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[Sotus S] Episodes 5 & 6

So episode 5 definitely felt like a filler episode. We see new things and meet a few new people, but overall nothing of importance really happened. Well, not entirely. We did get to meet Kongpob’s parents! That’s new and I wasn’t expecting it at all. It was nice to see them but overall, it’s safe to assume that Kongpob’s home life is completely perfect so the interactions between him and his parents got boring pretty fast. Not to say that his parents aren’t likable characters, they are! But like I said before, everything was just filler.

We also got to meet a new character, a new worker at Arthit’s job and right away we already know something is going to develop between him and one of Arthit’s coworkers named P’Earth. Everybody likes everybody in this series! Lol. Initially, Earth was a bit cold and stand offish. I definitely needed some time to warm up to her just like she needed time to warm up to Arthit as he was the new kid on the block. But she seems pretty nice for the most part.

I also spoke too soon in my last review about Dae finally being nice. He went right back to being a jerk in a matter of seconds. We got the hint that his grandmother is sick and he’s worried about her but I really don’t understand why he’s so angry at everything and everyone. The people at your university didn’t make your grandmother sick, so relax and stop snapping at everybody! Sheesh..

Kongpop also started reaching out to companies for the internship he needs to complete for his major and decided to visit Arthit’s new job for a shadowing day to see if it’s the company he wants to do his 3-month internship at. At first Arthit is all squirmish as usual but they end up having a good day and Kongpop likes the company.

Other than that, nothing happened so, on to episode 6!

Okay, so now we’re finally getting somewhere with these episodes. In this episode Kongpob made his decision to intern at Arthit’s job which is called Ocean’s Electric. Only he never told Arthit that he got hired and that he accepted the intern position. So when Kongpob and another intern get introduced to the Ocean Electric staff as the new interns, Arthit is both shocked and upset.

At first I thought Arthit was just being extra and finding something to be mad about when it really wasn’t even that serious, but it turns out he was upset because he felt like Kongpob was keeping secrets from him. They usually share everything with each other so seeing his own boyfriend show up at his job as an employee and he had no idea, I can understand the strange emotions.

Confused, but cute lol

The other new intern’s name is Nai. He’s a super curious guy that won’t stop touching absolutely EVERYTHING he comes into contact with and almost gets himself into some trouble for it. But this little interaction is just an introduction to whatever relationship is supposed to develop between him and P’Yong who is a senior employee in the production department.

Once again, I have no idea if this relationship is supposed to be a BL relationship or a senior-junior. So far, it feels like it can go either way and I’m not opposed to either one. The senior-junior relationship would be cute and funny because Nai is so curious and nosey and I can see him getting himself into trouble for touching things he’s not supposed to. And Yong is so experienced and patient that he would be a great mentor and help keep him out of trouble. But I’ve also already peeped the way they have been eyeballing each other. It hasn’t come off as a romantic interest just yet; more-so like just a solid curiosity on both sides but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Left: Nai / Right: P’Yong

As for the other people in the workplace, there is Earth (Arthit’s co-worker), Tod (the new full-time employee after Arthit), John (the annoying one that bosses Arthit around), Som-O (a super happy, flirtatious girl that works in Arthit’s department; she is harmless and clearly there for comedic relief. Think of Bow from Love By Chance series), Cherry (a flamboyant guy in the production department. Also flirtatious and has a similar personality to Som-O. Just for comedic relief), P’Durian (yes, her name is Durian like the stinky, spiky fruit. She is like the secretary or something. She seems nice though) and lastly, P’Danai (the head of Arthit’s department).

This is soooooo many characters omg. I don’t really know how significant they will all be but there you go.

In this episode we don’t get much from the other workers but we can see that Tod is starting to get the hots for Earth but Earth isn’t really paying him any mind. She thinks he’s nice and cares about his well-being within the company being new and all, but that’s about it. I already know something is going to develop between them because clips of it are all in the opening credits of the show lol. But here he is, sad that Earth won’t be joining him and the rest of the staff at dinner.

Back to Dae and Tew. If I haven’t made it clear before, I’m really annoyed with their screen time. Like, Dae is so defensive and angry to the point that he doesn’t even let Tew speak half the time. He immediately starts stomping his feet, huffing and puffing, and screaming leave me alone. Seriously, he’s so freakin irritating. And now! Let’s toss confusing into the mix too!

So after being told “leave me alone” a million times, Tew decides to basically kidnap Dae, shove him in a taxi and take him somewhere. But he ends up taking him out to dinner at Bright’s bar (Bright is a former hazer from season 1). At this little dinner, we meet Tew’s line senior. He wanted to meet Tew’s junior so that they can build their relationship and small brotherhood/community. This is common in universities. Student numbers in the different departments get passed down and usually the people who end up with the same number become seniors and juniors to each other and create their own little family.

But it turns out that Dae already knows Tew’s senior. They both transferred from the same university and Dae admits that he had trouble studying there and therefore transferred. He finally stops being angry long enough to listen to this senior talk about why he likes this part of the freshman initiation activities because it’s good to build friendship and community. So after that we see Dae get all soft and relax a little bit.

And right when you think things are going well, Tew is walking Dae home and Tew is feeling all good because he thinks that Dae had a good time and is starting to loosen up about things when suddenly he turns to Tew and says, “this whole time…that you have been butting into my life…it was because you were my line senior?…that’s the only reason?”

Tew is all confuzzled and taken aback and quite frankly, I’m confused too. So before Tew can even answer, surprise surprise, Dae walks away upset.

BOY. What. do. you. want?????

Do you want him to leave you alone or do you want him to be your friend? Or do you secretly like all the attention he’s giving you? Because you’re being absolutely ridiculous right now. I can’t help but put on my best Charlie Puth voice and sing **you just want attentionnn. you don’t want his hearrttt!**

I’m just as confused as you, darling.

So anyway, the episode ends with Earth dropping Arthit off at his apartment. And it took me up until this point to even realize that Arhtit and Kongpob actually live together. I thought Kongpob still lived in a dorm on campus and that they would just sleep over at each other’s places every night because it’s the only time they can see each other.

But as Arthit is walking down the hall he meets a guy carrying a stack of boxes so high that he can’t see over them and is struggling to keep them up. So Arhtit runs to help him just as the top box falls and reveals the face of Kongpob. After getting a good look at the situation, it hits him like a ton of bricks. Is Kongpob moving out?? And without saying anything???

Not gonna lie. This look of hurt and confusion really got to me 🙁

So of course Arthit is instantly hurt and confused. He drops helping him with a quickness and storms off to his apartment without letting Kongpob explain anything. And as annoying as it’s getting in these series having characters walk away without letting people explain, I honestly probably would have done the same thing. To come home late at night and see my boyfriend moving out of OUR apartment without any word as to why, and never even hinted that he was interested in leaving? Yep. I’d be pissed. And then I’d probably cry.

But because he doesn’t let Kongpob get a single word out besides a very nervous “I can explain”, he leaves him standing in the hallway, boxes all over the floor, looking defeated.

This shot pains me too because Arthit has left Kongpob standing like this far too many times. Especially in season 1.

And of courssseeee, this is where episode 6 ends! Ughhh.

I’d watch the next one tonight but it’s actually really late as I’m typing this up and ya girl is sleepy. But I’m definitely watching this as soon as I wake up because dang what a cliffhanger.

So far, season 2 is moving along just as slow as season 1 started. Actually, a bit slower. I didn’t start enjoying season 1 until episode 4. This season, things didn’t start to really get interesting until episode 6. I’m all for a slow build up, but not this slow lol. Episode 7 should be VERY interesting.

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