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Episode 9 was SPICY!! It was absolutely everything we were warned about! We were warned, but I still wasn’t reaaaddyyyyy omg.

Episode 9 is back to having crappy nonsensical subtitles. This episode is also devoted completely to Fighter and Tutor. We get absolutely no one else and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I kind of missed Saifah and Zon. They are my pure little angels and I want to see more of their development. But I’m sure we’ll get back to them soon enough.

Fighter and Tutor have made a complete 180 in their relationship. It’s almost like they never even hated each other lol. They are so sweet to each other now and Tutor even got jealous over Fighter attending the Chemistry Cute Boy show with a girl. He turned into a pouty little child and even though he jumped to conclusions and kind of overreacted, it was nice to see Fighter chase after him. +2

After the show, they pack their bags so they can head to the beach together in the morning. But not before they share a few kisses and start getting a little frisky. Then Fighter gets all scared and suddenly pulls away and starts apologizing. This is not the first time he has done this so, -5.

I get annoyed when Fighter does that because they could really be getting into it but then he starts thinking too much and runs away, leaving Tutor hanging. Moments like this, I wish we could see more into Fighter’s personal thoughts so we can know what he’s thinking and why he’s behaving the way he is. But at least he does finally admit that he likes kissing Tutor and doesn’t want to stop. And when he’s with him doing sexy things like that, he feels like he can’t control himself.

Thank you, Fighter, for finally allowing yourself to be vulnerable and telling the truth. +20

So after this, we are off to the beach! And they are staying at a super fancy resort that looks really expensive. And apparently Fighter is paying for all of it.


So the rest of the trip is a series of romantic scene after romantic scene after romantic scene. Tutor and Fighter are living their best domestic couple life and I am living for it! I love that they are really giving this a chance between them instead of keeping their feelings bottled up.

Fighter is so in love with Tutor that he’s being super soft towards him. It’s almost weird to be seeing Fighter smile so much lol. Tutor can still be a bit feisty at times but they are cute together and I am rooting for them.

So the rest of the episode is pretty much just them being the romantic husband and wife that they already are. My words will do absolutely nothing to describe what everything is like so here it all is in a series of screenshots.

omg <3

Long live romance! +1000

After having fun out on the beach, Tutor ends up hurting his foot by cutting it on a seashell or something. Fighter carries him back to the room and helps him get it all wrapped up after taking a shower (he went to go play in the sand and ocean so he needs to clean himself). But while Fighter is in the shower, Tutor accidentally finds the pack of condoms that Fighter brought while he was looking for the bandaids for his foot.

I repeat, CONDOMS y’all.

Fighter is prepped and ready to have a sexy good time with Tutor even though he’s too scared to go past kissing anyway lollll. But yay for promoting safe sex. +20

But then….THEN!!!! After getting Tutor’s foot all patched up, things take a wild turn when he asks Tutor (who is pouting because Fighter scolded him for getting hurt) if he wants to “feel better”. All innocent and unassuming, Tutor says yes. And so begins the sexiest most passionate scene that we have all been not-so-patiently waiting for.

Here are more pictures because I can’t even speak right now…

+100. We stan asking for permission.

Things are going well. Things are heating up. But then Fighter! Omg my dear Fighter. He gets scared again and suddenly pulls away. Ugh! -50. Now is not the time to be scared my precious bean.

Y’all, he was literally shaking from being so scared of himself.

But Tutor isn’t having it this time. The previous times Fighter suddenly pulled away from him, he just let it happen without saying anything. But each time, we can see that he’s left feeling confused and mildly frustrated. But I mean, come on. If you were in the throes of passion and your significant other suddenly just…got up, you would be upset and confused too lol.

So Tutor takes things into his own hands. +50


Again, we stan asking for permission. +100

And from here we fade out into the next scene.

Man oh man that was STEAMY! Steamy isn’t even the right word for it. It was passionate. It was sexy. And it felt so real!

I’m not gonna lie, I hid my face for half of this scene because I felt like I was peeking in on someone’s private moment. But clearly I had to go back and rewatch in order to get these screenshots lmaooo. Kudos to believable acting. It really looks like Fighter is in love with Tutor and I love how he was taking special care to ask Tutor if he can kiss him and if he’s really ready to go all the way together.

I’m loving this new character for Saint as an actor. He is really showing off his acting chops with this series. And I don’t really know anything about Zee but he is doing well as someone that doesn’t have a lot of acting experience.

The episode ends with Tutor and Fighter in the hot tub together, basking in their post love-making after glow. They share a few sweet words and a couple of jokes and then Fighter drops the hammer on all us fangirls around the world.

I hope you paused your screen. And I hope you screamed. +5000!

This episode was absolutely everything I wanted it to be. It had the romance, it had the fluff that I can’t live without, it had steaminess, and it had a love confession. I seriously could not have asked for more. Bravo, Why R U. Bravo. This is hands down, the best episode for Tutor and Fighter’s development so far and was worth the wait.

I really want to get back to Saifah and Zon now but it’s looking like I have to wait. The next episode preview seems to still focus on Fighter and Tutor. But anyway, let’s see what this points tally is looking like!

Random Points Counter

  • Fighter chasing after Tutor because Tutor is jealous +2
  • Fighter leaving Tutor hanging after a passionate kiss -5
  • “I can’t control myself around you” +20
  • Fighter paying for the whole beach trip +1000
  • Tutor and Fighter having the most romantic weekend in all the earth +1000
  • Who got STDs? No one, because Fighter knows how to have safe sex. +20
  • “Can I kiss you?” Nothing is sweeter to me than asking for permission +100
  • Fighter pulling away again. -50
  • Tutor taking control. +50
  • Fighter making sure Tutor is ready. +100
  • “I love you, Tor.” +5000

Total: 7,237

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