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[TharnType] Episode 1

TharnType the series has officially started! And my oh my have we gotten off to a quick start! I have been waiting for months for this show to finally air and yaaaayyy Episode 1 has finally made it’s debut. I’m a bit torn between doing reviews or recaps, but I think I will just stick with reviews. I know I’m going to want to talk about my feelings and opinions towards things more so let’s get started!

Episode 1 starts off with a bang. We meet Type who is on the soccer team. He does this whole monologue about himself so we as the viewer can get to know him. During this little monologue, we find out that Type is roommates with Tharn. But then he ends it all with how much he “hates gays”.

Image result for rolls eyes gif

So anyway, after this monologue, Type’s friend and fellow soccer player, Techno, comes running in the locker room. He’s all out of breath and being real extra just to spill the news that Tharn is gay. Of course this makes Type mad and he goes storming back to the room to confront Tharn.

Now let’s just pause for a second. I want to know how on earth Techno even found out that Tharn was gay when he barely even knows him and doesn’t speak to him. I also want to know why he felt the need to desperatelty tell Type that Tharn was gay in the first place. For what? And lastly, I’m not really feeling the guy they got to play Techno.

This guy.

I guess I’m just missing the other guy who played Techno in Love By Chance. Granted, the character still has the goofy, slightly stupid personality, but overall, I’m just not feeling this guy. He feels forced. Out of the entire episode I only laughed at him once.

So now Type is looking at him like this.

He’s basically about to start flipping lockers becasue now he knows that his roommate is gay. And yall, we’re literally only 2 and half minutes into the episode and it’s all just so extraaaaaa. *inserts eye roll gif again*

So he goes back to the dorm to confront Tharn and it’s a big whoopdidoo. They have words and Type vows that Tharn will rue the day he ever moved in! force him to move out if he doesn’t move out willingly. He even gets real nasty and says that gays are pervs, they’re disgusting, they’re promiscuous and have sex with everybody, and honestly…it’s just too much. I found myself getting upset throughout the episode by his actions and his words.

I already know that Type has had some type of trauma in his past with a man but his attitude towards gay people is just completely ridiculous. I’m guessing the person who traumatized him as a kid was gay and now he believes that all gay people are just like that person that hurt him. But that type of thinking is not only harmful to society, it’s incorrect.

Someone who molests or rapes or does other horrible things, it doesn’t make them gay, first of all. Secondly, doing such terrible things to people is not about being gay. To them, it’s about asserting power and instilling fear. It’s about taking things from others to prove something to themselves. It’s about inducing shame and creating mental instability. And if a person does these things, it’s because that person is not okay in the head. If the person doing these things happens to identify as gay, then that is a mere coincedence. Gay is not synonomous with all the things I just listed above.

Clearly I’m looking at this from more of a clinical standpoint but it’s obvious that whatever it was that happened to Type, he needs counseling or therapy so that he can properly heal from it. I mean, look at where he is without it: Destroying people’s personal property and actively trying to drive them away (sometimes even physically).

How is this not bording the line of hate crimes???

Anyway, Tharn vows in return that he isn’t going anywhere. I like Tharn. He’s nice and he’s confident in who he is. But we get a flashback clip of them both being all friendly with each other. Type actually liked Tharn as his roommate. They were perfect cohabitaters. But I really don’t understand how you can feel one way about someone, find out they’re gay, then completely change you’re opinion. They are still the same person! *insert eyeroll again!*

So the whole episode is just Type being childish and going around asking people to switch rooms with him but we are led to believe that this is all taking place a few weeks into the semester already. Since people have already become accustomed to their living situations, no one wants to switch rooms.

During this little search for a room switch, we meet two more characters. A guy named Seo Duang who is a koreaboo very big Korea enthusiast. His hair is dyed half black, half blonde and he is dancing to a Kpop song.

Seo Duang
Meet Seo Duang

And for some reason he chooses to only speak Korean even though he is Thai, knows how to speak Thai, and also knows that no one can understand him when he speaks Korean. His roommate is looking at him dance like this.

Seriously, I’m doing the same thing lol.

This is P’Klui. He is also on the soccer team and already knows Techno and Type. Long story short, he refuses to change rooms too. The next day, Tharn goes to class and we meet his friend Long.

He sees something is wrong with Tharn but Tharn doesn’t share what he has going on back at the room. As Long starts talking about their band (they are in a band together) we also see another character.

We don’t know his name yet but he and Tharn obviously have some kind of bad history because he is glaring at Tharn all crazy like and the whole thing is weird and uncomfortable. Honestly, he is giving me Crazy Villian vibes from Love By Chance. I’m hoping he doesn’t turn out to be that crazy and over the top.

So back to Type annnnnnd, cue the shenanigans!!

Type gets a bunch of ideas from Techno about how to be the most horrible roommate and Type sets out to do it. Seriously, Techno comes off very simple. To be fair, he did try to talk some sense into Type and he is a loyal friend but…idk. He comes off very simple and I’m not feeling him.

So Type completely ruins Tharn’s side of the room, rips all his posters, throws his clothing all over the room, damages his school books, messes up his bed, leaves a note that says “move out, Fag!”, and overall just leaves a huge, damaged mess. So what does Tharn do?

He does it right back lol! And now I’m laughing at how utterly ridiculous and childish all of this is. Then Type invited his friends (Aom and Team) over to drink and eat and watch porn together without letting Tharn know. Team is a cutey with a raspy voice that I find absolutely adorable but that’s not important. Tharn comes back to the room after a late night of studying and Type’s plan backfires because instead of getting mad, Tharn asks to join.

What makes it funnier is that the rest of Type’s friends are not in on his little plan so when Tharn asks to join, they’re all like “Heck yea! The more the merrier.” Of course, this pisses Type off but I’m sitting here laughing like,

Related image

It serves him right for dragging his friends into this foolishness. What makes it even better is when his friends start spilling the beans on how Type told them that Tharn is so nice that he won’t mind if they come over and mess up the room. Then Type gets all flustered and embarressed and leaves, saying he’s going to go buy more snacks lol.

Now we’re back to P’Klui. He is complaining to the dorm’s resident advisor, or whoever she is, about how much noise Tharn and Type make next door. He says they are too loud and argue too much and it’s bothersome. His roommate, The Korean Enthusiast, comes down to get him to come back to the room but he refuses so he returns alone. Then when he sees Tharn and Type leaving the building, his curiosity gets the better of him and he goes to snoop on them to see if he can find out why they hate each other.

While snooping, The Korean Enthusiast comes back to see what’s taking him so long and literally scares the living daylights out of him because his hair is all pinned up and a mud mask is on his face.

I replayed this scene about 20 times because I absolutely could not stop laughing! Klui is a good actor lol, and so far these two are my favorite characters.

I’m also curious as to why now homie considers himself Thai when he showcases himself as someone who’s trying to be Korean. Only listening to kpop, only speaking Korean, doing the Korean finger heart thing while saying “sarangheeeey”.


Anyway, Tharn and Type have words again and Tharn acts like he’s coming on to Type just to get him mad, saying things like, “well you said I’m a perv right? I’ll screw anyone, right? So then it’s okay if I try to screw you too then.”

And like….I get what he’s doing. He’s only doing it so Type will back off and mind his own business. But jeez, guys, get a grip.

So anyway, flashforward to the end of the night. Aom and Team are gone and Techno is trying to get Type off of Tharn’s bed. He’s completely wasted and ended up falling asleep on Tharn’s bed. During this time techno has a serious talk with Tharn and apologizes on Type’s behalf. He has no idea why Type has such hatred toward gay people and even though he doesn’t agree with what he’s doing, he asks Tharn if he will move out anyway so that he won’t have to put up with Type’s crazy antics.

Tharn refuses and says that if he moves out then it is showing that he believes that his sexuality is wrong. He has done nothing to deserve the treatment he has been getting and he is going to stand his ground. Which, bravo to him because if it were me I would have been recording everything and reporting him. Not to get him kicked out the room but to freakin get him kicked out the building! It’s all fun and laughs for this show but if this were real life?????

Image result for fighting gif

So anyway, back at the room, Techno leaves because he can’t get Type out of Tharn’s bed. He asks Tharn to take care of him and to please be easy on him. And then this is where my feelings for Tharn take a huge turn.

Type is laying on Tharn’s bed passed out. And what does Tharn do??? Start kissing on him and unbuttoning his shirt! Talking about some, “You started this. I want to see you when you wake up and realize that you’ve been spending the night with me“. And he proceeds to start placing kisses all down his neck and chest and I just….no. NO. NO. And NO!

I don’t agree. I was liking Tharn’s character because I truly thought he was a nice guy but wtf is this.

Then the scene ends abruptly.

Image result for angry gif
Real life image of me and my computer screen after that final scene.

Idk where the next episode is heading. Besides The Snoop and The Korean Enthusiast (who are side characters), I don’t particularly like any of the main characters. I don’t dislike them. Well…up until the end I didn’t. But now I’m worried for how the rest of this season is going to go. Nonconsensual sex is ONE BIG NO. No matter how disgusting they have been treating you, teach them a lesson in a different way. A way that still contains good moral values perhaps?? Just a suggestion.

Like, Type has been a jerk. 1000% yes he has. But Tharn could have completely not been a creep in return. He could have made it something funny by simply crawling in bed – since you know, it’s his bed – and just simply WENT TO SLEEP.

Then it would have been funny had he said, “let’s see how crazy you get when you wake and realize that you’ve spent the night with me”. That would have been funny. To have Type wake up and fall out the bed in fright because he thinks something went down when it really didn’t; they just slept.

But nooooo. Tharn had to pull a freakin Kengkla move from Love By Chance and kiss someone when they are in a drunken stupor. Just because his body is reacting while he’s in his hazy stupor, doesn’t mean it’s okay to do such things. I’m just…I’m at a loss.

So anyway, that’s all I guess. Overall, the episode was entertaining. The guy playing Type is an okay actor. He seems better at playing angry than playing nice. Yall already know how I feel about the guy playing Techno. And the guy playing Tharn is also just okay. I like his acting better when he is acting more assertive and dominant. When he’s being nice and sweet, he seems too much like a pushover. And with the way he’s been treated this entire episode, for me, he’s not delivering his lines well enough; he’s not showing that he is upset enough. But maybe that’s how he’s supposed to be acting since Tharn is supposed to be such a nice character.

Idk. Everything is still up in the air for me but I am ready for the next episode like, now. I need to see how this is going to play out. How the heck does their relationship become positive when they literally treat each other like shiz. Is Tharn gonna tell the truth to Type about what he did while he slept? Is Type gonna puch him in the face?

What both of them are doing is considered harassment. What Type is doing is considered personal harassment as well as discriminatory harassment (look them up, they are real). And what Tharn is doing is considered sexual harassment. All of these are so freakin bad, smh. I hope the writers save this show before it turns into a burning dumpster fire.

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  • Franki

    TBH the ONLY reason I am somewhat okay with the non-con is bc I don’t think Tharn thought it through that he was sexually assaulting Type and the fact that this opens up the conversation that this happens in real life and it really does need to be discussed. Not only that but it gives an example of, “I didn’t mean to cross the line, I was trying to do this instead,” and while a weak excuse and in no means does it justify the assault itself, it does unfortunately happen.
    I agree there were better ways he could have gone about it, personally, if he really thought hickies were necessary he could have faked them with a bottle. On Type, that’d still be minor assault however if he’d done it on himself while so twisted, it would have served his purpose better.
    Hickies on Type prove that he had a sexual altercation while drunk, that would necessarily make him think he wasn’t forced.
    Hickies on Tharn would have been more likely to make Type think he’d not only been willing to do the devil’s tango with Tharn but that he’d also enjoyed it.

    • Anais Naiim

      I agree. I would have been interested in seeing how Type would react if he saw hickies on Tharn or woke up in Tharn’s bed when in fact, nothing actually happened lol. But nooooo. Instead we got this…mess.

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