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[Dark Blue Kiss] Episode 8

Okay! So episode 8 was literally PeteKao cuteness overload and I’ve been grinning like an idiot at my screen ever since.

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*actual footage of me smiling at my screen*

After their anniversary celebration in the last episode, I think these new tender moments were really needed. Not only for the viewer, but for Pete. Pete really needs this kind of time spent with Kao so he can know that Kao’s feelings for him are true.

I mentioned before that Pete and Kao have different love styles. Kao is more of a quality time lover. And he especially shows these traits in this episode by telling Pete that he doesn’t think about the future. He is just happy to be with Pete right now in this moment and that is how he cherishes his days with him. He also is really happy to have Pete teach him photography and we can see him enjoying being with Pete and taking pictures of him.

Pete is more of a physical lover and also thrives off of words of affirmation. He loves to be complimented, he likes to hear Kao say that he loves him, and he loves kisses and cuddles (even when he tries to be all hard and mean and intimidating). He also shows these traits in this episode by once again attacking Kao with kisses the moment they get home…

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And also by trying to get compliments out of Kao and trying to get him to share what his feelings are towards their future together. Pete is not satisfied with the “I’m happy right now” answer. But that is only because hearing some affirming words from Kao will make things feel more solid.

I have to admit that I agree with Pete on this one. I’m definitely a words of affirmation type of person too. The whole idea of “live in the now, don’t worry about the future!” has never sat well with me. I want to know now. Yes, feelings can change, but what are you feeling now about our future? Are we making any type of plans?

But more than anything, Pete just wants to be a dependable person that can take care of his boyfriend and be someone that Kao can believe in. Kao does end up leaving a recorded message for Pete through a cute stuffed bear telling him that Kao will be his, forever. And the smile that took over Pete’s face after hearing those words, I just…my heart!


As cranky and hotheaded as Pete can be, he truly is an honest to goodness sweetheart on the inside and just wants to do his best. He’s generous, he’s loyal, and just wants to make the people that are important to him feel proud. I like Pete. PROTECT HIM!

So seeing Pete and Kao go on a date and spend quality time together was so cute and was much needed.

romantic date ^_^
quality time

Mork and Sun are getting a little better. In episode 7 things were still a bit awkward between them. Sun was coming on strong and Mork was feeling conflicted due to having hated Sun before and now having these developing feelings. Things got worse when Sun’s ex-girlfriend showed up to help him with the barista competition.

Thankfully, that awkwardness goes away in this episode because Mork actually has a heart to heart with Sun’s ex-girlfriend. And can I just say how happy I am that she isn’t written as some coniving, jealous ex-lover?? THANK THE HEAVENS! She is so likable and understanding.

She admitted to being sad when she and Sun broke up because they were friends first and she really liked him. But she understood him and was happy that he told her the truth. She understands Sun more now though because she is starting to become more and more attracted to other women.

She tells Mork that when she gave her apron back to Sun, she told him to be sure to give it to someone that he actually loves. This of course makes Mork feel all warm and fuzzy inside because Sun chose him to give the apron to, despite having had other employees work there before.

After this conversation, Mork lightens up a bit and stops being jealous of Sun’s ex. He knows now that nothing is going on between them anymore. He starts paying more attention to Sun and is much nicer to him instead of being dismissive and aloof. It’s cute and I’m loving every second of them together. I still believe that they don’t get enough screen time so when they do get their cute moments, I literally drink it up like I’m parched and famished lol.

omg staaahhppp <3

Then things take a turn at the end of this episode. Some guy that Mork got into a fight with too many episodes ago, shows up at the coffee shop and tries to pick a fight once he recognizes Mork. Honestly, I’m sick of all the senseless fighting in this series. I get that Mork is supposed to be some bad boy and he and Rain are supposed to be seen as troublemakers. But it all just feels so forced and stupid.

All the fights in this series have been pointless and antagonized by these older dudes that simply can’t let go of a grudge or who are angry just for the sake of being angry. It’s sooooo dumb but alas, here we are. Sun goes to the barista competition, assisted by his ex while Rain and Mork stay and run the cafe. While Sun is away, these gangster guys come back to beat up Mork and trash the cafe. And yall! They came with BASEBALL BATS! And let me remind you that these guys are only mad because Mork and Rain stopped them from assaulting and molesting a girl.

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So was this necessary? Was this really and truly necessary??

No. No it wasn’t.

So Sun wins the daggon barista competition and Mork is at the shop looking like this.

And I’m irritated.

On to the next one though! I’m ready to see Sun taking care of his boo Mork.

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