that his sister has a poster of in her room.

Only….she has the poster because they are supposed to be a fictional couple that she is a fan of. But here they are, standing right in front of him. So he begins to panic and is horrified to admit that he might have somehow found his way into his sister’s BL fiction.

And that’s the end of episode 1!

I actually really liked it. I love the comedic and light-hearted feel of everything. There are definitely too many characters, in my opinion. Like, we haven’t even met all the characters yet, there are still many more to come. I’m worried about this but I am excited to keep watching to see where things go.

Now, let’s tally up the points!

Random Point Counter:

  • Saint’s handsomeness +20
  • Sai Fah existing +1000
  • Zon wanting to be a writer +20
  • Zon and Zol basically having the same name -2
  • Zon only wanting to be a writer to win a bet -2
  • Saint showing us his acting chops +5
  • Finally having an actual dark person in a Thai drama +100
  • The Big Hungry being a jerk -2
  • “Pay up or be my wife!” -50
  • P’Kae putting Big Hungry in his place +20
  • Aesthetic cafe +10
  • Sai Fah existing again +100
  • Sai Fah and the gang looking amazing +2
  • Sai Fah and Zon’s height difference +10
  • Sai Fah teazing Zon +2
  • Tutor babying HwaHwa -10
  • Still babying HwaHwa -5
  • Fighter giving the drink for Tutor to HwaHwa -10
  • Sai Fah’s kissy face +5

Total: 1,213

Not a bad start to a series!

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