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Hello everyone! Sorry for being so inconsistent with my blog lately. I’m not even going to attempt to explain because I’m sure you don’t care and I honestly don’t feel like sharing my personal business lol. So! Moving on. I finally finished the EN of Love series and sheeeesshhh, I feel like I have a lot to say, yet not a lot to say lol.

This Is Love Story follows a high school student named Praram (who is also the younger brother of Tossakarn from the very first series) and a guy named Neua from the faculty of engineering. Neua is known for being a playboy but for whatever reason, the moment he lays eyes on Praram, he falls desperately in love and wants nothing else but to be his boyfriend.

Unlike the other two series, this one was only 3 episodes instead of four. After watching it, I honestly feel like the writers were stretching even to reach three episodes. All the episodes were short yet they still felt long and drawn out. There were way too many long pauses between the conversations of the actors which made things feel awkward. The dialogue was generally boring and pointless. And lastly, these weren’t good actors lol. The guy playing Praram wasn’t so bad but the guy playing Neua either had me cringing or laughing because he was just so…not good. But I’m trying to be nice because I think he is a new actor.

What I liked:

  • The series was short so it won’t take much of your time.
  • Kept the relationship fluffy. There really wasn’t any drama from outside people which was nice for a change.
  • The love confession – although a bit over the top – was the best among the three series. It was honest and heartfelt even though it was a bit cringy.
  • No sex or physical intimacy. The relationship contained someone that was underage, so it was nice that they kept everything really innocent. They held hands, they kissed each other’s cheeks, and they sat close together. Neua was very respectful towards Praram and he did not force anything.
  • The cameo of Karn from Grey Rainbow! It was so nice to see his face again.

What I didn’t like:

  • Bad actors (sorry!)
  • Long, drawn out scenes that could have been cut down. But had they cut down these scenes then each part of the episode would have only been like… four or five minutes and that’s it lol.
  • Broadcasting everything on social media. I hate this! Why is the first thing that people do is run to the internet? Keep your business to yourself.
  • That annoying university gossip girl. Why is she even relevant?
  • How nosey all their friends were. Like, what is privacy? I don’t know because privacy doesn’t exist in this series.
  • The super cringy flirting in front of all their friends. Again, privacy people!
  • The super cringy flirting in general.
  • The display of jealousy from Neua. It was so extra and unnecessary.

Overall, I can’t really say I recommend this series. It was slow and honestly quite boring. There really isn’t a plot, it’s just about an engineering student trying to get a high school student to fall for him. I am normally someone that really enjoys fluffy and cute romances in my BL series but This Is Love Story took it way overboard to the point I wanted to scream lol. It was too much.

Across the three EN of Love series, here is my ranking:

  1. Love Mechanics
  2. This Is Love Story
  3. Tossara

(although Tossara and This Is Love Story were probably equally as bad lol)

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