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[Why R U] Recap Hiatus

Hello everyone. If you have been following my Why R U recap posts so far, then you already know that I flip back and forth between liking the show and not really caring about it. Why R U has so much potential to be a great series. It plays off of all the popular BL tropes which can be good or bad, depending on what you like.

I personally do not mind all the common tropes in this series. One of my favorite tropes is the hate-to-love trope which is the main trope in Why R U. And I’ll keep it real, as long as a show makes me laugh and peaks my interest, I’ll watch any common trope anyway. And for anyone that is not familiar with what a trope is, a trope is simply a significant or recurring theme in storytelling. It is similar to being a cliche but not so overused enough to fully be one.

Why R U is chock full of tropes but for the most part, they kind of work. The actors are fine as well and I have no problems with any of them. I’m loving the idea of a fan fiction becoming real and the incorporation of animation into the live action. I find it really cool even though it surprised me at first. I have also never seen this done before. So…you are probably wondering why the heck I titled this ‘recap hiatus’. Well, that’s because I’m taking a break from recapping this show.

For any international viewers actually watching this show, it’s pretty well known that the English subtitles are bad. Half the time they are still somewhat understandable, but the other half of the time there is no way to actually grasp the context of the situation. Because of that, we are left either confused or trying to make up our own dialogue in our heads that matches what we see. Sometimes, there are even instances where there will be no translations at all! As if whoever was subtitling forgot or gave up.

A show can be as good as it wants to be. It can be the highest ranking show in Thailand. But if the subtitles are bad, it will never truly reach international viewers/fans the same way it reaches the Thai speaking audience.

So my Why R U recaps are going on a hiatus. I don’t know for how long. I am hoping that some kind-hearted soul with better English comprehension skills will start subbing the episodes and posting them somewhere. If so, I will start writing recaps again. Because I actually really do want to watch and finish this series. Along with TharnType (which failed miserably for me), this was the other BL series that I was most looking forward to.

I feel bad for potentially not watching the show through the official links. BUT I WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON. And with the way the English subs are now, that’s proving to be very difficult.

I had high hopes for this series. And please don’t misunderstand me, I still feel like Why R U is a good show. It’s just very hard for me as a non Thai speaking individual to fully enjoy it with no subs or with bad subs. 🙁

I’ll be back later on this one.

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    Thank God I didn’t bother with picking up watching this show. I was waiting to see if anything exciting will pique my curiosity. And so far nothing. And I have seen the complaints about the English subtitles. So that further does not makes me want to get into it.

    Also Pavel Phoom who plays Forth in 2Moons2 actually was one of the subbers for the show. That was sweet of him to do.

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